Qing Guo Yingxiong - Chapter 13

Originally they thought that this time when they went back to Capital to spend the New Year it would be a long and peaceful holiday, but even before they reached the fifteenth of the month, Chuan Shan’s Province Military Governor, He Chuan Lin, unexpectedly led the troops to revolt . The Northwest army had repeatedly reported an emergency . The newly received title from the Emperor, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng would naturally be unable to watch with folded arms1, requested Feng Zong, to assign him to gather the military force, leaving the Capital, once again, striding on the road to another expedition .

All the soldiers had just reunited with their family noteven for a longtime; of course they would openly voice their discontent . Complaining and grumbling that this He Chuan Lin couldn’t pick the date . But the promoted to be the Vice General2in the army, Duan Shun Jie, most probably was the only person who was sincerely delighted by this war affair --- from the first night of the New Year on the grand banquet, since then he had yet to see Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng . He knew clearly that he surely indulged himself in the land of pleasure with his beloved beautiful concubine wives, so this all of a sudden coming war was as if Heaven had bestowed a golden opportunity upon him, allowed him to obtain another chance to be close with Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng again .

Although everyone complained, they didn’t dare to delay the fulfilment of the military plan . The army in a short time had built up the forces . However, after several Li out from Tong’an, the weather changed to extremely odious, rain accompanied by snow . Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng even if burning with impatience also couldn’t afford to force an order for the troops to march forward under this kind of weather . Could only order to pitch a camp where they wereat .

After properly arranging the issue with the Generals, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng hastily found an excuse to leave the Commander’s tent, strolled to Duan Shun Jie’s tent .

The time was near to midnight . Duan Shun Jie still hadn’t slept yet . Under the flickering light of the candle, he sat alone in front of a table, gazing at the empty air, lost in his thoughts .

“What? This late yet still haven’t slept, are you waiting for me?” Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng of course knew that he was waiting for him, but he pretended not knowing, deliberately asked him .

Duan Shun Jie since long ago had been used to his evilness, not replying to him, only in his eyes revealing the level of his love . Meekly letting Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng led him to the bed, taking off each other’s clothing, and silently becoming one while rolling on the bed .

After a period of time of kissing and caressing followed by a little too rough sexual intercourse, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng finally had vented out a little of his frustration caused by the war and bad weather . Gently caressing Duan Shun Jie’s messy long hair on the pillow, Xuan Yuan’s heart inevitably moved a little .

From the very start it had never crossed his mind even in the least that he and this man’s connection could continue for this long . Although he had held more than a few men, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng only regarded them as a means to break the monotony of embracing numerous women, thus toward men, mostly only intimate for one time then was over with it .

The taste of embracing men even though not so bad, he in the end preferred the delicate and sweet scent of women’s bodies more than men’s --- He had always felt this way .

Undeniably, Duan Shun Jie’s infatuation and obedience made him have a sort of intense conquering and new fresh feeling, but he had never felt whatever special feeling towards Duan Shun Jie . Compared to an unable to join the army concubine, this was a General who he could use for his personal needs during a war, also a tool to vent his desire that wouldn’t bring any of the inconveniences --- this ought to be his place in his heart .

However, under that nameless impulse on the night of New Year’s Eve, he indeed had applied a hadn’t used before style to embrace this man . Inevitably, this had caused Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng to waver a little . Entering other people that deep was something he had never imagined, that night, without the least bit of care he had done that to Duan Shun Jie . . . His heart clearly understood that he shouldn’t do that kind of thing to other people, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng could only explain that this was because of Duan Shun Jie’s infatuation which had provoked him .

Looking at that belonged to a man with ordinary appearance and body, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng laughed coldly at his own train of thought --- how could he suspect that he would contain an unusual feeling for this ordinary man . This was absolutely impossible .

The whole night, to confirm to himself that toward Duan Shun Jie he didn’t have whatever special feeling, the Cruel Prince as if using the fiercest of his strength to torment him . Duan Shun Jie from the start was gritting his teeth to endure his crudeness, until he really couldn’t bear it anymore, by then he completely gave up his consciousness . Just having intercouse like that for several times, for several days he was seemingly unable to get up from bed, could only ride in the carriage to follow the marching troops .

Despite all the difficulty, the troops finally arrived at Shudu City . Shudu was the nearest prefecture to Qing’an City where the He Family’s troops were stationed . The Senior Provincial Official of course since earlier had received the news about the arrival of The Seventh Prince, prepared the Mansion to be the temporary residence of the Commander in Chief, allow Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng and all those high-ranking Military Officers to settle down .

