Qing Guo Yingxiong - Chapter 7

In the mortal world, there is no such thing as an everlasting happiness .

Since young already had tasted the sourness, sweetness, bitterness and the spiciness of life, Duan Shun Jie, as the matter of course, understood this principle . However, when he was in his pinnacle of happiness, when the ill-fortuned truly befell on his and Yan Xi Cheng’s joyful life of sweetness, he still had his heart filled with anguish, refused to believe that everything was a cruel reality .

Although when he was small he had dreamed that his future would be with a kind of a gentle, kind and genial type of beautiful girl, after meeting with Yan Xi Cheng, Duan Shun Jie cut off all of his dreams of marrying a girl and having a wife . Even if he knew that Yan Xi Cheng might not harbor the same intention, still, deep in his heart he still wished for this small tiny wild dream to come true .

Duan Shun Jie originally also believed that Yan Xi Cheng was the same with him, didn’t think about getting married taking a wife matter, but this one mishap had completely shattered his extravagant wish to pieces .

Accidentally caught Yan Xi Cheng and Ouyang Si Qi actually tightly embraced each other in the bedroom, the little sacred area in Duan Shun Jie’s heart got crumbled and shattered . The shocking sensual scene made him stiffened on the spot as if a stone statue .

Ouyang Si Qi regarded Duan Shun Jie’s icy-cold and ghastly pale face as him being too frightened, timidly she admitted with a low voice that she and Yan Xi Cheng a month prior had been in a secret relationship, soon after that, wearing a teary face she begged him not to tell her father . Completely wasn’t aware of Duan Shun Jie’s eyes which was from the beginning to the end hadn’t moved away from Yan Xi Cheng’s face, staring with his unable to believe eyes .

“Xi Cheng! This… Can you tell me, what is this about?” Waiting for Yan Xi Cheng he sent Ouyang Si Qi home and returned to their room, Duan Shun Jie interrogated him how could everything happen .

“What was that? What actually had happened?” Wanted to know the answer yet afraid of being heartlessly dumped by Yan Xi Cheng, Duan Shun Jie felt that he had never been worried about this kind of personal gains and losses before .

Yan Xi Cheng at first was wearing an expression of too embarrassed to talk about it . Under Duan Shun Jie’s unceasing interrogation he finally confessed that once when he was under the influence of alcohol, he and Ouyang Si Qi had overstepped the proper border between a man and a woman, unable to stand her nags as well as afraid that if Lord of Pingnan found out it would drag Duan Shun Jie down with him, hence he continued to secretly date her .

“How come it comes to this…” After hearing Yan Xi Cheng and Ouyang Si Qi already had an intimate relationship, Duan Shun Jie could only feel that he was as if being poured by a bucketful of ice water, cold from head to toe, couldn’t restrain himself from retreating a few steps then fell to sit on the edge of the bed .

“Shun Jie, I know that I have wronged you… But the sin already committed, I… I truly am incapable of reversing the desperate situation! One wrong step to cause a thousand hatred1! I hate it, I shouldn’t wholeheartedly think for the sake of your official career, with all I might treat the Pingnan’s master well, consequently come to today’s predicament . ” Yan Xi Cheng appeared to be so remorseful and ashamed, his whole face was of conscience-stricken and blaming himself, made Duan Shun Jie’s heart felt very painful .

“Then you… What do you intend to do?” To see Yan Xi Cheng in such anguish, Duan Shun Jie even more couldn’t suppress the pain as well as the fright in his heart --- this Ouyang Si Qi was not an ordinary girl, the Ouyang Fa De who always regarded her as a pearl in the palm2 definitely would never forgive the man who had the audacity to lay a finger on her .

“Xiao Qi… No, Si Qi said that she will certainly try to persuade her father, now it has come to this, the only way is to marry her . ”

“Marry!?” Like a thunder from a clear sky3 strike upon his head, Duan Shun Jie already had no ability to think, he could only repeat what Yan Xi Cheng had said --- If Yan Xi Cheng married Ouyang Si Qi, how could he manage with this matter .

The present him, his feeling for Yan Xi Cheng since earlier had become his whole life . If Yan Xi Cheng wanted to marry another person, he really was afraid that he would forfeit his rationality just like this, committed an unredeemable thing .

“Shun Jie, Shun Jie! You don’t be like this! if you do not want me to marry Ouyang Si Qi, then we can elope and run out of the city, find a place, conceal our identity and live together for the rest of our life . ”  Most probably because Duan Shun Jie’s face was extremely frightening, Yan Xi Cheng dashed to him and hugged him tightly in his bosom, suggested with a whispering voice .

