Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 352

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“Khh... Is it true that the plan for the harvest failed? What a huge wavelength...! Since it's like this... ”

The fearless Reflexa tries to use magic, pretending to retreat behind a staggering dance.

Seeing that, my mouth went up without me knowing.

“Stupid move. ”

After a few moments, Mana is stunned, and his face is good to be embarrassed.

And as expected, Reflexa looks at his hands and Ciríon in a bewildering manner, sweeping the elders of Arien.

“Elder Arien! Open the room with your shadow! ”

“Well, that's already tried, but I can't move my energy! ”

“What? So this isn't... Arventhio, it's the sanctity of compassion?" ”

Reflexa notices it too late.

You cannot use any energy in front of an intact god, unless you have a sense of character.

It was literally just a human being who couldn't resist, and that was the sacred Sicilian of compassion.

I won't kill you because Kaiyan wants me to.

“Y-you can't... you can't do this!! Khhh!!"

“Queek!! ”

The end is too vain for the Grand Wizard who has mocked the gods and creatures of Unicia for hundreds of years.

Cyrian only shakes his hand once, and LeFlexar and Arien, who are covered in light, kneel on the ground in a painful voice.

Sicilian, who easily overwhelmed them, turns his head to look at Garon.

High Priest... You will not be rebellious.

“The moment I saw you... I realized how foolish my choice was. And I felt fortunate on the one hand. The fact that I didn't have to destroy Unicia because of my mistake.... ”

A moment of hatred has done this to you. Poor thing.

The last time Garion knelt on his knees, Cilician came to me after everything had been done.

Kaiyan, it takes more time than you think to reconfigure the new world.

“You mean get it over with? Well... okay. ”

I worked so hard to make him a perfect god.

After clearing out Cyrus, he grabs Isabel's hand and leads her to Garon.

“I know you have a lot to say... but Isabelle will be the only one having a long conversation. ”

“… I know. ”

“I'll follow whatever choice Isabelle makes, so let's have a conversation. ”

Honestly, I've been wanting to kill Reflexa and get rid of Garon. But if she decides to spare Garon's life, I will do so.

He was wrong, but it was heavily influenced by Reflexa's seduction beside the UNESIAN gods who betrayed him.

‘If it makes her feel better.... ’

I was willing to be merciful for Isabelle, including her mother, who had suffered for decades.

After sending Isabelle to Garon, you walk to Reflexa.

It's overwhelming.

“Ugh... What are you doing, Kaiyan...?" ”

“You saw it with your own eyes and asked me something. The Great War you so desperately yearned for is over. With the victory of the united nations. ”

“Khhh... Did you try your luck with the Holy Fortune... But you couldn't complete it?" ”

“Almost. But you helped me. To complete the sacred. ”

Reflexa looks at me with confused eyes.

“… Me? ”

“Yes. Thank you for sending Faran to Havmime. If it weren't for that, it wouldn't be possible. ”

I would have had to send Faran to weaken the Arventhio God, but if I didn't, there was no way I could complete my divinity.

There was no escape from Reflexa's eyes in the United States, no matter how time-converted he was.

“Are you telling me you crossed over to Havmime again? Even if it's sacred, it's impossible.... ”

“Dimensional Keys. ”

“Wha...? ”

“He made me a dimensional key. Lucan, the hero of the past you've been using and discarding. You miss that name, don't you?"

“How did he... make sure he was dead? ”

He won't understand. How he's still alive and he's given me a dimensional key.

‘No, actually, he does. ’

As Reflexa said, he was cursed and died in the past.

What gave me the key to the dimension was Lucan's present memory.

“Then the reason the Elder of the Barrian hasn't returned... must be because of you." If I'd known this was gonna happen... I should have kept it here a long time ago. ”

“I wonder about that, too. Why did you let me live knowing I was divine? Is it arrogance?”

I asked the man who sighed in regret.

Why I didn't. This wouldn't have happened if I had.

“Klael, why didn't I do that? I guess Pwarrin didn't tell you. ”

“Pwarrin...? ”

“If I had forced her into captivity before the Great War began, you would be dead. That's why I had no choice but to leave you alone. But you don't know that... Khhaha! ”

He suddenly burst out laughing, whether he had lost his mind in a desperate situation.

