Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me - Chapter 421

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Chapter 421: Chapter 422 Shu Tong lied?

Although Shu Tong asked Chu Yuan to tell me that there was no need to see her family today, after leaving the hospital, I still went directly to the Shangri-La Hotel.

On the way, Dong Xiaoye talked about Liu Xiaosheng deliberately splashing me with wolf piss and had been plotting to harm me, but she concealed why she compromised with her principles and did not get the police involved. I also didn’t ask her because I felt that if I had asked her, my relationship with Dong Xiaoye would develop in a strange direction.

Dong Xiaoye was afraid that the Liu family would retaliate against me and was actively seeking the best interests on my behalf. There could only be one answer to this question… But I couldn’t just ask her why she treated me so nicely, right?

In this world, there was a kind of woman that was so innocent and simple that even if she knew that it was wrong, she would still continue to be wrong.

Because of this, you would be destined to owe her forever… Dong Xiaoye and I both didn’t know how to love, neither did we know how to let go…

Min Rou showed up at the hotel as I expected. She also seemed to be certain that I would come. As soon as we entered the room, she got up and said to me, “Mr. Chu, you are finally here. We have been waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me?” The city planetarium has been holding a knowledge exhibition recently, so I originally wanted to take the Shu family to visit it. I still remembered how shocked we were when Chu Yuan and I visited the astronomical hall for the first time and saw the various celestial objects cast on the artificial sky. Whether we understood it or not, was not important, what was important was that it was indeed very impressive. For Father Shu and Mother Shu, this kind of experience would definitely be an experience that they could brag about in front of other villagers after they went back.

Two stops away from the planetarium was the most famous snack street in Bei Tian City. I also planned to take the Shu family to taste the delicacies of Bei Tian and buy some specialties and souvenirs for them to bring back to their relatives and friends in the village. So did Min Rou find out my plan already?

“Yes, we’ve been waiting for you,” Min Rou said, “Grandma Shu said that she would like to visit Miss Shu’s school today… Huh? Didn’t Miss Shu tell you?”

‘She only asked Chu Yuan to tell me not to come to the hotel today…’ I felt slightly strange. It was understandable why Shu Tong didn’t tell me, but why didn’t Liusu tell me as well? Actually, now that I thought about it again, I didn’t seem to tell Liusu that I would come to the hotel today…

Mother Shu had obviously misunderstood the reason why I would feel embarrassed. She smiled and said, “Tong Tong is probably worried that it would take too much of your time. Hehe. Xiao Chu, we just wanted to go to her school to have a quick look. Originally, we wanted to take a taxi, but since Miss Min is here, you can just ask her to drive us there. Your work must be very busy, so you don’t need to accompany us.”

“I am not busy…”

“You don’t need to lie to me.” Mother Shu rolled her eyes and said with a caring tone, clearly treating me like her real son-in-law, “I understand what you are thinking. But men should focus on work more. Besides, we are just going back to the village, it’s not like we will not be able to see each other again. So you don’t need to accompany us all the time. Hehe.”

The more I listened, the more I felt that Mother Shu was suggesting something to me. It seemed as if she had approved my “relationship” with Shu Tong…

“Now, hurry up and go back to work. Otherwise, we will feel uneasy when we think that you will lose thousands of Chinese yuan a day when you stay with us instead of working.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I heard what she said, and I instinctively blurted out “It’s not that exaggerated. My monthly salary…”

I almost said, “My monthly salary is only eight thousand a month.” Fortunately, Mother Shu interrupted me, “Exaggerated? It can’t be. Do you think Tong Tong will lie to us? Actually, I think that bratty girl deliberately said less. Although I’m not a knowledgeable woman, I have also heard that a listed company like yours can make tens of thousands of yuan or lose tens of thousands of yuan in one minute. Is that true, Xiao Chu?”

Mother Shu’s words were very ambiguous, but Father Shu on her side furrowed his brow. His face did not show the repressed joy like Mother Shu. Instead, his expression became a little wary. My heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. What did Shu Tong that dummy tell her parents? !