His suggestion indeed truly tempted Duan Shun Jie, however, he couldn’t harden his heart and throw down both Ouyang Father and daughter who had treated him kindly . He really couldn’t let the young Ouyang Si Qi to get through this cruel fate of being abandoned .

Upon the sight of Duan Shun Jie whose whole face miserably conflicted, Yan Xi Cheng inwardly made a cold laugh . They had been together for long time, naturally he would know that with Duan Shun Jie’s tried-to-never-offended-anybody’s character, he would never approve to this kind of suggestion .

As the result, Duan Shun Jie was struggling for a long time, yet in the end, he still shook his head . “No . Cannot do this… Si Qi is still a girl… We cannot do this harmful thing to her . ”

“Then, you want to just look on unfeelingly while I’m marrying her?” Yan Xi Cheng’s tone of speaking was not anxious nor relaxed, it seemed like the one who had to battling through this hardship was Duan Shun Jie instead of him .

Duan Shun Jie’s face turned pale, strongly bit down his lips, no matter what he was unable to utter the words he wanted him to marry Ouyang Si Qi from his own mouth . He understood that he was being selfish, but no matter what, he was unwilling to submissively give Yan Xi Cheng to another girl just like this .

The one who should be with Yan Xi Cheng for the whole life time is me! It is me, not Ouyang Si Qi, also absolutely not whichever man or woman!

From that day onwards, the three people entanglement as if became a strange kind of relationship .

Duan Shun Jie couldn’t refuse the still unstopping asked to make love Yan Xi Cheng, also couldn’t say that he didn’t want him to meet Ouyang Si Qi again, to the point that when he encountered the two people being intimate, he could only pretend he didn’t see anything, to turn a blind eye, like an ostrich who buried his head in the soil to escape from reality, allowing the sorrow and loneliness of being cast aside drowned him .

However, paper can’t wrap fire4 . Fact was not something to turn a blind eye already could be regarded as nothing ever happened .     

A month later, Ouyang Fa De summoned Duan Shun Jie to his manor that very night, when Duan Shun Jie saw the crying to the point had become all teary Ouyang Si Qi by his side, an ominous premonition occupied the entirety of his thoughts .

Ouyang Fa De’s calm face obviously had an undertone of hard to explain by words anger . His tone also carried an never occurred before heaviness : “Shun Jie, you should know, I have always regarded you as my own nephew, haven’t I?”

Duan Shun Jie nodded without any words --- Ouyang Fa De towards him indeed extremely generous, to the point compared to his own blood kins, his brothers’ and his sisters’ son, he regarded him even higher .

“Then why do you want to do this to Xiao Qi? Xiao Qi with that Yan young master are a harmonious couple, to the point of already pregnant, but Xiao Qi said because you don’t agree, he is unwilling to marry Xiao Qi! You… You… You should know that for a girl, reputation and integrity is more important than life, you do this, do you want to harm Xiao Qi to death?” Ouyang Fa De clearly had been enraged to the utmost, even he couldn’t restrain his voice from being tremble .

“Already…pregnant…” Duan Shun Jie was not the least bit noticing the Lord of Pingnan, his whole mind had been condensed by this most shocking information .

For a moment, he felt that he wanted to cry as well as wanted to laugh, didn’t know what kind of expression and what kind of reaction he should make .

Indeed, Ouyang Si Qi was a girl, she and himself were different . Even if Yan Xi Cheng embraced him again and again for numerous times, it was still impossible for him to conceive a child, however, Ouyang Si Qi was different, she could conceive, could give birth to a child, she could give a birth to Yan Xi Cheng’s child, she had this natural qualification to be Yan Xi Cheng’s wife --- She and himself were different .

“What, You actually don’t know?” Ouyang Fa De appeared to be extremely surprised too . The explicit of Yan Xi Cheng and Ouyang Si Qi’s relationship had reached the phase of almost everyone without exception knew about it . As Yan Xi Cheng’s best friend, Duan Shun Jie was actually such slow-witted honestly made people hard to believe .

Duan Shun Jie very slowly shook his head, he doubted himself, once he opened his mouth, everyone would be able to see his unusual state of mood, so he could only opt to lower his head and with all his might he endured the pain of heart-broken’s moment .

