Qing Guo Yingxiong - Chapter 14

Although deep in his heart he genuinely prayed the days alone with Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng could continue like this forever, but Duan Shun Jie himself knew that this was not more than only a pathetic dream . Pei Jin Tian dispatched a good number of their skilled masters, in no time they had found the two, guarded them and successfully returned to Shudu City .

According to the originally decided plan, Xuan Yuan was ready to attack Qing’an City at an immediate time . But Ping Tian Sect’s unexpected appearance had disrupted his plan . Because he was still wounded all over, Duan Shun Jie was banned from attending all of the strategic meetings . The whole day he could only boringly daze in his tent, he felt that he had almost gone crazy because of boredom .

The wounds on his body slowly had turned better, the wound on his right shoulder all along still couldn’t recover completely . Even if he had looked for the famous doctors in the city, but all of the doctors said the arrow had injured the arm’s nerve, though the hand wouldn’t be completely disabled, but definitely wouldn’t be as agile anymore .

For a warrior, unable to hold the sword had what kind of implication, Duan Shun Jie was undoubtedly clear of it . Before he came to know Xuan Yuan, he probably wouldn’t pay as much attention to such a wound . However, he could go into a war for his sake seemingly had become the only reason for Xuan Yuan to let him stay, if even this single usefulness of him he also lost, maybe sooner or later he would be cast aside .

The unable to be told terrified feeling, everyday occupying Duan Shun Jie’s mind . He changed little by little, to the point he even didn’t dare to see anyone, truly afraid that others would report about his condition to Xuan Yuan . Everyday he was desperately training his arm in hopes to recover its former agility, as a result, each time he tried, each time he was defeated by tears .

Furthermore, the more you are afraid of one thing, the more that thing would happen . One day, Xuan Yuan finally appeared in Duan Shun Jien’s tent for the first time after they returned to Shudu city .

“Xi Cheng . . . ” The moment he caught a glimpse of that beautiful face, Duan Shun Jie couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised . But right at the moment he was reminded about his own condition, he stopped his tongue .

Xuan Yuan appeared to be somewhat weary, after staring at Duan Shun Jie for a while, he walked to the bed side to sit .

“I heard from Doctor Hu, your right hand seems to be having a problem?” Xuan Yuan upon opening his mouth, his first line was straight to Duan Shun Jie’s wound, causing him to be flustered in an instant .

“There is none . . . only the recovery is a little bit slow, that’s all . After some time, definitely it will totally recover . ” As he was saying this, Duan Shun Jie’s right hand was curling up and trembling without his awareness .

“Is it?” In a lightning speed, Xuan Yuan already walked to him and seized his left arm . His right hand pulled down the hanging on Duan Shun Jie’s neck jade pendant then lifted it up high, “If there is no problem, just strecth out your hand to take this back!”

That Jade pendant was a memento given to him by Xuan Yuan, ever since receiving it, it had never left Duan Shun Jie’s body . Being unexpectedly taken away, his heart had a kind of unspeakable anxiety . But no matter how much he struggled, his right hand indeed couldn’t be lifted no matter how he tried . The more anxious he was, the more he was unable to do it .

Seeing that Duan Shun Jie anxious to the point his forehead had emitted sweat, Xuan Yuan’s eyes became stern, then he loosened the hand which restrained his left arm . He saw Duan Shun Jie swiftly used his left hand to get the jade pendant, and awkwardly squeezed it back to his bosom .

A “Clang” sound . Xuan Yuan had taken out his sword and threw it to Duan Shun Jie, coldly said, “Take it . Do a random sword play style for me . ”

Staring at the shining long sword, Duan Shun Jie even after a long while, still didn’t reach out his hand to pick it up --- he himself understood in what kind of state he was at the moment, even his fingers were not too agile so how could he have enough power to perform a sword play . Not to mention, his right hand basically hadn’t had enough strength to hold a sword .

Xuan Yuan saw him like this, his face became dark at once: “Since it is like this, tomorrow you just go back to Tong’an first and await orders there . Datong’s army doesn’t need a General who couldn’t even hold a sword . ”

“Xi Cheng . . . ” Although he had known Xuan Yuan was a cold and cruel man through and through, but when he was truly faced with his coldness, Duan Shun Jie still couldn’t bear it .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng bent down to get the long sword on the ground, then coldly glanced at Duan Shun Jie, turned his body ready to leave .

“Don’t you go now!” Duan Shun Jie acted without taking time to think as he moved his body sideways to block the exit, wanted to stop him from leaving .

