Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter - Chapter 879

Chapter 87.9: Chapter 87.9 - Zi You Splendidly Startles People at Duke Anguo Fu

Old General Mu was angry in Duke Yongnan fu because of his granddaughter, forcing Duke Yongnan to bring his wife and son to apologize . Even if Zi You did not have an outstanding appearance, she already drew the attention of all the different forces . She was as beautiful as Chang’e, the lady of the moon and as elegant, noble, and mysterious so it was hard to be unnoticed by people .

Third Wangzi Shangguan Boyu was fifteen years old . He was just engaged to the Great Scholar Wen Yuanlin’s Di granddaughter Wen Chuyan . He saw Zi You for the first time today .

He had some regrets that his engagement was too carelessly set . How could he have agreed to his Fuwang’s bestowment of an engagement after seeing Wen Chuyan once?

Taizi also did not expect that Old General Mu would have such a beautiful granddaughter . He looked at Zi You from afar . He saw her graceful walk, a languid and cold smile on her face, and the guaze on her skirt blowing in the wind . Her body seemed to have gathered brilliance as beautiful as a peony fairy, hooking one’s soul .

There were hundreds of people in the garden . The numerous beautiful xiaojies were immediately compared to her and lost .

She was like a fairy that accidentally fell into the mortal world . She moved elegantly, contaminating the mundane world but also removed from the mortal world .

Shangguan LingRan had an evil smile on his face . He looked at Zi You and then at the noble gongzis constantly staring her . A thoughtful and playful smile appeared .

Haha… Roses were beautiful and fragrant, but they have thorns . Everyone, be careful of being pricked bloody!

Zi You being watched by everyone made the Née Liu walking next to her worried .

But she saw Zi You’s posture, her calmness, her graceful and light steps . Moreover, Zi You was not ashamed . Née Liu showed a gratified smile .

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