Chapter 80.2

“You…!” Ke Wanqing didn’t expect Lu Zimeng to have overheard . She was so embarrassed she stopped speaking .  

Mu Zhenyang was preparing to enjoy a feast at Loulan Court, but overheard the argument while passing by . Seeing this scene, he walked into the room to ridicule, “Hmph! You’re a nuisance as always, I see . ”

Ke Wanqing never expected this heartless man to appear before her again, especially using this kind of tone with her . “Mu Zhenyang! How dare you still appear before me?”

“Father,” Mu Rulan called softly .   Translated by The Novelst

“Why wouldn’t I dare appear before you? Who do you think you are? I thought you were a little snobbish before, but you’re much worse now! You want to steal from your own daughter, who knows if you’re willing to sell her for your interests!”

“Shut your mouth! What nonsense are you saying!” Ke Wanqing flew into a rage . Humiliated, she started whacking and kicking Mu Zhenyang as he fought back .  

Damn it, I’ll kill this b*tch!

Punching, kicking, tearing at hair and scratching faces, it was pure chaos . Slapping and scolding could be heard .  

The two people who had been madly in love before had turned into enemies .  

Lu Zimeng stared disbelievingly at the two fighting . Never in all his years on this earth had he seen a couple that fought like this . Especially since they were from the upper class . This had to be an enormous joke! 

Mo Qianren looked at the two fighting without care for their image, and coldly turned his head to watch Mu Rulan instead .  

Seeing the ponytail he’d tied for her resting smoothly on her neck, he couldn’t help but stretch his hand out and twirl it with his fingers until it slid beautifully from his hand, then he did it again . It was as if he was a child who had found something interesting to play with, repeating his actions over and over again .

Should he comfort Mu Rulan? What a joke, he knew what psychos were .  

A psycho didn’t have emotions nor did they have feelings . Even if they had feelings, it would be for egocentric purposes . So why would Mu Rulan feel sad about watching her parents fight one another? 

Mu Rulan was off in her own world before she felt that cold hand at the nape of her neck, playing with her hair so childishly .   

Mu Rulan raised her head to look at the man beside her, but he looked impassive as usual . It was hard to reconcile that face with the hair-playing going on behind her head .  

Mo Qianren noticed her gaze and only then realized what he was doing . He froze and slowly returned his hand to his pocket, turning his gaze away innocently .  

Lu Zimeng had already noticed the romantic bubbles popping up between the two of them, so he reacted quickly and went to close the room door . What would her parents do if they saw their daughter was busy on a date while they were fighting?

The ponytail rested quietly on Mu Rulan’s neck once more . She blinked at him, “Qianren, are you not going to take responsibility after touching my hair?”

A dim light flickered in his eyes and he swallowed . “How do you want me to take responsibility?”

Mu Rulan smiled . “Give me your corpse after you die . ”

“…In your dreams . ” Mo Qianren was a little ruffled .  

Mu Rulan blinked, “Are you angry?”

He looked expressionlessly forward, but his entire pose gave off the feeling of: “I’m angry, so hurry and come coax me . ”

She rolled her eyes and grabbed a pinch of her hair to sweep it over his arm . “I’ll let you play with my hair, don’t be angry . ”

Mo Qianren remained wordless . Just then she had been thinking of his corpse and not caring about his life at all, and the next minute she wanted to use her hair to coax him? How cheap, hmph .  

Mu Rulan saw him ignore her, so she drew closer and tugged on his sleeve . “Qianren?”


There she went again! Using that kind of soft and gentle voice to call his name sweetly, transmitting deep into his heart and making it skip a beat .  

She was the only person he had met in his twenty-five years of life to make him parry blows without being able to hit back . And it was the kind of person he was interested in researching, to boot .  

He suddenly thought of the words Mu Rulan had said to him once . Hunters might fall in love ith their prey, and a clever person might fall victim to their own cleverness . He had followed his hunch and come all the way from America to lay eyes on Mu Rulan . In the end, he had put himself into this situation . How silly of him .  

“Qianren?” She tugged his sleeve again, head tilting up towards him .  

With such a height difference, they looked adorable standing next to each other .  

In the end, he couldn’t hold back and lowered his head to look at her . Inside his eyes was a hint of helplessness .  

He smoothed her hair . “How much longer are you planning to watch them fight?”

“You’re not angry anymore?” Her lips curved into a slight smile .  

“I’m not angry . ”

“Which means you’re sulking . ”

“…” He didn’t want to answer her .  

On the other side, Lu Zimeng was scared of watching the two fight non-stop . He slid over to Mu Rulan and Mo Qianren . “Hey, if this goes on they’ll definitely beat each other to death!”

Mu Rulan smiled as she watched them fight . She took the white wine on the table and walked towards the pair . She poured the wine on them, and as their wounds were touched by the cold liquid, they immediately stopped to cover their faces, screaming in pain .  

“Ouch! It hurts!” Translated by The Novelst


The two were finally separated . Mu Rulan put down the wine glass and ignored them to say to Mo Qianren, “Teacher Mo, we should return for class ya . ”

Mo Qianren didn’t even glance at Ke Wanqing or Mu Zhenyang before following Mu Rulan out of the room .

Lu Zimeng was speechless, following quickly behind the pair and asking, “Hey, you’re just going to leave like this?”

“If not, what else is there to do?” was Mo Qianren’s light response .  

“Huh? Uhh…”