He couldn’t accept that their fated connection ended just like this . Whilst his heart understood, his position in Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s heart was not more than that, but when he had to face with this kind of reality, he was hurt to the point of being unable to accept .

“What else do you want to say?” All along, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s face was indifferent . Upon seeing this Duan shun Jie had an immeasurable misery and sadness .

“Don’t ask me to return to Tong’an . If Datong does not need an unable to hold a sword General, then it is better to just demote me to an ordinary soldier, to always be there for somebody at their beck and call, could still have a little usefulness . . . ” Saying these kinds of words, even Duan Shun Jie himself could feel that he was miserable and pitiful to the utmost point . But no matter how, he didn’t want to give up . If they really separated just like this, by the time Xuan Yuan returns back to Tong’an, maybe the two had become strangers whom one passed in the street .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng sneered: “Duan Shun Jie, you said this line, you yourself are ashamed or not! You could be said as one of the commanding presence . Pestering again and again like this, what is the point? This time He Chuan Lin raised an army not like the former rebels . You dragging your wounded body, could only play the part of dying in front of Qing’an city . ”

“Then just let me die . If you want me to leave, then it would be better if you didn’t save me that day . Just let me drown to death in that lake . ” Thinking about it all over and over again, only caused him deep limitless hurt . Duan Shun Jie also couldn’t be reasoned with anymore, he unexpectedly let out the swirling in his mind heartfelt words .

Xuan Yuan’s expression became vicious at once . His tone of speaking somewhat violent: “You think I wanted to save you? If not taking into consideration that you had sacrificed yourself to help me, I would never care whether you are dead or alive! But since now I already saved you with all my might, you don’t ever think to just die on me as you please!”

“You . . . ” At first indeed toward Xuan Yuan’s action in rescuing him, he faintly conceived a dim illusion . Now knowing that he could do such thing unlike him to do actually was because he didn’t want to owe him a favor, Duan Shun Jie felt a violent pang in his heart . But unfortunately, such a clumsy speaker like him could never outspeak Xuan Yuan . He could only glare furiously at him without the ability to refute him .

“Since you also know that you are being unreasonable then just don’t say anything . Coincidentally, I also want to go back to Tong’an . I will go with you . ” Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng creased his brows, extending his hand to push Duan Shun Jie away, left straightaway . For no reason left behind a bafflement for Duan Shun Jie .

Like this he anxiously and fearfully passed the night . The next day, early in the morning, sure enough Xuan Yuan’s personal bodyguards came to secretly lead him out . The party of several tens of people actually left the frontline at this critical time, naturally couldn’t let the mass of people be aware of .  Xuan Yuan even picked a common without carrying the Imperial Family crest carriage to ride on .

Sitting with him in the same carriage, looking at Xuan Yuan’s solemn expression, Duan Shun Jie felt that his own future had already become even more hazy, completely had no way to be grasped .

The party was going to the direction of Tong’an . Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng all along didn’t reveal the reason why he wanted to go back to Tong’an, only that his countenance day by day had become gloomier, it was as if he was not happy at all .

Moving forward like this for several days, the party finally arrived at the border of Tong’an Capital . Strangely, Xuan Yuan didn’t return to his Seventh Prince’s Manor at all, but secretly entered a house outside Tong’an City .

This house was estimated as Xuan Yuan’s secretly bought private property . The size was not big at all, but the building was somewhat refined . The gate didn’t even have a  piece of banner, if not clearly been told, no one would ever have thought that this was the residence of the one who held the power to overturn the world, The Regent Prince .

“Since you have returned together with me, just stay together in this place . Remember, absolutely may not let the news about me returning to Tong’an leaking out . Even to Ouyang Si Qi also do not tell . ” Arranged for Duan Shun Jie  a wing room, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng a little weird kept on warning him .

The next door of this wing room was Xuan Yuan’s room . Seeing that he seemingly didn’t have the intention to just cast him aside, Duan Shun Jie even though puzzled, but what he felt more was the unexpected delight . Of course he wouldn’t consider getting to the heart of the matter, just meekly agreed to him .

The following several days, Xuan Yuan’s actions became even stranger . During the day, most of the time he wouldn’t be at home, went out until dusk and returned home at nightfall . Once in a while, there would be someone who came to visit, also came secretly, stealthy went back . Duan Shun Jie had once run into an oldman in civilian clothes who came to pay a visit . When he carefully looked, that person was actually one who had the utmost influence in court, the Left Prime Minister Wang Qi Zhong, also the father of Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s wife, Wang Shi . He was his most powerful supporter in the court --- judging from this, Xuan Yuan hurriedly returned from the frontline, there must be something very important .

