Chapter 79.4

Mu Rulan sat across from him silently . After a while Lu Zimeng found it a little awkward, and so stopped laughing .  

After floundering desperately for a bit, he latched on to a new topic: looking at the bags beside her seat, he asked, “You two went on a date? Did you buy clothes for Qianren?”

“Mn,” she nodded .  

He smirked in a very evil way all of a sudden . “Did you pick them out for him?”

“Mn,” she responded again . Why was his sudden smile so… creepy?

“Then that’s good! I’m so sick of watching him wear the same clothes every day!” Lu Zimeng said happily, scooting closer to her . “Did you also buy him underwear?”

“…” Mu Rulan went silent .  Translated by The Novelst

“Hm? You didn’t?” Lu Zimeng slapped his leg, “That’s too bad! You don’t know yet, but his underwear is all that same black color—”

Suddenly his neck prickled as he felt a gaze on him . He stiffly turned his neck to look sheepishly at Mo Qianren . “Aha… ahaha… Qianren ah, when did you return?”

“When you were being more of a busybody than a woman, talking about my clothes,” he said, looking frostily at his friend, causing Lu Zimeng to tremble in his seat .  

Inside he bathed in tears . This jerk was too much, what a waste of effort it was to try and care about him, damn it!

Mu Rulan chuckled softly . It seemed these two had a very close relationship .  


Manager’s Room of Loulan Court .

Ke Wanqing was in a black suit, hair tied neatly behind her . She seemed a little domineering when facing the manager of Loulan Court .  

“Madam Mu, could you repeat that?” The manager asked .  

Ke Wanqing frowned slightly . She hated having to repeat herself the most . If this person had been working under her, she would have fired him ages ago .  

“I said take out the accounts book and let me take a look . My daughter is still young and she’s just a student . This shop is so big with so many customers, who knows how you keep the accounts? As her mother, of course I need to help her manage a little,” Ke Wanqing spoke with confidence .  

The smile on the manager’s face vanished . Face serious, he said, “What Madam Mu is implying is that we have taken the money to feather our own nest?”

“Hmph . You’re the one who said it, not me,” Ke Wanqing said, smirking like she was the owner of the house .  

“This shop has been in my daughter’s possession for nearly two years . I’m the one who gives her pocket money, but even as her mother I don’t know if you have given the profits to my daughter or not . How can I be rest assured? And my daughter is busy studying every single day . She might even forget to collect it . I am her guardian . Isn’t it natural that I help her manage the shop?”

Ever since Ke Wanqing had hit a wall in failing to obtain Loulan Court from Mu Rulan the last time, she still had not given up in her desire to turn Loulan Court into her very own . She even had been brainstorming about a way to get past the legal protections set in place by Grandpa Ke in order to get her hands on Loulan Court .  

In Ke Wanqing’s head, Mu Rulan belonged to her, so everything that belonged to Mu Rulan also belonged to her .  

Initially she had been thinking that Lan Binglin had ways to gobble up the company owned by Hua Fang and the Jin Family, which help the Mu Corporation pull through .  

However, Lan Binglin needed an upfront investment from her before they could execute the takeover . Though it sounded a little strange, she believed that Lan Binglin wouldn’t dare scam her . So for the sake of money, she couldn’t help but come to Loulan Court .  

The manager heard her words and sneered . “Madam Mu, aren’t you a little too forgetful? I believe you were able to take a look at the legal documents before Grandpa Ke gifted Loulan Court to the miss . Before she turns eighteen, she had no right to sell or transfer ownership of Loulan Court to anybody else .

“The management of Loulan Court and any problems regarding the accounts book are fully handled by myself . If miss would like to check the accounts, of course she can . But Madam Mu, I’m sorry, you do not have the right to look at it . ”

Ke Wanqing had a heart loftier than the sky . The moment she heard this employee speak to her like that, she was fired up . She slapped the desk in front of her and stood up . “I dare you to say that again!”

“No matter how many times I repeat myself nothing will change . If there’s nothing else, please leave now . We have work to do,” he said firmly . The manager had been chosen personally by Grandpa Ke to serve Mu Rulan, so he was naturally unafraid when threatened by Ke Wanqing .  

That year when Ke Wanqing had so foolishly left the Ke Family, she had looked so happy as though she had won a great victory . As someone who served the Ke Family, he remembered that day clearly . Ke Wanqing still thought she was a princess of the Ke Family, yet she didn’t know that ever since she had left the family for a man, she had already become a joke in the upper-class society of Hong Kong .  

“Fine!” Ke Wanqing’s face was flushed red . “I see you take yourself as the owner of this Loulan Court, huh? You’re not even paying respects to me, how can I expect that my daughter can control you? You better tell me the truth . Where did you hide the profits of the last two years?! Did you give it to my daughter?!”

The final sentence was her true interest .  Translated by The Novelst

Of course Ke Wanqing was aware that this was someone from Grandpa Ke’s side . He had always had a good eye for people, so naturally he wasn’t someone who would betray his master so easily . But then where had the money gone? 

Ke Wanqing had checked Mu Rulan’s bank account, which she had created herself to transfer her daughter some pocket money easily . There were only tens of thousands in it . But she knew that Loulan Court had always been a good business, definitely earning over ten million a year, but where had the money gone? Had Mu Rulan squirreled it away? 

The moment Ke Wanqing thought this, she couldn’t help but clench her fist . She couldn’t imagine such an obedient girl like her daughter would save money like that in secret . She would definitely not allow Mu Rulan to act outside her control . That was why she had come today, to confirm that for herself!

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