“Since you didn’t know, then I also couldn’t put the blame on you anymore . You go back and persuade that surnamed Yan’s brat, what virtue and ability he has to have this fortune to marry my Xiao Qi . And since now you also agree, he ought to not have whatever excuse to be offered . ” As it should be by rights, taking Duan Shun Jie and Yan Xi Cheng’s relationship and deciphered it as good friends, Ouyang Fa De basically would never have thought that what he had said already nearly smashed and crushed the entirety of Duan Shun Jie’s hope .

“Lord, please allow me to be excused early . ” Mustered up the remaining strength and rationality to face Ouyang Fa De and asked to be excused, Duan Shun Jie was afraid if he stayed even a second more right then right there, he would lose his self-control, to make a fool out of himself in this kind of matter .

Out of the Lord of Pingnan’s manor, Duan Shun Jie didn’t directly go back to his Supreme Commander’s manor . Alone by himself he disorderly roamed about in Jinling like a lost and lonely ghost for almost the whole night . Until it was almost daybreak time, only then he returned to his home .

The room still let out a brimming candle light, it was Yan Xi Cheng who was still waiting for him to return .

“Shun Jie, Where exactly had you been going to? I waited till the whole night…” Seeing that Duan Shun Jie entering the room, Yan Xi Cheng complained, but the next moment, he saw Duan Shun Jie’s white and green alarming face color, he halted his tongue immediately .

“You have known?” He was such a bright and clever type of a man, on one guess he already knew why Duan Shun Jie behaved in such unusual manner .

Being blown by the wind, Duan Shun Jie’s throat was hoarsened and muted as if unable to say any words out .

“You know she is pregnant?” Trying hard for a very long while, Duan Shun Jie finally could squeeze out a sentence .

Under the lantern light, Yan Xi Cheng, wearing moonlit colored white simple robe, jet-black long hair was loosened as it please on his shoulder --- he was still the same most beautiful also the most highly privileged lover in Duan Shun Jie’s memory .

No matter what, he dare not believe, he finally had to face the time when he had to let him go .

Yan Xi Cheng nodded his head, slowly approached Duan Shun Jie, putting his hand and pressed on his shoulder .

“Why don’t you marry her? Still said to her that you don’t marry her because I disagree . ” In his heart, unexpectedly there was a faint joy . Even if the problem already muddled and completely collapsing5 to the point of irremediable, as long as he knew Yan Xi Cheng cared a little towards him, it was already could cause Duan Shun Jie unable to exercise control over his morale .

Yan Xi Cheng didn’t straightaway reply, but he bent his waist and gently took Duan Shun Jie into his embrace, after a long while, he finally softly said: “Because I was afraid that you will be hurt…”

Duan Shun Jie’s heart trembled in an instant, soon after that he also firmly hugged Yan Xi Cheng, pressing his face on Yan Xi Cheng’s bosom, intensely took a deep breath in his scent . The restrained for extremely long time tears flew out by the next moment .

“Xi Cheng… Xi Cheng… Why must you… No matter who Xiao Qi loves, I will wish her happiness, only you may not, but why is it…” Duan Shun Jie was truly dying to just like that abandon Ouyang Si Qi and the child in her belly to escape to faraway places with Yan Xi Cheng . Yet, his conscience really made him unable to commit such a matter, he could only choose to miserably submit to his fate .

Seeing that Duan Shun Jie was terribly hurt to such extent, deep in Yan Xi Cheng’s heart also flashed through a thread of peculiar feeling . Fighting for his affections’ women had never be lessened, but unbelievably infatuated like Duan Shun Jie, purely love him just like this, there was nearly none . Inevitably, his heart of iron and stone had slightly begun to waver because of him .

Taking his fingers and slipped them into Duan Shun Jie’s hair, gently kneaded his head, Yan Xi Cheng helped him to sit on the bed side, his warm lips wandered about on his cheek and his neck, little by little kissed away the anguish trace of tears .

Duan Shun Jie finally was no longer able to resist Yan Xi Cheng’s utmost teasing with his gentle caress, he slightly tremble from the touch . Due to his own unexpected tears, he felt ashamed to the extreme, to the point he didn’t dare to open his eyes . He could only allow Yan Xi Cheng stripping all of his clothing, using his lips and his teeth, bit by bit he called awake the sentience of the body which was icy cold from the night wind .

Holding his breath while waiting for Yan Xi Cheng’s scorching hot lower body to enter his body, Duan Shun Jie clenched his teeth tightly not allowing himself to let out any sound .