In the evening, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng really aroused other’s suspicion by wearing clothing for a night walk, he came to see Duan Shun Jie .

“Xi Cheng, you are considering to . . . ” Staring at the whole body in black Xuan Yuan, Duan Shun Jie showed a puzzled and confused face .

“I want you to go together with me to He Chuan Lin’s Manor to make an inquiry for a while . ” Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng said such shocking words, but his manner of speaking were as relaxed as saying about going to take a stroll only .

Duan Shun Jie was blank upon hearing it . After a long while he finally regained his senses back, busily said: “Xi Cheng, this is not proper . Personally infiltrating the enemy camp is too risky, an unwise decision for a battle plan!”

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng twitched his eyebrows at once upon hearing his speech: “If you don’t agree to go together, I can go by myself, why the need to talk about whatever battle plan . If you really want to talk about whatever basic tactics, don’t you forget that the Pingnan’s war . . . ” Saying half of the sentence, he saw that Duan Shun Jie’s face suddenly turned deathly pale, in the end he stopped his tongue, not saying anything further .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s heartless words stabbed until his heart felt a severe pain, Duan Shun Jie had his heart filled with discontented feelings .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng ah Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng, if not because you over and over again took advantage of my feelings for you, Pingnan absolutely would not be so easily breached . The matter is like that, you still want to take this matter as your achievement to be bragged in front of me . How cruel can you be!

Knowing that if today he didn’t accompany Xuan Yuan, he certainly would still go through the danger by himself, Duan Shun Jie couldn’t abandon his safety after all, could only secretly grit his teeth: “Alright, I will accompany you this time . ”

“As it should be . Since you know it would be like this why do you have to be so wordy . ” Knowing Duan Shun Jie in the end would still be unable to reject him, Xuan Yuan’s heart surely filled with a proud of himself feeling . Waving his hand to signal him to follow as he took the lead .

Tonight was of a night when the moon was black and the wind was high .

Two people one leading one following went out of Shudu City . The outskirt of a town during winter as far as eyes could see was an overgrown wild land, in all four directions entirely not a single human’s shadow could be seen . The two people,made use of the complete darkness, exhibited their air-kungfu’s skill to the utmost point, speeding towards Qing’an City .

No matter Duan Shun Jie or Xuan Yuan, both could be called as the present high-skilled master . Only needed two hours of time, the stand tall and towering city wall of Qing’an already could be seen . Seeing Xuan Yuan stopped and lowered his body to hide under the thick growth of grass around the river side that shielded the city, Duan Shun Jie also busily followed him and hid beside him .

Taking advantage of the split second when the soldiers on the City wall shifted their line of sight, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng suddenly pulled Duan Shun Jie’s wrist, the two flew up high, after several skilled leaps into the air, they had passed the river which protected the wall then stuck closely to the foot of the wall .

The soldiers who heard the light sound of movement quickly turned their head to their direction, but the in the pitch black night undoubtedly they were unable to see the two who were standing at their point blank position . Searching for a while, they didn’t pay more attention to it anymore .

Duan Shun Jie followed Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng quietly making a round to the side of the city wall . Seeing Xuan Yuan was so proficient in standing closely to the wall and moving upwards, he couldn’t have but whisper inwardly, this Seventh Prince is actually such an expert in steal chickens and dogs-pilfer3 technique . Even so, he didn’t dare to neglect following him to move upwards .

When close to the tower of the city, Xuan Yuan flipped over his body and landed lightly on the ground like a cat . The guards completely couldn’t detect the movement on their back, instead, they stared fixedly towards the city’s gate . Duan Shun Jie secretly breathed out a relived sigh then hurriedly followed on Xuan Yuan’s back to leave immediately .

On the way, they captured a soldier of the He Family to clarify the residence of He Chuan Lin . Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng took the lead leaping into the air to fly towards He’s Manor . Though Duan Shun Jie had been feeling a little unsetlled, he could only exert his power to follow him .

The Manor of He originally was the Qing’an provincial office, even though it couldn’t be compared to Tong’an’s Imperial Capital’s loftiness, but indeed it was comparably large . The two reduced as much as possible their shadow while leaning on the wall of the yard . Xuan Yuan quietly measured the topographical features of all directions then chose the still brightly lit house in the middle .

Duan Shun Jie felt that he was too arrogant and careless, the anxiety in his heart absolutely couldn’t be dissipated . However, if you can’t do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it . The matter had come to this point, he could only exert his power to protect Xuan Yuan to attain his goal .