Duan Shun Jie naturally became a little worried . But he also knew, Xuan Yuan wouldn’t be happy if he asked more about the matter . Besides, Xuan Yuan still came to his room at night already made him happy beyond expectation, of course he wouldn’t think about investigating so as not to offend Xuan Yuan and make him unhappy .

Probably he was showing some understanding for Duan Shun Jie’s injury that still hadn’t fully recovered yet, Xuan Yuan on the bed, compared to him in the past, had become gentler . When they met, they also would casually talk about the daily trivial matters . Upon a careful thought, these days were actually the most peaceful and the happiest days they spent together ever since they knew each other .

Stayed at the outskirts for roughly several tens of days, Xuan Yuan led Duan Shun Jie and the others to go back to his Regent Prince’s residence . As a matter of fact, it couldn’t be said that he was invited, but Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng from the start to the end didn’t let him leave . Duan Shun Jie, as a matter of course, moved when he moved .

Entering the Royal Residence, in the middle of the main room, a dark mass of a crowd of beautiful women dressed up in the Palace’s robes caused Duan Shun Jie to jump out of shock . Led by a graceful woman, they all greeted Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng in unison, wishing for his health . Then this crowd of beautiful women was actually his wives .

Since time immemorial, all of the males of the Imperial family were refined and tasteful, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng was in the center of those outstanding people . Duan Shun Jie despite this had known the fact about Xuan Yuan already being married, however, knowing and seeing with his own eyes he and his wives together were totally two different situations . Looking at those women’s gentle faces and delicate postures, he himself couldn’t tell what kind of flavor he felt in his heart .

“Xi . . . Xuan Yuan, I will go out first, I will wait at outside . ” Seeing Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s personal attendants one after another left out from the main hall, Duan Shun Jie felt that it would be better if he also left .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng was still waving his hand, said in a low voice: “You don’t know your way, don’t go wandering outside . Just sit . ”

Duan Shun Jie still wanted to say something but could sense that the line of vision of all of the women in the main hall was focusing on him, instantly he felt extremely uncomfortable, he didn’t wish to attract more attention by debating, then at his own accord he sought for an unnoticable seat to sit .

His ears could hear that graceful beauty worriedly asked Xuan Yuan: “Prince, heard from Concubine Yan, Sister Si Qi’s case seemingly rather troublesome, how is it now?”

Hearing Si Qi those two words, Duan Shun Jie immediately became nervous . Thinking back, in this filled with women hall, indeed, Ouyang Si Qi was nowhere to be seen . At first he thought she was about to give birth to a child so her body was not comfortable . But now, looks like it had some other secrets .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s manner of speaking was all along calm and collected: “Having Father-in-Law help to put in good words, now it isn’t as troublesome anymore . Only that Imperial Father’s intention is, Ouyang’s family bloodline is not suitable to stay in the Imperial Family . Allow me to wait until Si Qi gives birth to my child, after that send her to Dali Temple . ”

Dali Temple was an institution to trial Datong’s court nobleman or noblewoman who had committed a crime . Si Qi was the daughter of the traitor, Ouyang Fa De . According to the law, all of the traitor’s relatives should be executed to set example . Even if she was the Prince’s wife, but once she entered Dali Temple, most probably everything points to disaster .

Lightly conversed for a little more, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng glanced sideways to see that Duan Shun Jie’s whole face had become deathly pale while staring at him . Using the excuse of extremely tired from just hurriedly returned from a long journey, he let the females to leave first .

“Xi Cheng, what has happened? Si Qi, she…” Seeing in the hall only remained himself and Xuan Yuan, Duan Shun Jie could no longer restrain his anxiety, opened his mouth to ask .

Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng only made a “Don’t speak” signal, softly said: “Here is not too convenient to talk . Come with me to the study . ”

Following behind Xuan Yuan entering the study, Duan Shun Jie could sense that the matter was not too good, could only beg Xuan Yuan to quickly tell the sequence of the events to him .

Basically, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s time and again meritorious military service then obtained the title of Regent Prince had caused the Crown Prince’s supporters in the court to be thrown into a panic . The Right Prime Minister as the leader of Crown Prince’s political faction, searched everywhere to find evidence of his fault . Though couldn’t find anything to be exposed on the surface, indeed, they dug out the affair of Ouyang Si Qi . Ouyang Si Qi was the great traitor Ouyang Fa De’s only daughter, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng had accepted her to be his concubine, in addition, she entered the Seventh Prince’s Manor with a big belly . This matter was actually not a really serious matter, however, the Crown Prince’s fraction exaggerated it from implication to become a clear evidence that Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng harbored an intention to revolt .