The constrained mood as if adding more to Yan Xi Zheng’s insanity . Duan Shun Jie stiff and rigid body practically unable to endure his close to violent assault .

Yet, even though he could feel the hot blood drip-dropping along his big thigh, he still gritted his teeth tightly and endured Yan Xi Cheng’s thrusting in and pulling out movement . The entirety of his lower body was hurting as if burnt, but that kind of pain, how could reach the same extent of his heart’s misery . He could only feel that his heart had almost split open, almost crushed to bits and particles by the cruel destiny . He could only bite his teeth tightly to stand firm from the tearing heart splitting lungs’ kind of sorrow .

Duan Shun Jie’s misery as if arousing more of Yan Xi Cheng’s cruel intention, he knew that Duan Shun Jie absolutely wouldn’t resist him at this moment, the more he tormented him from inside .

With ill-intention rubbing Duan Shun Jie’s ripped apart lower body’s wound until the fresh blood dyed the cotton-padded mattress almost entirely, until then Yan Xi Cheng with an indifferent face withdrew himself from the inner body .

Duan Shun Jie’s face was ghastly pale like a corpse . With his body weary, strength exhausted, struggling for quite a long while, finally with a trembling voice he said his decision: “ … . Xi Cheng, tomorrow I will ask the housekeeper to prepare the betrothal gift for you . You just go to Lord Pingnan’s Manor and propose a marriage . ”

Even if just a brief and short sentence, it was as if already used up all of his vitality . After saying it, he dejectedly collapsed, his face was revealing the utmost unwillingness…

Yan Xi Cheng seemingly still had something to say, in the end, he chose not to say anything, softly heaved a sigh, he left him and climbed out the bed, alone he headed to his bedroom beside this room to retire for the night .


Very early in the next day, Yan Xi Cheng with the company of the housekeeper and the servants, together they headed to Lord Pingnan’s Manor to propose a marriage .

Then Duan Shun Jie, because of his critical cold and diarrhea, didn’t attend the court, just like that blankly reclined on the bed for the whole day, he could only feel that even the remnant strength to climb out of the bed he already didn’t have .

Also thanks to this illness, Lord Pingnan didn’t request Duan Shun Jie to participate in the wedding preparation task . Although the marriage was a sudden marriage necessitated by an unplanned pregnancy, the Supreme Commander’s manor which acted as the groom family not the slightest bit neglected it, at all places the ‘Xi’ character6 was glued, red lanterns also being hung .

To walk in this kind of joyous atmosphere, Duan Shun Jie could feel a kind of unspeakable amusement as well as irony . Subconsciously, he began to avoid meeting with Yan Xi Cheng, but Yan Xi Cheng also didn’t know had been busy with what, all the day he couldn’t be seen .

Although living in the same house, the two people had been very rare to see each other . Duan Shun Jie heard the news regarding Yan Xi Cheng from the busybodies who passed on the information to him .

Like, he had begged his father and his relatives to come to Jinling in order to take part in his wedding ceremony with Ouyang Si Qi . Like, Yan family was said to be one of Datong’s wealthiest merchant, or like, the betrothed gifts he gave to Ouyang Si Qi was ten boxes of rare treasures in total, and so on and such trivial nonsense . To the point there were people spreading the rumor that Ouyang Fa De would pass the Lord of Pingnan position to his beloved Son-in-Law after the marriage .

Altogether with all of the sorts, Duan Shun Jie didn’t know whether it was true or false, also couldn’t draw enough courage to face Yan Xi Cheng to verify the matter . He was afraid to meet the nearly become someone’s else husband and father Yan Xi Cheng, even more afraid to meet Yan Xi Cheng’s father who knew about their relationship . He didn’t know what kind of expression he should wear to face this kind of matter, even didn’t know if Yan Father publicized their relationship, he would be faced with what kind of bad end .  

Following the drawing closer wedding day, Yan Xi Cheng moved out from the Supreme Commander’s Mansion, moved in to another mansion which was granted to him by the Lord of Pingnan, for him and his father to live in .

Already hiding from Yan Xi Cheng for several days, on the day he moved out, Duan Shun Jie still alone in the military headquarters was hiding for the whole day .

In the middle of the night, returned by himself to the already less one person room, sitting on the bedside where he had shared countless joyous nights together with Yan Xi Cheng, Duan Shun Jie couldn’t help the surging gust of hollowness and grief from his chest . His tears seemingly forced its way through his eyes socket .

He had always regarded himself as a man of steel, until he got to know Yan Xi Cheng, until then he came to realize that his inside was actually this fragile, had this much tears .

