Regina Rena – To the Unforgiven - Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

All According to Your Majesty's Will

Translated by Wook
Edited by Wook


On the morning of the Founding Day, the bells of the cathedral rang.


As the white doves flew up, a rain of flowers fell from the sky.


The square in front of the Imperial Palace was crowded with people, and a luxurious table was placed in the middle.


The overflowing fragrant wine and food were the emperor’s grace.


People celebrated the Founding Day with bright faces and toasts.


But this was a luxury that only took place inside the capital.


Gunfire could be heard from outside the capital, and no pigeons or petals were seen flying over the roofs.


The dogs in the square were licking oily dishes, but the dogs outside couldn’t even smell a trace of fragrant aroma.


Under the prosperity of the empire, some people could only fill their hungry stomach with tantrums.


But no one took issue with this.




“Tomorrow you will be introduced as the representative of the South.”


An old man in a Southern uniform said to a lady in a similar outfit.


The old man, the Southern Duke, strode ahead and added, seemingly displeased.


“It seems like you’ve already made yourself well-known, seeing that people have been talking about you everywhere.”

“Not exactly everywhere.”

“How capable of you.”


The lady’s, Rena, lame retort made the Southern Duke’s face convulsed even more.


No one was unaware of the mishap that had happened last night at the evening ball, where Rena and Rubid had each other in champagne.


Moreover, at that time Rena was wearing a Southern uniform. Just thinking about how many words the light-mouthed nobles were making up for this incident made the Southern Duke’s head ache.


“Still, the honor of the South was preserved since I’ve won.”

“Well, aren’t you very capable?”


At the remarks Rena added, the Southern Duke snorted.


In fact, he was relieved inside upon hearing that the northern kid had been beaten by Rena. However, he felt uncomfortable because he did not know how to deal with Rena, so the Southern Duke could only tell her off with a stern attitude.


“From now on, be careful about your conduct. At least do not let them reach my ears.”

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”


Rena answered faithfully. But the Southern Duke didn’t like it because it felt like nonsense.


After leaving his anger behind, the Southern Duke continued.


“Today, the emperor will order an expedition.”
“About the expansion of the Empire’s territory, I assume.”

“It’s funny. When the southern region was eroded, they cut our ties and were being disrespectful.”


The Southern Duke contorted his face even more and said.


As it turns out, the emperor merely stood by when the Silent War was happening in the South. Then, when the South was revived, she immediately made a new plan to plunder.


Innumerable wealth had been burned by the Southern Duke. He had been in such a desperate situation and could not even complain.


“Does anyone know where this conquest will be held?”

“No, other than the dukes, they probably know nothing about it. Perhaps even the officials don’t know.”


The Southern Duke said with a weary voice. The old man was already tired of the emperor’s capricious and dogmatic empire.


“So, they’re going to announce it today.”

“That’s right. This expedition is the stage of the North and the East anyway. We just have to be very far behind.”

“Would it be okay to fall behind?”

“You don’t have to be the first, but you shouldn’t be too far behind.”


The Southern Duke answered Rena’s question again. However, this only added more questions.


“You mean we should be in the middle?”

“That’s right.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m a little confused.”

“About what?”

“Do we have to be in the middle? Wouldn’t it be better to be slightly in front?”


The Southern Duke made a puzzled expression and sighed briefly.


What he meant was that she should do it according to his order, whether it was in the front, in the middle, or in the back.


At that cheeky attitude, the Southern Duke burst into laughter.


“It’s good to be confident, but I’d like you to understand the situation before that.”


While chatting, the two of them had crossed the hallway and came to a large door.


The Hall of Ceremony was visible through the wide-open door. All the high-ranking nobles and officials had already gathered before the rites filled with sacred symbols.


And among them were those in black.


‘Mr. Lynn.’


Lena found a familiar face among the black-clad men. It was Lynn.


Lynn glanced at the tardy Southern Duke, then smirked and turned his head.


The Southern Duke inevitably had his teeth clenched because of that arrogant attitude, while Rena secretly admired his new appearance.


There were also people in red clothes next to them. It was the Northerners.


There were also faces that Rena recognized.


One was the proud Rubid, and the other was her father, Marquis Ruber, and in the middle, a man resembling Rubid stood. It was the Northern Duke, Eura Plenus.


The three dukes supporting the empire stood side by side. However, the cardinal had not yet been seen.


It was then.


“Be modest and show respect.”


The solemn voice of the attendant rang with the sound of the horn. Then the nobles bowed their heads like reeds lying on the wind.


What unfolded next was peculiar. Nobles with high noses looked at their toes as the sound of heels echoed over the heavy silence.


Then a soft voice was heard.


“Get up.”


It was an unusually cheerful voice.


The older nobles looked at the throne calmly, while the younger ones swallowed their bewilderment.


An unknown woman was sitting there, at the place which had been empty before.


A woman who had her white hair cut short and had a youthful face. She decorated her corset with ribbons, which made it look informal, even frivolous.


So she sat on the throne of the emperor, but her identity could not be made sure of.


She was the beginning and the pinnacle of the Empire, Emperor Nihil Gracia.



The emperor, who should be more or less 100 years old, still looked young.


They were facing a living miracle. However, far from being in awe of it, the nobles struggled from not knowing where to put their eyes between the white shoulders and legs of the emperor.


“It’s nice to meet everyone. There are some kids that I’ve seen for the first time, and some that I’ve seen several times already.”


The emperor’s voice was drowsy as if she just woke up from her sleep.