Cautiously squatted by Xuan Yuan’s side, from the roof tile that he lifted open to gaze down to see --- this place should be He Chuan Lin’s study room, even if already deep at night, the people in the room were not few .

On the seat of honor was a man with somewhat imposing clothing, from his face, he was about forty years old, should be the He Chuan Lin himself . In the guests’ seat were roughly about seven, eight people, except for the one wearing a General outfit, should be the Commanding General of the He Family, the others were wearing black outfits, the robe was embroidered with golden colored pattern, looks like they belonged to the same sect .

Duan Shun Jie, upon the sight, his heart shivered with cold . Seeing that the outfit was actually of the currently had an enormous power and influence in Jianghu, Ping Tian Sect . This Ping Tian Sect, according to the legend, was a teaching from the Western Region . They had established their teaching in Datong for many years, even if they possessed an absolute dominance in Jianghu, but usually they didn’t get involved in government and political affairs at all . Never had he thought that He Chuan Lin raising this army this time was actually related to Ping Tian Sect .

Turned to look at Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng by his side, his face was surely not the same indifferent as the beginning . Obviously he was also aware that He Chuan Lin and the previous rebels were not on the same level, today his spying was actually too careless .

In their hearts, both of them could faintly feel that something was not right, when they saw that not even one of the people in the study was talking, as if they were listening and waiting attentively for something . Even to say damn on the quiet was already too late, only heard the piercing whistle sound behind their back, a brilliant fireworks soared high into the air, in an flash the two’s hideout was illuminated brightly .

Duan Shun Jie’s first reaction was to pull Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s hand and rush to go out of the Manor . Before his eyes, the entire of the Manor seemingly became bustle in an instant, in the utmost briefest moment it had become brightly lit . Numerous black figures one by one gushed out from inside the rooms, going towards the direction of the two running away people to make a chase .

Duan Shun Jie cried and groaned inwardly: No wonder this Qing’an’s City guard is this loose, so it is because He Chuan Lin has the backing of Jianghu’s highest expert . No wonder he has such great nerve . Maybe today, entering is easy but getting out will be difficult .

Looked again at Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng by his side, his expression also incomparably serious . The two didn’t even have the interval to discuss, could only desperately dash toward the outer part of the city .

Normally, with the level of their skill, certainly they had escaped and left the enemies behind, but Ping Tian Sect’s skilled kungfu master was not that easy to be dealt with, like a shadow following the body, they chased only on several Zhang behind . From behind them, they heard the continuously flying and bursting fireworks as the way to transmit the order . Duan Shun Jie and Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng both cried in alarm inwardly, knowing that today they really dealt with a great mistake .

“Xi Cheng . You go first! I will help you to keep them off for a while!” Seeing the situation at present, perhaps they wouldn’t make it out successfully, but with Xuan Yuan’s status, being captured was absolutely out of question . Therefore, even if with his skills, faced with this many of Ping Tian Sect members, the odds of success would be none at all, Duan Shun Jie still would exhaust his power to fight for a little time to let his lover out from the perilous situation .

“Don’t talk . Run faster . Careful not to drain your Qi!” Xuan Yuan’s majestic bearing manifested itself at this critical moment . The previously panic-stricken state had completely vanished . He seemingly didn’t have the intention to abandon Duan Shun Jie, only wholeheartedly dashed forward .

Seeing him like this, even though Duan Shun Jie was worried, yet a burst of unusual sweetness flew into his heart, arousing the infinite desire to be alive in his heart, desperately used his air-kungfu to its highest extent .

The Qing’an’s wall was already within sight, the tower of the city was already brightly lit by lanterns, standing there were the hands fully equipped with weapons and bended bows of the He’s Family army, made the two’s hearts trembled with fear .

On their backs were the extremely vicious large numbers of Ping Tian Sects high-skilled members . If they caught up, it would be a harder fight . They both could only force their self to dash forward to the side of the tower with the least soldiers . Holding their weapons tightly, determined to breakout with all they had got in the battle to fight to the death .

Seeing that the two figures had entered their firing range, He Family army raised a verbal command, a dense rain of arrows instantaneously being fired towards the two . Both of them quickly applied their Qi circling on their outward body to become a shield to obstruct the flying sharp objects . But this kind of applying Qi’s method indeed had caused their speed to be slowed down a great deal, and the pursuers behind them had reduced their gap .