In his heart, secretly he had portrayed numerous times the scene when he and Yan Xi Cheng live together, but now, this all had become a pitiful and laughable empty talk .

Exerting his strength to grab the jade pendant inside the brocaded poach on his chest, he desperately recalled the sweet speeches and honeyed words that Yan Xi Cheng had said, yet his mind was full with the image of him and Ouyang Si Qi snuggled up to each other, almost drove him crazy .

Perhaps it had something to do with Ouyang Si Qi’s pregnancy, Lord of Pingnan decided on the nearest date of the wedding ceremony . Only within ten days, it was already the happy day when the region master hosted a wedding ceremony .

The whole Jinling was immersed in the happy atmosphere of the Lord of Pingnan marrying his daughter off . On the luxurious wedding banquet, Duan Shun Jie could only put on an air of cheerfulness and drank with the numerous high officials to congratulate Pingnan Lord . Cup by cup he swallowed the bitter and astringent wedding wine to his stomach, intending to suppress the frequently threatening to float up pain and anguish .

In a big drinking party, when the wedding banquet was entering the most important part, something suddenly happened that shocked everybody .

One Pingnan soldier with whole face panic-stricken entered the audience hall: “Report, Lord . Datong’s army suddenly makes a surprise attack to the city, their frontline army is currently at the ten li7 outside Jinling’s wall . ”

The sudden upcoming war in an instant called awake Duan Shun Jie from his drunken state . Not knowing what to do, he lifted his head, seeing that because of this bad news had drawn his brows together with Ouyang Fa De .

“They could really choose a day!!” Ouyang Fa De obviously displeased to the utmost, “General Duan, you speed up the armies to supervise the City’s gate defense . Jinling is easy to guard but hard to attack, expect that the Datong’s army wouldn’t be able to take it down in a short period of time . I will send someone to move the Ping’an’s army, as long as the reinforcements arrived, certainly will be able to repel them . ”

“Yes . ” Ouyang Fa De’s confidence of course reasonable . The city of Jinling’s defense was extremely secure, as long as they gave their all to defend the city’s gate, Datong’s army also could find it difficult to cope with them, just had to wait for the reinforcements, both armies attacked from front and back, of course they could destroy the enemies for sure .

Hurriedly left the audience hall with the reporting soldier, Duan Shun Jie’s heart generated an unexpected relief . He didn’t want to stay in that filled with joyous atmosphere grand hall even for a moment, even more, he didn’t want to see with his own eyes the next ritual of Yan Xi Cheng and Ouyang Si Qi paying respect to heaven and earth, the kind of scene which would make him be broken-hearted .

Wait until he gathered in order all of his subordinates and rushed to the west gate, the situation was already considerably critical . From the top of the city wall could be seen the not far from Jinling, advancing forward, forming a dark mass of a crowd soldiers of Datong . That should be only the besiege a town vanguard unit . Looks like this time Datong came out with the whole nest8, vowed to fight to the death with Jinling and Pingnan’s army .

“Prepare the stones and rocks, bows and arrows, firearms . Deliver the order, tell the east, south, and north gate to get ready with war . ” Even if his heart still was concerned about the wedding ceremony which took place in the Lord of Pingnan’s Mansion, Duan Shun Jie forced himself to be steady and calm while commanding the battle .

From the beginning their preparation had been chaotic and in disorder, they could only wait for Datong’s troops to attack the lower part of the wall to give them a direct blow .

“General, Bad news! The south gate unexpectedly under a surprise attack by a squadron of mounted soldiers from inside the city . The gate’s guard, Fu, who is on garrison duty has been killed! The south gate is nearly down!” When everybody was focusing their attention on the gradually approaching Datong’s soldiers, a soldier with whole body bathed in gold rushed into the tent to transmit the report of grievous news .

Upon hearing this, Duan Shun Jie knew that it was terribly bad, --- indeed, the not far Datong’s vanguard army had halted their advancing, obviously, their original intent was to make a feign attack, one Li apart, the dense black mass of Datong’s soldiers already changed their direction to pressing on towards the south .

“Come, let’s go to the south . General Zhang, General Liu, you both take some soldiers to guard the west guard!”

Leaving a few of the military forces on west gate, Duan Shun Jie hurriedly rode on his horse to command the troops to charge to the south gate .

