Chapter 1662: 1662

Chapter 1662: Here to See Bai Yaoyao

Nobody dared to provoke Bai Yaoyao anymore . In order to live a good life, they had better not get on Miss Bai’s nerves . After all, she was also General Bai .

While they were discussing what had happened, the entire military collectively sided with Bai Yaoyao .

If their superiors were to relay instructions, they would immediately dispel the rumors altogether .

Bai Yaoyao didn’t know how influential she was . She was still unconscious and not showing any signs of waking up at all .

When it was almost noon, Xie Limo helped Yun Bixue as they arrived at Shanhua Hospital .

After entering, Yun Bixue went to the VIP suite on the top floor to look for Bai Yaoyao first .

Xie Limo pulled her back and asked, “Didn’t you say that you’re here for a check up? The clinic isn’t on the top floor . ”

Yun Bixue giggled awkwardly . She tugged Xie Limo’s sleeve and said, “Erm, let’s go up and take a look . ” Otherwise, she wouldn’t feel assured and would be restless no matter what she did .

Xie Limo looked intently at Yun Bixue .

With Xie Limo staring at her, Yun Bixue lowered her head and played with her shirt shyly like a little girl .

Although Xie Limo knew that she had done this on purpose, he couldn’t stop himself from giving in, saying, “Do you want to see Bai Yaoyao?”

Yun Bixue hurriedly nodded, raising her head to look at Xie Limo in anticipation .

Xie Limo smiled and said, “Just go . You can just do whatever you want when you’re with me . ”

“I’m just afraid that you’ll be angry . I don’t want you to be so tired and worried over me . I’m always concerned that you’re unhappy . ”

Hearing those words, Xie Limo’s heart turned even softer . He caressed her hair and said, “You still don’t understand me well . ”

Yun Bixue’s face turned pale . She had been trying her best, but she still didn’t understand him . Was it not enough?

In fact, she also thought that she could do even better . Not only was she unable to help him now, she also made him anxious about her all the time .

“Limo, I…” She wanted to apologize but thought that it would make their relationship sound too distant .

“You’re feeling conflicted again . You should know that I’ll only feel happy if you are too . You can just let me know everything, okay?”

Yun Bixue wanted to reply to him, but the elevator had brought them to their destination .

Xie Limo carefully helped her out of the elevator .

When they arrived at the suite, Yun Bixue saw three of them staying by the bed without a word . The atmosphere was heavy and solemn .

She took another look at Bai Yaoyao, and her heart sank as she clenched her fists tight .

“How is Yaoyao?”

When Yun Bilu saw her elder sister, her eyes lit up instantly . However, seeing that her elder sister was pregnant and walking unsteadily, she immediately grew worried and stepped forward to help her .

“Elder Sister, the doctor has come to check on her and said that there was nothing wrong . She ought to be waking up, but Elder Sister Yaoyao hasn’t . ”

Yun Bixue frowned and walked towards the bed . Looking at Bai Yaoyao worriedly, she asked, “Did the doctor say that perhaps she might not want to wake up?”

Yun Bixue understood Bai Yaoyao well . If she didn’t want to wake up, that would mean that Bai Yaoyao was subconsciously trying to avoid something .

Yun Bilu was taken aback and answered after a pause, “Elder Sister, you’re right . The doctor did say that . Why would Elder Sister Yaoyao not want to wake up?”

Yun Bixue looked focused as she answered, “She’s a fragile girl after all . If she doesn’t wake up, she can escape from reality . ”

As Duan Yanhao listened, his heart shivered . The pain in his eyes became more apparent .

Yun Bilu stumbled backwards in shock too .

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