It shouldn’t be my illusion. Mother Shu did not deliberately describe me as a rich and busy person in front of Grandma Shu, but really regarded me as a rich and busy person!

“It’s really not that exaggerated. I have already arranged the work, so don’t worry.” I brushed it off with a perfunctory answer.

Originally, I wanted to ask Min Rou why she wanted to make the Liu family owe me a favor, and what her purpose was, but Father Dad Shu kept staring at my back with a hostile look, so I never found a chance to speak to her.

When we went downstairs, Father Shu and Mother Shu carried many things with them. There were tea, pastries, tobacco, and alcohol, and some health products, all of which were purchased from the Fengchang Mall yesterday using the shopping card sent by Mo Fei. It wasn’t until I put these things in the trunk of the car that I finally realized why Shu Tong’s parents were going to Shu Tong’s school today, and why they didn’t want me to accompany them…

Fortunately, when the dazzling Rolls-Royce drove into the school, it was still class time, and there weren’t any outdoor PE classes. Seeing this, I was relieved a lot. Thanks to Chu Yuan and Dongfang, the last time I came to school caused quite a commotion, so probably many students still remembered my look; especially those who liked Chu Yuan and Dongfang. If they recognized me in front of the Shu family, it would definitely not be a good thing.

As I expected, the moment Shu Tong saw me, she reacted like she had seen a ghost. If she really didn’t do anything wrong, why would she be so nervous?

Apart from her, there was another female teacher in the office. She looked to be in her early 50s and her surname was Meng.

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If I remember correctly, she also went to the fishing resort last time. She seemed to be teaching chemistry. Dongfang’s evaluation of her was that she seemed serious, acting as if she was morally better than other people, but in fact, she was very greedy and cheap…

Ms. Meng recognized me at a glance, but she did not expose me. From this, it could be seen that Shu Tong had already told her everything in advance.

As if we were familiar with each other, she came up to me as soon as she saw me and said, “Xiao Chu, you haven’t come to school to find Xiao Shu for a while, are you busy at work?” Clearly, she was acting.

I was just confused by her words for a moment, but Shu Tong blushed in embarrassment. She didn’t expect that I would come. From this, it was enough to see how quickly this Ms. Meng reacted…

Shu Tong asked Ms. Meng for help because Ms. Meng was about the same age as her mother. Coupled with her unsmiling and serious appearance, people would never suspect that she was helping Shu Tong to fool her parents. Moreover, Shu Tong probably knew that she was greedy. After all, greedy people were easily manipulated.

Mother Shu and Father Shu were relatively simple people. They felt that Shu Tong was young and had little experience at her work, so they brought gifts to the school to give to Shu Tong’s colleagues, hoping that they would take care of her. The reason why they didn’t want me to come was also because of this. After all, the gifts they gave out were the gifts they got from me.

While Ms. Meng was chatting with Shu Tong’s parents while choosing her favorite gift, Shu Tong secretly pulled me aside and asked me with a slightly annoyed and embarrassed tone, “Didn’t I ask Chu Yuan to tell you not to go to the hotel to find my parents today? Did she forget it?”

“She didn’t forget…”

“Then why did you still go to the hotel?”

“I didn’t go there to find you your parents,” I felt a little sorry for her, she still didn’t know what happened to her grandma, “I went to see your grandma, and also, I went to the fishing resort last time as well, many of your colleagues saw me and knew about my relationship with Yuan Yuan and Liusu, so you think I like to come to your school?”

“Then why did you still come here?”

“I want to ask you something,” I frowned, “What did you say to your parents?”

Shu Tong’s face suddenly changed, and her eyes became evasive. “What do you mean?” She said guiltily.

I knew that she was pretending to be dumb, but I didn’t want to beat around the bush, “You really don’t know? It’s already bad that we have to lie to your grandma, but now you even want to lie to your parents?”

Shu Tong’s face blushed and she instinctively wanted to deny it, “I didn’t..”

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