Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267: 1267

Chapter 1267: Hao Ran’s Bitter Enemy

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Some students who watched the news about Gu Ning thought that the National College Entrance Examination was different from the math competition . Even though Gu Ning was the champion this year, it didn’t mean that she could also get high scores in the National College Entrance Examination .

Besides, the results of the National College Entrance Examination weren’t out yet, so many people said that Gu Ning was bragging . They believed that it would be super embarrassing if Gu Ning failed to get into the Capital University .

At the same time, many people were willing to support Gu Ning . Since Gu Ning could win the championship in this year’s math competition, it showed her outstanding ability .

Anyway, Gu Ning could always cause discussions on the Internet .

Once the National College Entrance Examination was over, Gu Ning called Master Leng again to update him about how things went .

Master Leng invited Gu Ning to visit the capital city, because he missed her .

After the National College Entrance Examination Gu Ning received many calls and messages from her friends, and she replied to them with patience . Chu Peihan and the others also proposed to hang out together to celebrate .

Although the National College Entrance Examination was indeed more difficult than normal tests, they weren’t afraid that they might not get into a good university . They had many choices after all .

Tang Yunfan and the others were going to leave the next morning, because Tang Yunfan was still busy with his business, so Gu Ning stayed home for dinner . She would meet her friends later in a bar .

Chu Peihan and the others understood, so they decided to gather together after dinner .

Gu Ning was still going to have a meal at Yu Mixi’s home, so she wouldn’t leave for City B along with Tang Yunfan tomorrow . She would go back to City B the day after tomorrow .

Tang Yunfan said nothing about it, and let Gu Ning make decisions on her own .

After dinner, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning walked outside together and Tang Yunfan didn’t bother to ask when they would come back . In fact, even if Gu Ning didn’t come back home tonight, they wouldn’t be worried . Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were about to be engaged after all .

They decided that they were going to Dihao Clubhouse which was owned by the Qing Gang for fun .

Chu Peihan had booked a private room for them . However, although it was Chu Peihan who booked the room, Gu Ning would pay the bill, because she was leaving again .

However, there was a lucky draw activity in Dihao Clubhouse, and Gu Ning won the special prize again, so she only needed to pay hundreds of yuan for the private room fee .

The others were very surprised that Gu Ning was able to win the special prize again, because they knew that it was very hard to get it . Leng Shaoting, however, was aware that Gu Ning had a pair of Jade Eyes, so it was very easy for her to do it .

“Boss, I think you must have a pair of special eyes! How is it possible that you can win the special prize every time?” Hao Ran said in shock .

Gu Ning laughed and joked, “Do you believe that I have a pair of Jade Eyes?”

“I want to, but I can’t believe it . ” Hao Ran shook his head .

The others also believed that Gu Ning was simply very lucky .

There were many high school students in the bar tonight, and they all wanted to relax after the exam . Unfortunately, it was easier to encounter trouble when a lot of teenagers gathered together .

Hao Ran and Qin Zixun left for the washroom, but somehow had a fight with several other young men . Both of them were strong boys, but they drank too much and because there were only two of them, they failed to win the fight against five young men .

Therefore, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun were injured in the end .

The person who caused Hao Ran the trouble was Hao Ran’s bitter enemy, Wu Shaojie .

Wu Shaojie’s family was a super-rich family in City F, and he studied in the No . 1 High School . He was 20 this year, but he was still a senior student, because he had failed to get into a university last year and had to study for a year longer in high school .

Wu Shaojie had a long-standing grudge against Hao Ran ever since they were in junior school .

Wu Shaojie and Hao Ran had been to the same junior school back then, but Wu Shaojie was a grade higher than Hao Ran . Both of them were troublemakers and they often fought against each other . They had had a violent fight once and stayed in the hospital for nearly half a month to have a full recovery .

After Wu Shaojie got into high school, they seldom met one another, but they still fought against each other as long as they met .

Hao Ran was better than Wu Shaojie at fighting, so Wu Shaojie was the loser all the time . Therefore, when Wu Shaojie found out that Hao Ran only had one friend by his side this time, he decided to seize this chance and beat Hao Ran .

Wu Shaojie had four people with him, so he had an advantage . He even forgot that the club was owned by the Qing Gang after drinking some alcohol .

Gu Ning and the others didn’t know that they were fighting in the washroom, but the security guards in Dihao Clubhouse went to separate them .

Without delay, a security guard reported it to Chu Peihan .

Once Gu Ning and the others heard, they went to help Hao Ran .

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