Couldn’t oppose the Officials’ again and again petitions, adding more in his heart, toward Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng actually concealed this urgent matter from him, he felt extremely furious, Emperor Feng Zong urgently decreed to summon his still on an expedition seventh son . Replaced him with the Crown Prince, appointed him out to a war, to give him an opportunity to build his impressive merit .

After receiving the Imperial Edict, Xuan Yuan of course knew if he returned to the Capital directly facing the fury of Imperial Father would be extremely unwise . On the pretext of still on the road, he secretly shifted his departure to an earlier date, on his other residence he assigned the Left Prime Minister and the others to help him put in good words for him, saying Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s reason for marrying Ouyang Si Qi was all affiliated to the advantage of the nation . As the outcome, these several days, Feng Zong’s anger finally slightly subdued . Loosened his tone, said, as long as Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng waited until Ouyang Si Qi gave birth, afterwards sent her to Dali Temple to await for her trial, then he wouldn’t look into this matter again .

Hearing Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng lightly spoke about the matter, Duan Shun Jie was no longer able to maintain his cool . This was not a small thing1, it could be said, this directly involved with himself and Si Qi’s future’s fate . If Xuan Yuan really wanted to send Si Qi to Dali Temple, maybe due to Si Qi’s unbending temperament, absolutely couldn’t be reasoned with . If something happened to Si Qi, how could he watch with folded arms .

But judging by Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng that kind of I-have-a-well-thought-plan expression, Duan Shun Jie’s mind was flooded with ominous premonition at once .

“Xi Cheng, you . . . Do you by chance really want to go accordingly to your Imperial Father’s intention?” Duan Shun couldn’t imagine he could be this ruthless toward his future child’s mother .

“Things have come to this point, this is also the only way . If not sacrificing her, no matter it is you or me, in this Tong’an City, it will be hard to have a foothold . ” Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng’s tone was calm to the extreme, obviously already analyzed the gains and losses for numerous times .

“Xi Cheng . Her belly still has your child, how can you be this heartless! If it truly can’t be avoided, just let me take Si Qi to leave Tong’an . You can put the blame on me, say it was me who took Si Qi away by force . . . ” Duan Shun Jie was unable to describe the anxiety in his heart . Even if Ouyang Si Qi harbored hatred towards him, after all, she was his only sister . How could he only helplessly see her being shoved to the road of ruin --- moreover, she and Xuan Yuan got to know each other and got entangled, no matter what, he couldn’t just escape from his responsibility .

“If not because she has a child, maybe since earlier she had been ordered to commit suicide . Also, how can you be so naïve? Allow you to take her away, even if I said I didn’t know anything, who didn’t know that you are my subordinate . Imperial Father must suspect I acted wrongly out of personal considerations and let her go . As the result, with me refusing to hand her over would have what difference!”

Saying this and that, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng actually was weighing on his position in the court, no matter what it takes, couldn’t afford to lose his position in Feng Zong’s heart . Duan Shun Jie could only feel as if being poured by cold water, from head to the toe wet kind of coldness, penetrating his heart . Nearly couldn’t believe that his most beloved one was actually this kind of coldblooded heartless man .

Looking at Duan Shun Jie’s expression, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng also knew that he was bitterly disappointed . But the matter was already up to this point, to keep himself and him safe from damage, this was the only workable scheme . Patting Duan Shun Jie’s shoulder, Xuan Yuan knew he could only let him slowly accept the reality by himself .

“I am going to the Palace . Your place, I have ordered the housekeeper to arrange . You go and rest properly . Regarding Si Qi, I will think of a way . You don’t have to mind it . It could be said you had made it up for her . If not because of you, she would be regarded as the rebel and beheaded since long ago, how could she still have the chance to enter the door of my Imperial Manor . ” Casually explained to him with several simple words, Xuan Yuan hurriedly left, leaving Duan Shun Jie alone in the study .

After seeing his handicapped arm, Xuan Yuan actually didn’t immediately cast him away as he had originally presumed, Duan Shun Jie at first thought that as long as he agreed to accept the compromise he would beg him to let him stay by his side . But looks like the fate had decided that he and Xuan Yuan weren’t destined to be together for long . Exactly at the moment when he saw a gleam of light for this love, he had to break off the relations with him .

Under this kind of circumstances, aside from him, who else could help Si Qi? Upon the thought that she was sacrificed as a tool to show one’s devotion by her loved with all her heart’s husband, Duan Shun Jie could no longer be able to stay in this place for any moment . His mind was filled with the thoughts of how to take Si Qi and leave Tong’an .

End of Fallen Hero Chapter 14