Seeing the two spies charged towards them, the city’s guards one after another tried to block them, but being eliminated by the two’s induced with Qi’s weapons at once --- it kept going like that . Although they had soared up high in the air, rushing to the side of the served as the city’s protection lakeside, the Ping Tian Sect skilled members already caught up to them . One after another they took out their weaponries and charged at the two . Looks like a bloody battle was hard to be avoided .

Things had come to this point, Duan Shun Jie was unable to deal with them any longer . Focusing all of his Qi on both of his palms, he exerted all of his power to hit the thin air at Xuan Yuan’s feet position . The originally already soaring high into the air Xuan Yuan, gained an external force aid, in an instant as if growing a pair of wings flew cross the city wall . However, Duan Shun Jie who dispelled the Qi that protecting his body, in that moment was being shot by numerous sharp arrows . By the momentum brought by the endless sharp arrows, his whole person flipped over to cross the wall straight in the middle of the lake and sank .

Almost at the same time, the Ping Tian Sect skilled masters arrived at the city wall, they still had the time to see the moment when Duan Shun Jie fell in the middle of the lake . But Xuan Yuan seemed like he had evaporated into thin air, disappeared without a trace --- the lake was somewhat deep, waiting for quite a while, all of them still couldn’t see the already wounded heavily Duan Shun Jie emerge from the lake .

“Quick bring the torch and search in all directions!” The Ping Tian Sect skilled masters’ leader in an utter flustered state shouted out . Never thought that he actually could let the Datong’s spies escape in front of his own eyes, if things kept going like this, Ping Tian Sect’s strength would be looked down by the He Family’s army . Losing face was a small matter, but if because of this caused He Chuan Lin to reduce the formerly agreed on share for Ping Tian Sect, it wouldn’t be worth it .

A mass of people were noisily searching for the whole night, but even a piece of clothes from the two they couldn’t find . Causing He Chuan Lin to fly into a rage upon receiving the report from Ping Tian Sect, he nearly screamed out loud --- He Chuan Lin knew that Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng had always tried to spy on the battalion before war . Relying on the martial arts’ experts under his command, he arranged this trap . Never had he thought that even a single spy he coudln’t seize . Of course he would be furious to the extreme .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng made use of Duan Shun Jie’s supporting force to safely cross over the protected the city’s lake . Relying on his exceptionally practiced water skills, he returned to the lake and entered the lake thinking of using the lake to conceal his body . Didn’t think that he would unexpectedly join with the drifting Duan Shun Jie . Hurriedly fished out a replenish life godly pill to give to Duan Shun Jie then pulled him down to the bottom of the lake to hide from the dangerous area . After several times of changing the air, Xuan Yuan finally dared to stealthily move out to the shore at a far away from the city’s gate place .

Recalling the process of escaping alive from this dangerous with a slim chance of survival event, even Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng couldn’t help but have a little fear after the event . Carrying on his back the pale as death Duan Shun Jie who from beginning to end remained unconscious, looking all round at the unfamiliar terrain, Xuan Yuan decided that he couldn’t take the risk from randomly moving in order to avoid running into the pursuer’s soldiers, considering over and over again, he decided to find a place to hide first, after safely settling down, the next could be thought of later .

This place though bleak and desolate, fortunately the mountain was high the forest was dense . Carrying Duan Shun Jie on his back, going as far as possible into the depth of the mountain for some time, he finally chose a clean cave then put him down to check the condition of his wound .

He saw that the wrapped in a simple way wound had burst open and was leaking blood --- Duan Shun Jie didn’t use his Qi to guard his body when he was shot, the wound was extremely deep, his right shoulder had been pireced through to a transparent hole . If not because of the valuable replenish life godly pill sustaining his life, maybe since earlier he would have died .

Looking at the faintly breathing Duan Shun Jie, Xuan Yuan was truly upset . If it was in accordance with his usual temperament, since earlier he wouldn’t mind about Duan Shun Jie being dead or alive and abandoned him to go alone . However, when he recalled that at the final moment Duan Shun Jie was such not in the least bit hesitant and desperately wanted to protect him, his heart in the end became slightly soft .

Alright . Just regard this as returning your favor .

Helping Duan Shun Jie to wrap a new clothes on his wound, from his bosom, he took out a replenish life goldy pill and fed it to him . Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng tore open Duan Shun Jie’s robes and pressing both his palms on his body, used his Qi to have the drug to take effect .