“What are you talking about? She killed me? ”

“Khhh! You've been with her and you really don't know anything. Do you think she chose you for the first time? ”

“That means... ”

“Cook, she has challenged and failed many times to complete the divinity. David Hocan, who was your predecessor, was one of them. ”

As soon as I heard the name Davihokan, I felt dizzy as if I had been hammered.

“Then why did you try to summon Isabelle using the Deacon Cult...? ”

“Heheh... to lure Isabelle into Dabihokan naturally. ”

“To keep you from knowing that you were involved...? ”

“Heheh heh, it's just a failed plan. ”

‘Then it wasn't Astia that killed Davihokan, but Pwarrin... ’

Unbelievable emotions complicated my mind.

As you turn to look at Isabelle, she closes her eyes to see if she has finished speaking with Garon and shed tears.

‘… I have to keep it a secret from Isabelle. ’

I'm afraid to tell the truth when I see that pathetic look.

I took a big breath to calm my mind and looked at Reflexa.

“Phew... Good. Then let me ask you one last thing. I need you to be honest with me. ”

“Khh, why should I listen to you who ruined all my plans.... ”

“Why did you try to get rid of the gods? ”

“ …. ”

There was a moment of silence between me and him.

It might not be a big deal in the yard after all, but I personally wondered why he made that choice.

And I was sure he would tell me the answer.

Reflexa is not a brutal killer. ’

His choices and actions were wrong a hundred times, but it was clear that he was trying to save the United States.

So I don't understand it any more.

“If it's a matter of leading Unicia to victory, your abilities have made it easy. Then why did you choose the hard path? ”

If he hadn't betrayed the gods of Unicia, the Great War would have been over a lot easier than he thought.

Reflexa, who held her silence for a moment, opens her mouth heavily.

“... You have Jeju to make the other person answer. Yes, it was my will to choose the hard path for the easy path. ”

“Did you hate the gods? ”

“Hehehe, hate... I wish that was the case. I'm an ancient man who saw Ruethan, the Creator himself. ”

“The Ancients...? ”

I tilted my head to the first word I heard about the Ancients.

But he didn't care at all and continued to talk.

“I admired God. Such a glorious creature that can't be overcome by such a man...! But the false gods, His cruelty, are.... ”

The black eyes of Reflexa turn red.

“I defiled his existence through misconduct. How dare you try to play God with a bunch of fakes! So I made a plan to get rid of all the false gods. Khh.”

“... That's the only reason? ”

But I thought he had an idea.

I never thought he'd be this crazy after he found out. I can't believe you've committed so many crimes waiting hundreds of years for such a reason.

“... This is ridiculous. I feel sorry for myself for you for a moment. ”

“Stupid…!! Do you not understand my will? That noble meaning? ”

My desire to talk no longer disappeared, and I got up and turned around.

“Phew... Never mind. Let's get this over with. There's nothing wrong with Jeff. They say the madman is the scariest. ”

“Kaiyan!! You're gonna regret this! You missed your chance to exterminate a false god!! ”

“Cilician, please stop. ”

Yes, ma'am.

The moment I walked up to Isabelle without looking at her, I saw a dazzling radiance.

And when the light faded, it vanished, as if Reflexa and Arien had never existed.

The only thing they left behind was a fragment of power called the source of the dragon.

“Isabelle. ”

“Mr. Kaiyan... he never forgave himself. ”

Thought so, but Garon chose extinction on his own.

I embraced Isabelle in tears. She tears for a long time before she calms down and steals them by hand.

“Go to him. Mr. Kaiyan, you still have work to do. ”

“… Got it. ”

All that's left now is to get what you promised Takuron.

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I turned my back on Isabelle, nervous, and approached Sicilian, who was waiting for me.

“Takuron, no, Sicilian. That's enough... Please give me back Rieka. Please.”

I spit the short words, but my heart fluttered and my tears filled my eyes.

What am I supposed to do, sacrifice my own existence and bring it back to life? What did I say...

Very well. I will fulfill that promise, even if I use the Divine Spirit. But Kaiyan, you must choose.