There was still quite a distance from the south gate, but the soaring flame of the set ablaze city wall already could be seen . In the middle of the flickering flame, he could see a group of people with hands holding all kinds of weaponries were ruthlessly slaughtering the Pingnan’s soldiers who prevented them from opening the gate . Numerous of corpse were toppled next to the city’s wall, and those people already half opened the gate’s bar, it was clear as the day that their purpose was to destroy the gate to welcome the Datong’s army into the city .

“How could there be so many spies infiltrating inside the city!” The one who had been following Duan Shun Jie all along, Rong Vice General, obviously in an extreme shock . The in a war preparation state city of Jinling’s inspection procedures was extremely strict, unexpectedly could be infiltrated by a large amount of Datong’s spies inside the city, caused him to be unable to believe no matter what .

Duan Shun Jie urged his horse to advance at its utmost speed, Cong Yun’s speed immediately enabled him putting a large distance from Rong Vice General and the rest .

From south gate was still a several Li, Duan Shun Jie already took an arrow . He bent the bow and put the arrow, the arrow was launched, straight to a waving broad sword to chop off the gate’s bar Datong’s soldier, that person in an instant, not even had the chance to make a groaning sound as a respond, collapsed to the ground .

Duan Shun Jie was burnt with impatience, unceasingly launched the arrows, although a large number of Datong’s spies were shot down by him, however the gate bar had been opened more than half .

“All of you quickly chop off the gate’s bar, I will block him!”  Amidst the city’s wall which was set off by a blazing flame, a figure carrying a long sword on his hand appeared, in a stern voice he commanded, seemingly he was the leader of this crowd of people .

Duan Shun Jie narrowed his eyes, the sharp arrow on his hand immediately changed its direction, changed to aim on that person . To catch the brigands, must catch their King first . As long as he killed their leader, to dispose of the others of course would be much more easier .

Cong Yun’s speed as if splitting the wind, in a matter of minutes already taking Duan Shun Jie closing in to the Gate for a large distance . A gust of wind gushing by, dispersing the smoke and the blaze on the city’s wall, enabling Duan Shun Jie to have a very clear view on the sight of the Datong’s spies’ leader…

A pair of icy-cold freezing pupils, white as fine jade fair cheeks, even if dyed by fresh blood also not the least bit lessening his beautiful face, that kind of the God of Death expression was appearing on the face of the person who was the most shouldn’t be appeared on this moment --- that was the one who should be with Ouyang Si Qi paying respect to the heaven and earth on the Lord Pingnan’s Mansion, Yan Xi Cheng .

Duan Shun Jie’s hand quivered in an instant, the arrow was launched, but from the beginning it had lost its accuracy, fell on Yan Xi Cheng’s feet .

Yan Xi Cheng let out a cold laugh, leaping as if flying to the gate tower . A crude kick on the Gate which bar had been chopped off, he could actually create a crack on the heavy iron gate merely with a kick .

Duan Shun Jie, from the person to the horse, remained like a lifelike statue rooted dumbfounded on the spot . His face was entirely an expression of unable to believe, as if had completely forgotten that this place was a battlefield where alive and death was of a great concern, a moment of hesitation could ruin the whole war’s favorable situation .

Vice General Rong and the majority of troops finally could keep up with him, like a surge of tidewater they crossed over Duan Shin Jie and headed forward .

Only left less than one hundred steps of a distance, but it was already too late, taking advantage of Yan Xi Cheng’s impressive kick momentum, the spies of Datong --- they were actually the so called relatives of Yan Xi Cheng who were invited to the city under the pretext of attending the wedding ceremony, already joined forces to push open the gate from both side .

Once the gate opened, Yan Xi Cheng and the others swiftly leaped to the earlier had been prepared fast steeds on the side, dashed towards the outside of the city to a not so far place where the Datong’s army had been unstoppably advancing .

Until the time Duan Shun Jie came to his awareness, when together with Vice General Rong and the others charged towards the City’s Gate, they still had the time to witness the scene of Yan Xi Cheng and his soldiers rendezvoused with the Datong’s army .

The multitude of Datong’s troops with a shake the heaven quake the earth shouting voice greeted the return of Yan Xi Cheng .

“Long Live Your Highness the Seventh Prince! Long Live! Long Long Live!” The escorted and clustered around Yan Xi Cheng, in one rip, tore away the red clothes on his body . Then there was someone who helped him wear a golden colored war robe which was the symbol of Imperial Family . The impressively majestic him, using the long sword on his hand, he pointed at Jingling’s city gate in front of him, the large amount of troops behind him immediately charged forward like tidewater .