Having the replenish life godly pill which had the reputation of reviving the dead back to life, also having Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s Qi to assist it, when Xuan Yuan fully satisfied with the success, Duan Shun Jie’s face finally had a thread of blood color . Looking at him curled up and shivered with cold in his sleeping state, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng couldn’t help but have his line of sight fall on the spots of kiss marks on his body --- they were several nights ago left behind by him, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh, taking off his outer robe to cover his body .

As a result, when Duan Shun Jie woke up from his long comatose state, what he saw was this scene --- the always attached utmost importance in clothing Datong’s Seventh Prince only donned in nearly dirty middle layer robe squatted at the side of a bonfire, turning the food that he hunted . The messy appearance was as if he hadn’t properly washed himself for several days .

In the quiet and dark color of the night, the light of the fire reflected on Xuan Yuan’s concentrating face . The battered clothing was unable to conceal his noble disposition --- Duan Shun Jie could only gaze blankly at his graceful movement, his heart gave a spell by spell throb .

His affection had rooted deeply from the beginning . Even if he clearly understood that his feeling towards himself still could not be up to one-tenth of the greatest point he spent for him, even if he clearly understood that if he kept going with this feeling, he would be mashed to the deepest pitfall with no way to return, yet, he still would be willing to exchange all of his future to be able to be with Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng to spend a little more time together, even if it was a moment or a second .

Even though he had decided on this, Duan Shun Jie still had no way to prevent his heart from feeling miserable . The corner of his eyes was hot and painful, he could only firmly bite on his lips, didn’t wish to let Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng see him in his fragile state .

Maybe could sense his breath, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng turned his body, illuminated by the fire, his eyes unexpectedly had an unreal kind of delight .

“You have awakened?” Hearing Xuan Yuan speaking, that imaginary delight was seemingly only Duan Shun Jie’s illusion . Xuan Yuan tone of speaking was still as harsh as before, as if condemning him, “Unexpectedly, once asleep you slept for three days . Didn’t know how many military plans had you delayed . ”

To say the truth, Duan Shun Jie was still unclear of the situation . Seeing Xuan Yuan walked to support him up, he busily wanted to sit, then realized that his right hand almost completely disobeying his command .

“My hand . . . ”

Seeing his confused expression, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng only lightly curled his mouth: “The wound is severe, perhaps you need to recuperate for a period of time to be healed . ”

The right hand to hold a sword was the life of a martial artist . Duan Shun Jie was afraid if he still nagged about his hand’s wound would cause Xuan Yuan to be annoyed, busily changed the subject of conversation: “Then, where are my clothes?”

“Your clothes were covered in blood, had to cast it away . ” Sitting cross-legged by his side, Xuan Yuan as if also didn’t care he changed the subject, only cared to fiddle with the hare in his hand .

“Eat a little . ” Seeing Duan Shun Jie opened his mouth wanting to ask something, Xuan Yuan ripped a lump of the hare and stuffed it to his mouth, succeeded in stopping him from continuing his longwinded nature .

Watching Duan Shun Jie chewing his food, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng told him about their current situation in a simple way: “After several days, Pei Jin Tian would dispatch people to come to our rescue . At that time, your wound ought to be a little better . We go back to Sudu together . ”

Although a little curious and wanted to ask in this kind of condition, how could Xuan Yuan still get in touch with Pei Jin Tian, but on the second thought, this should be one of the secrets in the Datong’s army, Duan Shun Jie didn’t feel it was right to ask further .

After finishing their food, both of them fell silent for a little while . Xuan Yuan put out the bonfire and went to recline by his side . At first, the two still maintained a fair distance to each other, then little by little because of the freezing cold temperature, they leaned closer and closer . Xuan Yuan stretched out his hand from the back of his body and held Duan Shun Jie by the waist from behind, then pulled up the wide front robe to cover both of them .

Every wound on his body still hurt and throbbed without stopping, the strong arm around his waist and the lingering breath made Duan Shun Jie’s heart become warm . Closing his eyes, he allowed Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s nimble fingers to untie the knot of his trousers, pulling down his long pants to under his hips .

Xuan Yuan’s hard breathing obviously couldn’t conceal his desire . Duan Shun Jie of course understood that he was a man with great lust, holding out for these three days, perhaps was extremely unbearable . Therefore, at the risk of having all of his wounds become even deeper, he was still willing to serve as his partner for releasing his desire .

Lifting up Duan Shun Jie’s thigh to the side, the next second, it was not at all that kind of tearing apart pain like he had imagined --- Xuan Yuan only put his hard and solid as an iron desire to the base of his thigh, on the narrow space between his thighs, he made a slide in and out movement .