“Select…? What? I'm happy if I can only bring her back. ”


The only thing that reminds me of the light so bright that I can't see my face is the sight of Cyrus smiling at me.

And that smile was strangely familiar. Like I've seen it somewhere.

The first is to bring him back. And the second thing...

As soon as I heard the second reason, I could see why.

Why he smiles. And where I saw that smile.

It was a smile just before the parents gave their loving child a surprise.




Bernov is part of the tip of the Darian called the Iron Kingdom.

In that small village, a little boy and a little boy were holding hands and talking.

“Brother!! Where are you going? Take me with you! ”

“Rain, just take care of me today. I have something really important to do. ”

“Important work? What's that?”

“It's my precious friend's day. ”

Villa, Kaiyan's younger brother, tilts his head.

“Don't you have any friends? ”

“... there is. So go inside first. Oh my... No, my mom said she'd make me a delicious apple pie. ”

“Apples? Really? Heh heh! Okay! But you have to come quickly! ”

After seeing him waving his hands into the house, Kaiyan went straight out of the village.

He looks around for a moment, sees the hill in plain sight, smiles and climbs up the hill.

A few moments later, Kaiyan takes a deep breath and sits down.

“Phew... I'm running late because of the rain. I think we're running out of time. ”

He was anxious to wait for something. And that's the moment.

[You Awaken as a Player]

A foreign voice in my ears.

When Kaiyan heard the voice, he opened his eyes and looked at the sky.

“… Cilician. You kept your promise.”

A smile spread over his face.

The only new Cilician to the UNESIAN dimension.

The second proposal he made to Kaiyan was a time reversal inspired by Hepiron's clock. He undoubtedly consumed his divinity and turned back time by limiting the ‘UNESIAN Dimension'.

It was a burden on my character, even if it was a god, but it was possible because Sicilian status had been elevated at the end of the Great War.

“I didn't know what to thank you for bringing my family back... ”

Because of his gift, Kaiyan has regained his lost family and home.

It wasn't just that. If it had been the way it was, the monster wave would have happened by now. However, as time reversed, Garon and Reflexa's very existence disappeared, leaving no monster waves.

“Hehe, the continent must be in chaos by now. ”

Especially the most surprised are the priests of the Church.

Right now, the world has lost all of the sacred gods of Deacon, Louine, and Beyond.

Kaiyan, who smiled for a moment, skillfully summoned the locker and took out the 'help book for beginners' contained within it and activated it.


The shape of the book is the same as in the past.

When I waited with a palpitation for a moment, the slate was written with light.

[Hello! I'm a helper for beginners...]


[Yes! How did I l-know? My name is Rika...?]

“You can't forget. ”

My breasts became eaten.

He worries until he sees the slate, even as time reverses. As time went back to the UNESIA Limited, I wondered if someone other than Rieka might come.

But she really kept her promise.

[Er... Anyway, I'll explain from now on...]

“Liekah, we will meet again shortly. And you're going on an adventure. ”


“I have people I need to meet quickly. The first person I'm supposed to meet is Jeff. ”

[Uncle Jeff... I miss that name!]

Based on the letters written on the slate, I imagined Rieka's face and smiled without my knowledge.

“Oh! And we have to reclaim the sub-space. Elder Elder Elder Elaine and Lucan are waiting for me. ”

The irreversible, Elaine and others promised to return her to the subspace I gave her.

Who the hell is that? No! But it's time for me to explain...]

“There's more! I need to see Isabelle, too. And Serena's back home! ”

Isabelle returned to the past with me, handing over the fragments of Garon in exchange for her mercy to Sierra Leone.

“I promised her. When we get back, we'll find her. ”

[Yes? What's wrong with him... That's not important right now... I'll be gone in a minute!]

Rica couldn't understand. This new player you are taking on.

What confidence do you have to ignore your own explanation as a helper and just say what you have to say?

“Don't worry too much. We'll meet again in a few days. ”

Phew... I have no idea what you're talking about. Anyway, I hope to see you again! I'll see you when I get a chance!]

At the end of the sentence, the slate turned to dust and flowed down through the cracks of his fingers.

Kaiyan, with his fist clenched with a brief drop of powder, smiled brightly like a child.

“... Thank you for coming back to see me. Liekah.”

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