“Actually, I can’t tell the difference. Whether they’re thin, big, young, they are all the same. I don’t think there’s a saying stating that one can only die when they’re old.”


The hall became quiet at the emperor’s self-talk. Then she gave an order in a dry tone.


“Laugh, I was joking.”


After the suffocating silence, dry laughter erupted.


Starting with someone who first forced himself to laugh, the nobles all started laughing with a ‘wa ha ha’. It was a crazy sight.


In front of them, the emperor yawned loudly. Then she leaned against the armrest and muttered.


“Anyway, nice to meet you. But why are you all here today?”

“Today is the National Founding Day.”


A man next to her said. It was Clavis who had appeared together with the emperor.


“Oh, is that so? Then let’s get started.”


The emperor bowed his chin and gestured to Clavis. Then Clavis stood before the nobles on behalf of the emperor.


“It’s a happy day. Gentlemen, under the care of Her Majesty the Emperor, the history of the Empire has reached a hundred years.”


When Clavis stepped forward, the nobles were more relieved.


Clavis spoke skillfully on behalf of the decrepit tyrant.


“In commemoration of this day, Her Majesty has decided to expand the territory. Duke Eura Plenus Gracia, Duke Bill Ares Gracia, and Duke Lignan Aetherner. Discover and conquer new frontiers in the name of Her Majesty the Emperor.”


The three dukes who were called raised their heads.


While the nobles swallowed their excitement while waiting for the announcement of the conquest.


They remembered. About the riches they enjoyed by sweeping over the East 10 years ago, the riches discovered on the other side of the continent 30 years ago, and the splendid cultural heritage acquired by crossing the desert 70 years ago. Each time enabled the nobles of the Empire to lead a more luxurious and sophisticated life.


The nobles listened to the cardinal’s declaration in anticipation of something wonderful again this time.


Clavis clearly knew what was going through their minds and said with a bright smile.


“Her Majesty’s new desire is the Tomb under this earth.”


The Tomb?


“Her Majesty has commanded us to conquer the Tomb, the land of the dead.”


The nobles were stunned at Clavis’ declaration.


“It’ll be fun. There’s a lot of weird stuff there.”


When the nobles were perplexed, the emperor muttered in a relaxed voice.


“I’m tired of killing kings now, and anything on the ground is mine anyway if I just reach out my hand. So now I’m thinking of getting something a little different. Are you guys okay?”

“All according to Your Majesty’s will.”


When Clavis responded softly, the nobles also applauded and cheered. The dukes also clapped their hands to fit this occasion.


“Then, before the expedition, I congratulate you, Duke Bill Ares, for defending Her Majesty’s territory, so please ask for what you want.”


When it was their turn, the Southern Duke stepped forward.


“Your Majesty the Supreme Emperor, the South’s victory was all thanks to your care.”

“Of course it is.”


The emperor muttered without interest. For a moment, strength entered the chin of the Southern Duke, but the voice that followed was still calm.


“As a subordinate, all I want is to serve Your Majesty with all my heart, but I am so sorry about my weakened body. Please allow me to delegate the mission to another reliable youth.”

“Is that so? Who is it gonna be?”


The emperor mumbled dryly and stretched out her hand. As she grabbed the ceremonial sword brought by the attendants, Rena also stepped forward.


The emperor looked at Rena silently and then tilted her head and asked.


“What is your name?”

“It’s Rena Ruber, Your Majesty.”

“Lady Rena, it is then.”


The emperor raised her sword, and Rena was about to kneel to be ordained. But before Rena could bow down, the emperor’s sword was aimed at her neck.


“You’ve come all the way here equipped only with a humble name.”


The emperor pierced Rena’s neck with the tip of her sword and said.


“I will take you, who is less than a worm, for myself. So risk your life and go to the Tomb.”


The emperor gave strength to the hand holding the sword indifferently. The tip of her sword pierced Rena’s skin, and blood trickled down her neck.


Red blood soaked the white collar of the uniform, but Rena did not back down.


Then a faint smile spread across the emperor’s lips.


“If you can’t do that, you can die. I am merciful, so I’ll forgive your incompetence for sure.”


The emperor then took the sword from Rena’s neck.


Having been forced to be faithful without any respect, Rena nevertheless knew what to say.


Rena took a step back and kissed the emperor’s sword. Then all the nobles followed the muffled words like a spell.


“All according to Your Majesty’s will.”








The eccentric tyrant returned to her residence as soon as the ceremony was over. Because of this, the subsequent luncheon also lost its meaning, and the nobility could either participate or just skip it.


Rena and the Southern Duke were the ones who did not attend the luncheon. It was because of the tight schedule that followed in the afternoon.


It was time for Rena to follow the Confederacy to the ceremonial battle.

[Confederacy is the knight squad of the southern region]




An unexpected voice called out to Rena.


“Could you give me some time?”


The person who approached was none other than Marquis Ruber.


It was a sudden approach, but Rena was not surprised. Instead, she tilted her head as if she had just heard a strange story.




Then she asked the marquis with a face filled with fake remorse.


“Shouldn’t ‘sir’ be the correct title, instead of ‘lady’, my lord?”


Rena’s response to his question was firm. Thanks to that, the marquis was a bit perplexed.


“You are right. I made a mistake. Then, sir, give me a moment of your time. It won’t take long.”


The marquis, who had stopped at the unexpected response, asked again as if to appease the person before him.


Rena slowly turned her eyes to look at the Southern Duke, who nodded reluctantly.


When permission was given, Rena responded with a bright smile.


“Alright, I’ll give you a moment then.”


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