Chapter 861: 861

The final examinations were just around the corner and the students were doing their last-minute revisions in a bid to cram every bit of information into their heads . The hardworking students were putting in their last efforts to prepare as much as they could, while those who were not so studious, were like fair-weather atheists turning to god in a pinch . Everyone in the Year Three cohort was tensed up .

 Needless to say, that included Wen Xinya .

 Although Wen Xinya had been busy with revising for the examinations, she was also juggling the Ai Shang product launch and the Wen Corporation’s plans to deal with the Xiao Family . However, she had a strong foundation and was receiving intensive tuition from Si Yiyan every single day . Zhong Rufeng would also give her some tips every now and then . Hence, she was extremely confident about making it to Capital University .

 “Wen Xinya, someone outside is looking for you!” yelled a voice that broke the silence in the room . Everyone quickly turned to shift their gaze to Wen Xinya .

 Wen Xinya froze in shock and wondered to herself, Who could be looking for me at this time? Is it Zhong Rufeng? I remember that he looked for me up in the classroom during my lunch break the other day .  

Wen Xinya closed her books and walked out of the classroom slowly . As soon as she did, she caught sight of Chu Jingnan standing at a distance away . Her face grew sullen, for she did not expect him to come to the institute to look for her .

She could still hear the sounds of gossip and discussion coming from the students in the institute .

 “Look, that’s Chu Jingnan, the last president of the student union . He was admitted to Capital University, but I heard that he has already withdrawn . I guess he’s not planning to continue with his studies . That’s such a pity!”

“So that’s Chu Jingnan! There have been news reports about him being Xiao Zhiyuan’s illegitimate son . I wonder if those rumors are true . He does resemble Xiao Zhiyuan, though . Even their auras are similar . ”

“Who knows if it’s real or not? Anyway, I just know that he has been fired by the Xiao Corporation and he plans to withdraw from the Capital University because of the rumors that have been spreading like wildfire . ”

 “Tsk tsk tsk! He used to be a legendary and influential figure . Yet, he’s landed himself in such a pathetic state . I really don’t know what to say . ”

“Don’t spout any nonsense, you guys . How could President Chu be Xiao Zhiyuan’s illegitimate son? The media just enjoys making false claims and puffed statements . There are plenty of people who look alike in this world . How could they spread these rumors just because President Chu resembles Xiao Zhiyuan? They’re being too irresponsible . ”

Some were curious, some were sympathetic and defensive of Chu Jingnan, while others were simply gloating over his predicament .

 Wen Xinya was rather surprised .

Staring at Wen Xinya who was standing not too far away from him, Chu Jingnan said with a complicated look on his face, “Wen Xinya, I have something to talk to you about . ”

Wen Xinya frowned slightly . After all, they were in the institute, and it would be inappropriate for her to turn him down . Besides, there would be trouble if there were to be any rumors . Hence, she walked towards him calmly and asked, “What’s the matter, President Chu? What’s there for us to talk about?”

 Chu Jingnan took the lead .

Wen Xinya followed behind him nonchalantly .

 Some students stared at them in astonishment .

They arrived at the crape myrtle trail where all the crape myrtles flowers were in full bloom . They were bright and vibrant, adding a touch of color to the graceful trees .

Not wanting to be pretentious with Chu Jingnan, Wen Xinya stopped in her tracks and exclaimed calmly, “I wonder if I should address you as Mr . Chu or Second Young Master Xiao!”

 Due to the fact that Si Yiyan was displeased about Chu Jingnan getting near her previously, Wen Xinya made a conscious effort to keep a distance from him . This time… she definitely couldn’t let him get near her again .

 Chu Jingnan quivered before turning around slowly to look at the girl in front of him, who was much prettier than the graceful flowers .

He got a grip on his emotions and answered calmly, “Address me like you would in the past . I know… I’m just the Second Young Master of the Xiao Family in name . ”

Despite having been through so much, he could still remain calm and composed in front of Wen Xinya, regardless of her snide and sarcastic remarks . He was no longer as flighty or easily provoked as before . He now had better control of his emotions .

Wen Xinya said calmly, “If there’s anything you need to tell me, do it here!”

 Si Yiyan would be displeased if she were to spend too much time with other men . It would not be worth to upset Si Yiyan because of a scumbag .

 Chu Jingnan looked up at the crape myrtles on the trees and said, “Wen Xinya, I’ve already settled the withdrawal procedure . I’ll be leaving for university in America soon . ”

He felt extremely indignant and reluctant about leaving, especially in such a pathetic manner . However, he had no choice but to do so because the Xiao Family was bent on refusing to acknowledge him, and even threatened him into leaving . He was too weak and vulnerable to go against them .

 Now that the rumors of him being Xiao Zhiyuan’s illegitimate son had yet to die down, his personal life was affected . If the Xiao Family was willing to acknowledge him, he would be perfectly fine with it, for he believed that he would definitely prove himself to be worthy one day . However, they were unwilling to acknowledge him and the truth would be exposed one day . By then, he would be utterly embarrassed .

 Wen Xinya raised her brows, not surprised at all . She had been paying close attention to the Xiao Family and matters regarding Chu Jingnan . “We’re not that close . You don’t have to specially come here to tell me this . If there’s nothing else, I’ll get going now . ”

Chu Jingnan immediately lost control of the emotions that he had been trying so hard to contain . His anger and frustration began to show ghastly and he snapped . “Wen Xinya, I know that you knew right from the start that I’m the illegitimate son of the Xiao Family, and you exposed my identity in order to stop me from reuniting with them . What major feud is there between us? Forget it if you’re usually so cold and aloof towards me, but why must you be so cruel to me?”

 He tried his best to think of a reason for Wen Xinya’s actions, but he could not find a plausible explanation regardless of how hard he tried to do so . However… he had indeed pestered her a little too much in the past, though it did not warrant the strong hatred she bore towards him . Yes… hatred! He had always felt that she resented him .

Wen Xinya stared at him, not expecting that Chu Jingnan would make such an accurate guess . However, she would definitely not admit to it .

 Appearing a little maniacal, Chu Jingnan walked towards Wen Xinya and questioned in a compelling manner, “Wen Xinya, are you very glad and smug to see how terrible of a plight I’m in because of you? I don’t think I’ve let you down in any way . Why must you do this to me?”

 He had been devising that plan meticulously and painstakingly for twenty years, just so he could let everyone know that he could still be outstanding and have the world at his feet despite being an illegitimate son . Yet, he ended up being defeated by Wen Xinya .

Wen Xinya took a step back and sneered . “Mr . Chu, I think you’re really out of your mind . ”

 She then turned around and left, not wanting to be harassed by him any longer!

Xiao Jingnan merely could not accept the fact that he had been abandoned by the Xiao Family, who made him leave pathetically . He felt indignant about the failure of his painstaking plans and was just trying to vent his frustration and anger on her .

She had no reason to accept that treatment from him .

 Chu Jingnan watched as she left . He realized… that Wen Xinya had always given him the cold shoulder and walked away from him, ever since they met each other .

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