If at this extent he still couldn’t figure out Yan Xi Cheng’s true status, then Duan Shun Jie would be the greatest idiot among idiots . But the him who still couldn’t accept the reality, even to the point he was unable to open his mouth, less to say about giving orders to command .

“Hurry!! Hurry close the city’s gate!! Each and every of you, all of you, you must protect Jinling with all your might!!” Vice General Rong upon the sight of him unexpectedly dumbfounded in this kind of pressing situation practically burning with impatience, he could only take somebody else’s job into his own hands and sent out verbal order in his place .

Naturally the gate which gate’s bar had been broken, how could it possibly obstruct the gushing in like tidewater’s crowd of Datong’s army . The already waded through the city’s moat Datong army without meeting much casualties had already completely opened the City’s gate .

Before his eyes was a real sight of purgatory, the countless limb, body, flesh and blood flying scene caused Duan Shun Jie as if became a red-eyed killer . He unceasingly wielded his sword to cut the Datong’s soldiers in front of him, yet there were still unstoppable soldiers who succeeded in charging in, even if his whole clothes already drenched in the Datong’s soldiers fresh blood, he still had no way to stop the swift and fierce military assault .

“General! General! Hurry and return to Pingnan’s Lord Mansion, protect the Lord is more important! I will block them here!” Vice General Rong’s words suddenly made him realize that the him who was already helpless to reverse the desperate situation at this time shouldn’t make a futile effort of guarding the doomed to fall city, that he should protect the Pingnan’s military highest Commander to safely leave the place .

Killing the stubbornly swarming like bees soldiers of Datong to open up a bloody path, Duan Shun Jie rode on Cong Yun and sped like flashed of lightning towards Lord of Pingnan’s Mansion .

“General, hurry!! The Lord has been injured severely, everybody is confused and alarmed, do not know what best to do . ” Upon entering the Lord of Pingnan’s Mansion, the festive atmosphere a short while ago had completely vanished .

The just now in jubilation full of joy Officials, most of them had returned to their respective mansions to take their wife, children, from the old to the young, to flee from their home . The rest who left behind was like an ant on a hot pan9gathered in the hall and felt quite helpless . Seeing that Duan Shun Jie rushing in, the head administer of Pingnan’s Lord’s Mansion busily greeted him, guided him to the inner side of the courtyard .

“How can the Lord be injured?” The condition already worst to the point it couldn’t be worsened anymore, Duan Shun Jie absolutely didn’t have the time to grieve over Yan Xi Cheng deceiving conspiracy . Jinling could no longer be guarded, right now the one and only hope was to protect Ouyang Fa De to return to Ping’an City, relied on the original military force and the secure wall of the city to withstand Datong’s army, then slowly recover their strength .  

The head minister shook his head, sighing while saying “Truly unthinkable, the Son-in-Law unexpectedly was Datong’s spy . After stabbing the Lord, he brought all of his subordinates and ran out from the Mansion…”

“Then, Si Qi…” The originally should marry and become husband shockingly became an enemy’s spy, how could the always been pampered and spoiled since childhood Ouyang Si Qi endured all of this, what’s more, she was conceiving a child…

Having his head hurt to the point of split open, Duan Shun Jie felt a kind of suffocated like his heart was being held firmly kind of feeling, causing him to almost have no strength to breathe, however the him at this moment no matter what he couldn’t let himself collapse, he was well aware, if he couldn’t hold out, Pingnan definitely would be finished thoroughly .

Entering the inner yard of Ouyang Fa De’s bedroom, one glance already could see the reclining on bed with face like paper Lord of Pingnan, also the weeping by his side with tears all over her face Ouyang Si Qi .

Upon the sight of the entering Duan Shun Jie, Ouyang Si Qi as if emitting fire from her pretty eyes, charged to him and ruthlessly landed a palm on his face .

“How can you still have the face to come here! You shameless spy!”

Duan Shun Jie was being hit to stupefied, only then he could recall that he was the one taking Yan Xi Cheng to the city, he could come to know Ouyang Si Qi also because of him .

The front chest still wrapped by bandage Ouyang Fa De although still weak, he still waved his hand to stop Ouyang Si Qi: “Xiao Qi, you don’t utter nonsense! Your Big Brother also didn’t know that Yan Xi Cheng is actually the spy from Datong…”

He had never thought that until this point, the Lord of Pingnan still came to his defend, a burst of moved feeling filled Duan Shun Jie’s heart, he rushed over, gently supported the wanted to get up Ouyang Fa De .

