Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping - Chapter 1669

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Chapter 1669: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 7)

Shen Zhe: Will Ling Luo reach Challenger today?

Fatty AAA: Yo, yo, yo! Our little sister Ling Long is about to become a Challenger!

Little Fairy Qing Qing: Fatty, aren’t you embarrassed only being Master?

Fatty AAA: This fatty is being humble, at least I’m not getting carried up by the god!

Little Fairy Qing Qing: I don’t need the great god, I am the great god!

When Luo Qing Chen typed this, there were cheers from the fans in her stream.

The fatty made a face at her with an emoji before typing——

Fatty AAA: Then change with Shen Zhe. Let’s see if you can carry little sister Ling Luo to Challenger!

Ze, ze, ze, there was another one coming to offend her. Although this group of friends were considered the previous host’s only friends in this world, she didn’t feel that way and she wasn’t afraid to fight back!

The game was in the selection phase, so Luo Qing Chen chose ADC without another word and locked in.

The youth with the IGN Shen Zhe was clearly stunned, not knowing why this other person felt different today.

Ling Luo: Qing Qing, are you playing me? It can’t be that you’re here to ruin my promotion match, right! (=?Д?=)

Little Fairy Qing Qing: Remember to give me a Christmas gift if I’m the MVP, I want a Christmas Tree!

The youth in front of the computer slightly relaxed his eyes when he saw this and couldn’t help giving a laugh as he silently chose a support champ.

This kind of position swap felt quite good!

For the full five games, Luo Qing Chen played five rounds of ADC, with her dealing over 40% of the damage and getting MVP each time.

This kind of data made the fatty who complained about her and Ling Luo who had doubted her before were stunned.

Shen Zhe, who had played support for her five times, silently praised her as he couldn’t help revealing a faint smile in front of the computer.

He thought that she was good at support, but he never thought that she was also this good at ADC.

Fatty AAA: Damn! Are you Qing Qing? Quickly say something?

Little Fairy Qing Qing: Don’t you know the room number of my stream? Won’t you know if you come and look!

Ling Luo: Great god! Please take my kowtow! It turns out that we had been dragging down your talent the entire time!

Gu Gu: I finally believe something now!

Gu Gu who rarely spoke in their team had finally spoken!

Little Fairy Qing Qing: What is it?

Gu Gu: When it comes to reincarnation of the heavens, gold will always shine, but it just isn’t time yet!

Actually, Luo Qing Chen’s stream was already being filled with gifts and her popularity was also increasing.

Even in the last game, she had reached the recommended spot on the front page.

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It had to be said, Luo Qing Chen was more experienced than the previous host when it came to streaming!

After streaming for two and a half hours, Ling Luo was too excited from becoming Challenger and the fans were also very excited.

But Luo Qing Chen didn’t choose to keep streaming and bid everyone a good night!

After, only with enough strength could you give a better stream!

When she was about to turn off her computer, there was a private message that appeared on her screen.

It was a message from Shen Zhe!

Shen Zhe: I heard you say that you were in A City on your stream last time?

Little Fairy Qing Qing: Yes! You are too?

She suddenly felt that this Shen Zhe seemed familiar, but she couldn’t remember where it seemed familiar from. She just felt that it was a bit smooth to read!

Shen Zhe: I’m not, I’m in America right now!


Little Fairy Qing Qing: You really are tens of thousands of miles away!

Shen Zhe: I’m coming back the day after tomorrow, I’ll be in A City.


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