Taken by surprise for a while, Duan Shun Jie felt that this kind of lovemaking position, compared to being stabbed by a real knife or spear was even more embarrassing . But Xuan Yuan’s manhood had been unceasingly rubbing on the back of his sack, led his body to be as if burning all over, unable to stop his gasp . Stretching out his left hand to touch his own manhood . . .

But he was slapped away by Xuan Yuan’s hand . While exerting all of his strength to sway his body, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s started to rub Duan Shun Jie’s manhood along his palm with a forward and backward motion . Freezing cold air of night in the mountain, the two as if didn’t even need the cover of the thin cotton clothes, hot to the point of burning .

A sound of groaning afterwards, Duan Shun Jie couldn’t bear it any longer and released the hot fluid all at once, but Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng still persisted for a little longer before shooting out the seminal fluid on the space between Duan Shun Jie’s thighs . A large number of whitish fluid dripped from the thighs’ base, nearly soaked all part of his thighs .

Duan Shun Jie in an extreme awkwardness tried to get up to wipe clean his body, but being held firmly on Xuan Yuan’s bosom, not allowing him to move .

“Do you remember, our first time was also in a mountain cave . . . ” Xuan Yuan’s voice was low and deep in his ear, combined with this moment’s ambiguous atmosphere, practically caused Duan Shun Jie’s whole body to tremble because of this .

“Mm . That what seven steps disorder snake . . . ” Taking a deep breath for a while, Duan Shun Jie’s voice finally didn’t shake as greatly anymore .

“Eh, you still believe? That was made up to deceive you . ” Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng actually softly laughed, bluntly interruped him, said, “I went to your barrack to spy before war, found out that you are actually the Pingnan’s Commander in Chief, also realized that you seemingly harbor feelings for me, then set the trap waiting for you to be fooled . . . ”

The wind blew in, a little bit cold . Duan Shun Jie felt that the paste on his whole pair of thighs seminal fluid gradually became cold . That sticky greasy and icy-cold feeling was really like sticking in his heart --- cold to the bone, couldn’t be taken off, unable to be wiped, like a moment of branding left a mark for his lifetime .

“Now that you know, everything was not more than a trap, will you hate me?” Maybe the peculiar atmosphere of the night in the mountain, had caused Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng to ask a question so unlike him to ask .

Duan Shun Jie straightforwardly shook his head, “Never . I will never hate you . ”

I will always love you, until the end of my life --- this next line, Duan Shun Jie didn’t say it out loud . He could feel the scalding hot feeling dripped and tricked filling the pit of his stomach, heavy to the point of unbearable .

This love was such a sorrowful path, coming to this point, he had been wounded all over, but the happiness that belonged to two people in love, in the end, he only had a little bit . Like tonight, this kind of brief interaction with Xuan Yuan, would be his forever cherished happy memory .

Then how about you? Have you ever liked me a little . . . even for just a little bit?

Although this subject had been swirling in Duan Shun Jie’s mind for a thousand times, in the end, he had never asked it out loud --- he had known that the answer would ruthlessly rip him apart, why the need to force others to take a knife to pierce through his chest again .

Anguishly swallowed down the jealousy toward Xuan Yuan’s lover in his imagination, Duan Shun Jie had a clearer understanding than anybody else, that lover absolutely would never be him .

Perhaps not long ago at Qing’an city, being able to die for Xuan Yuan could be counted as the best ending for him . In that case, maybe on a certain day, Xuan Yuan would recall him in a flash of thoughts .

Sensing Xuan Yuan’s soft and warm lips fell on his neck, his voice was gentle to the point of inaudible : “Those things indeed I have wronged you . But a real man both in his life and in this world, aspire to travel far and make his mark4 . I was born as Datong’s Imperial member, getting rid of the obstruction for the sake of the Imperium is my destiny . Hence, from this day on, if there is still a part that I wronged you, I ask you to consider this and beg for your forgiveness . ”

Got to know Xuan Yuan for this long, this line seemingly was his sincerest heartfelt words . Duan Shun Jie faced with Xuan Yuan’s rare earnesty, had nothing to say in reply . But he could see even clearer that they were destined to have a hopeless ending .

If I were a woman, Xuan Yuan, would you pity me a little?

With his heart filled of this kind of cruel self-torturing thoughts, Duan Shun Jie finally couldn’t withstand the sleepiness brought by the pain of his deep wound as well as the tiredness of lovemaking, in Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s embrace, he fell asleep .

End of Fallen Hero Chapter 13