“How is the condition outside?”

Duan Shun Jie shook his head, said: “Jinling already couldn’t be guarded, I came to protect and guard Lord and the Region Maters out of the city . ”

“How long could we block them, as long as can hold out for a day, the reinforcements from Ping’an could come here . ” How could Ouyang Fa De be willing to abandon the spending numerous lives and efforts of the Pingnan’s troops to secure the city of Jinling?

“There isn’t any time anymore, Yan Xi Cheng brought people to destroy the south gate, Datong’s troop already succeeded in intruding in . ” Bending down his waist, Duan Shun Jie carried Ouyang Fa De on his back, after paused and hesitating for a while, he continued, “I am sorry, Lord… Unable to protect Jinling… It is my fault . ”

It was because he had been fooled by Yan Xi Cheng’s romantic love to the point of muddled headed, to cause the defeat on Mount Panlong, also because he was indulging himself in the happiness of being together with Yan Xi Cheng . Inviting the wolf into the house10, to cause Jinling to fall, also to cause Lord of Pingnan to be injured badly, and to cause Ouyang Si Qi to be this broken hearted …

If his death could redeem all of his mistakes, Duan Shun jie would opt to give up his life without the slightest hesitation; however at this moment, no matter what, the mistakes already couldn’t be redeemed . He could only choose to exhaust all of his might to protect Pingnan’s foundation so it would be unlikely to be fallen thoroughly .

Pressed by the remorseful feeling as well as shouldering a heavy responsibility, he felt that he had lost his ability to breathe . Carrying the Lord of Pingnan on his back, with large steps he rushed out of the Mansion . The already arrived at the outside of the mansion Chang Er quietly held Cong Yun and led it to him . Duan Shun Jie cautiously helped Ouyang Fa De to sit on the horse back, he himself also mounted on the horse .

After confirming that Ouyang Si Qi also had been helped to settle down properly by the bodyguards who looked after her, Duan Shun Jie gave the reign a jerk, with the several hundred people sped up towards the north gate .

Running for several Li, from the direction of Lord of Pingnan’s Mansion could be heard the transmitted sound of a large amount of horses hoofs, turning his head to look, the sky from that place had been obstructed by the billowing and surging up smoke and dust, Duan Shun Jie knew it must be done by the Datong’s army . Thinking about risking his life to guard the city Vice General Rong at this moment probably had died in the line of duty, his heart even more be filled with sadness and worried .

Still he couldn’t afford to neglect what was in his hand, unceasingly he urged his battle steed to speed up ahead .

Arriving at the North Gate, more than half of the stationed guards had been scattered to who knows where, looking at the whole face in panic while staring at him soldiers, Duan Shun Jie understood that if he left them behind to resist the Datong’s pursuing army, it would be the same as telling them to go die, he then ordered them to go together with them to go out of the city, together headed to Ping’an to retreat .

From time immemorial, victory or defeat was a common thing for the soldiers, yet to be defeated this fast and thoroughly indeed caused people to have the difficulty to endure . The group of people, except for the sound of horses hoof, there was actually not even a man that made a sound, they could only hurry on with the journey with a gloomy atmosphere towards the several hundred Li city of Ping’an .

At the time when Datong’s army who searched all over the Lord of Pingnan’s Mansion realized that there was no one in the mansion and rushed back to the south gate, Duan Shun Jie and the others had long been gone and deserted the place .   

“Your Highness, Ouyang Fa De and the others are nowhere to be found . Definitely headed to Ping’an to flee . If we make haste to pursue them, we could make it before they arrive at the Gate of Ping’an…” Pei Jin Tian looked and looked, he couldn’t see Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng having a happy face upon this victory, he decided that he should say out loud his suggestion .

“No need, “ Unfortunately he still had to swallow a tactful rejection this time, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng waved his hand, “The cornered enemy need not pursue, the Pingnan traitor’s military strength, more than half had been damaged on that Mount Panlong’s battle and on today’s defeat . In the Ping’an only left several thousands of soldiers which insufficient to be fear of . Our army had doubled their speed to come, this time they should rest and build up the strength, after several days, in one strike we will destroy Ping’an . The Pingnan traitor could be said to have already completely collapsed .

Knowing perfectly that Duan Shun Jie who had to drag a severely wounded old man and a pregnant woman absolutely wouldn’t be able to run fast, Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng subconsciously felt that he hadn’t been bored with playing in this amusing game .

End of Fallen Hero Chapter 7