Chapter 80.1

Hearing Ke Wanqing’s words, the manager was no fool . He knew immediately what she had in mind .  

“I don’t believe I have an obligation to report to you, Madam Mu . Please . ” The manager ordered her to leave .  

“Hmph . You better not regret being so rude to me today!” Ke Wanqing was so mad that her chest nearly burst . How did Mu Rulan discipline her underlings?! Geez .  Translated by The Novelst

The manager revealed a hint of disdain and ignored Ke Wanqing . Why would he want to argue with a mad dog? 

Ke Wanqing paled with anger and spat a few venomous words before leaving the office .  

As she passed the room where Mu Rulan and the others were, she coincidentally bumped into Lu Zimeng, who was just leaving . He was in a hurry to go to the bathroom so he apologized lightly and ran away . Ke Wanqing was already in a bad mood and was so furious that she scolded, “Did you leave your eyes at home?!” 

He was in such a rush that he’d already disappeared from sight . Ke Wanqing breathed heavily and turned to leave, but spotted Mu Rulan and Mo Qianren inside the room before the door shut completely .  

She saw her daughter talking happily to Mo Qianren .  

“Lan Lan!” Ke Wanqing pushed the door open, her face dark with anger .  

Startled by the sudden roar, the two looked to the entrance .  

“Mother?” When Mu Rulan saw Ke Wanqing, she spoke with surprise . “Why are you here?” Usually she would have lunch at the company .  

Ke Wanqing, thinking that Mu Rulan was asking such a question because she felt guilty for being caught on the scene like this, spoke even more aggressively . “I’m the one who should be questioning you . You should be at Liu Silan, not having lunch with a man at a restaurant!”

Mu Rulan shut her mouth immediately, looking shocked at the explosive Ke Wanqing .  

Seeing Mu Rulan sit there wordlessly, she glared angrily at Mo Qianren and grabbed her daughter’s hand . “Get up and follow me back home right now!”

“Mother, don’t be like this!” Mu Rulan furrowed her brows and tried to get her hand out of Ke Wanqing’s grasp . Her mother was holding her so hard that red marks were already forming .  

“What’s wrong with you? What are you planning to do, staying here and sharing this room with a man . Aren’t you afraid of what people will say when the news spreads? Have you no shame?!”

It’s just a meal in a restaurant . There were many people who shared a room with a man or a woman, why was it so nasty in Ke Wanqing’s mouth?

“When you have no shame, no matter how noble you try to act, no one will give you face,” a cold voice interrupted . Before Ke Wanqing could react, Mu Rulan had already been pulled away .  

Mo Qianren lowered his head to check the marks on Mu Rulan, completely ignoring her mother’s existence .  

“I told you before there are consequences for living together with crows,” Mo Qianren said lightly . He took a bottle of white wine to pour some on a tissue to help Mu Rulan disinfect her wound . Ke Wanqing had nail polish on her fingers . So dirty .  

“I have the ability to protect myself,” Mu Rulan said, allowing him to treat her wound .  

“Is that so?” Mo Qianren looked at her .  

She smiled angelically in response . “Of course . ”

Ke Wanqing was nearly driven insane, looking at the two off in their own little world . Before this man appeared, Mu Rulan had always been very obedient . After he had come around Mu Rulan had begun to disobey! 

She stepped forward again to grab Mu Rulan’s other hand to drag her back to her side . She stood in front of Mo Qianren angrily . “Don’t you have any shame?! Who do you think you are, laying your hands on my daughter? You have no money or power, you’re nothing but the illegitimate child of a teacher . Who gave you the guts to approach my daughter!

“I’m telling you not to even dream about it! In this life, Lan Lan will continue staying by my side or marry into the Huo Family! You better get lost!”

Mo Qianren narrowed his eyes .  Translated by The Novelst

Her soul had already been corrupted by interest in power .  

“Mother!” Mu Rulan said stormily . Ke Wanqing was too rude, had she forgotten her manners at home?

“Shut your mouth! We’re going home . I see you’re getting naughtier by the day . You’re grounded . You can’t go out until the exams come around, only then will I let you out of the house!” Ke Wanqing scolded angrily .  

She felt it was more secure to keep Mu Rulan locked in the house . At least then she could monitor her at all times without worry about her running off with some wild man!

Once Lu Zimeng came back to hear Mu Rulan being scolded, he was unhappy . How could she say such a thing? Did their Mo Qianren look like someone who would abduct a girl? She wanted to lock her daughter in, oh wow . This woman must have gone crazy!

“Hey, hey, Madam Mu!” Lu Zimeng walked in front of Mo Qianren to placate her . “Madam Mu, please don’t be so angry . They aren’t in this room alone, I was also here eating with them . I just went to buy some drinks just now…”

“You better shut up! Who are you? What gives you the right to talk?!” Ke Wanqing was like a crazy dog, biting anyone in sight .  

Lu Zimeng was shocked and he couldn’t help but think inside: Gosh! This damn old woman was being too unreasonable!

“Madam Mu, I see you’re in a bad mood . Are you venting it on us?” Lu Zimeng stared at her frostily . “If I hadn’t come to speak for them, people not in the know might think Mu Rulan and Mo Qianren did something unsightly to make you so angry .

“Just now I passed by the manager’s room . I heard you’re requesting money from the manager . It looks like you were unable to steal the shop from your daughter so you’re venting it on her instead? You’re such a great mother, Madam Mu . Your daughter shouldn’t be called ‘Mu’ but rather ‘Qian’, right?”
TL note: Qian means money in chinese .