Sage Monarch - Chapter 1522

Yang Qi had made his final decision .

The time had come to tear away the veil and publicly announce something that would definitely send immense shockwaves through the god world . He had originally hoped to subjugate more people, and also get the Lord of the Sword Dao completely under control . But the truth was that the mere act of subjugating more important people would cause a public stir .

For the moment, he had to shelve that idea .

Once the announcement was made, and the shockwaves started spreading out, people would definitely be eager to join his empire . Destiny would surge, and he could use that momentum to fully subjugate the Lord of the Sword Dao . Even if he didn’t fully succeed, he could at least make sure the Lord of the Sword Dao was completely locked down . And then Yang Qi would take advantage of the chaos he had wrought to sneak into the distracted Central Dynasty and get the final piece of the Mahātmā Jade .

The Lord of the Sword Dao was so strong that even Proud Central would be leery of him .

Unfortunately, until he was fully subjugated, he would definitely cause trouble if he were to be released . However, once Yang Qi made his announcement and got enough destiny to crush him, the man would become like a clone whose sword energy could devastate countless enemies .

In the depths of the empire, a huge square had been constructed, where the sage monarch magistrates had led all of the leaders and officials, gathering them in ranks .

Yang Qi stood up front, clad in his voluminous God Legion Battle Robe . Of course, the robe was now different . Instead of coming fully from the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth, it contained elements of the Mahātmā Jade and the True-Devil Unspoiled-by-Myriad-Kalpas-and-Tribulations Body, making it far different from before .

When that garment stirred, the power of countless tribulations and kalpas surged within it . Obviously, any opponent of his would face the destruction of tribulations if they tried fighting him .

“People of the Sage Monarch Empire, today we tell the god world about our existence . Henceforth, we are the fourth great dynasty of the god world!” His words echoed out through space-time and filled the furthest corners of his empire, causing everything to tremble .

“As everyone knows,” he continued, “for many years, the three greatest powers have been the Central, Invincible, and Chiliocosm Dynasties . But now the Sage Monarch Empire has joined their ranks . Furthermore, we will demand that they acknowledge us as equals . If they refuse, we will convey our displeasure by means of the sword . Lord of the Sword Dao!”

“Here!” the Lord of the Sword Dao said, appearing beside Yang Qi . He was now little more than a puppet, although it still took Yang Qi a lot of effort to control him . As soon as he appeared, he waved his hand to produce an immense preheaven godsword, which he slashed out in front of him .


Space-time collapsed and vital energy bled out as the sword light swirled out in all directions .

“I am the Lord of the Sword Dao, subordinate of the Sovereign Lord, the king of slaughter . And now, Im the guardian of the Sage Monarch Empire . Whoever harms the interests of the empire will be cut down, be that enemy a person or a nation!”

The Lord of the Sword Dao had a fierce, violent aura that seemed to spill out without end . Although he was the guardian of the empire, he still wanted to be free . But that only made him more deadly and dangerous .

In fact, by using him as the guardian, the bounds of destiny were more tightly wrapped around him . After all, being part of the system made one more vulnerable to the control of the system, as well as a better killer!

As soon as the Lord of the Sword Dao appeared, the people of the empire erupted into cheers .

Destiny swelled, and to Yang Qi, it felt like a vat of oil . All it would take would be a spark, and that oil would erupt, and he would reach a higher level .

“We are mighty . We are mighty!” It was the sage monarch magistrates who began the cry, and before long, all of the people were shouting at the tops of their lungs .

They knew that they were witnessing the dawn of a new era . After the destruction of the Sovereign Lord, there had never been a new empire that had simply sprung into existence like this . And they knew that the blood and fire of war was on the horizon .

Of course, all of the young people in the empire, those who had been born in the last hundred years, were burning with passion .

Although only a month had passed on the outside, Yang Qi had allowed a hundred years to pass inside . And that meant that the young ones had been given time to grow up .

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s prove that miracles are possible . We will spread the might and grandeur of the Sage Monarch Empire to the most distant corners of the god world!”

He went on with various formalities and ceremonies, then the event was over .

Then he allowed the destiny to surge out in all directions, drawing on all channels of news and information to spread the word to countless people .

Yang Qi had control of numerous channels of communication . For instance, he controlled many powerful members of the armed forces from the Invincible and Chiliocosm Dynasties, which meant getting information out posed no challenge to him .

The news was already shaking the god world .

It only took a month for the news to reach even the most remote areas . All organizations and all people heard about what was happening, even the demonlings, devillings, godlings, and the strange subterranean races .

Furthermore, the news indicated that this fourth dynasty espoused justice and impartiality . Because of that, many races who were oppressed by the other three dynasties, and struggling to survive as a result, made the decision to change .

Within a month, it was common knowledge that Emperor Yang Qi of the Sage Monarch Empire had many treasures from the Halls of Heaven, which meant his people would never lack for resources .

To most people in the god world, resources were the key to everything . A race of people needed to be wealthy to prosper, but unfortunately, any group that gathered wealth would eventually have it taken away by the three dynasties . How could any group possibly reach the point of being able to rival those three empires?

There were many peoples that the three dynasties had persecuted to the point where they hovered on the brink of extinction .

The truth was that the three dynasties didn’t prefer to slaughter other groups, but rather to control them and take their resources . Any group that didn’t have resources would be living on borrowed time .

Unfortunately, doing things that way led to inferior destiny, and would also foster resentment . Over the past billions of years of history, the three dynasties had learned that the hard way . When they conquered a people, there would be many deaths . As for the people who were captured and enslaved, they would hate the dynasty down to their bones . And later, when such a slave encountered good fortune and got strong, they would inevitably lead rebellions that would harm the dynasty .

Such things had happened too many times to count .

Not even the most powerful wielder of magic could prevent such things from happening .

However, they wouldn’t happen to Yang Qi .

It wasn’t that he could prevent the people of his empire from encountering good fortune . But his sage monarch magistrates would ensure that everything happened peacefully .

Ultimately, the three dynasties had ended their tactic of conquering other peoples with war, and seizing their resources . It led to less resentment and less chaos among the slaves .

But the enslaved people were still stuck, and could only watch as their numbers slowly shrank .

However, Yang Qi’s fourth dynasty abounded with resources, so all those struggling people longed to join him .

In the month it took for the news to spread like wildfire, numerous people flocked to his empire, causing the destiny to surge wildly . And it wasn’t just humans who wanted to join him . There were demons, devils, godlings, and even beings that existed only in spirit form .

Yang Qi didn’t discriminate against anyone .

There were limitations on other dynasties . The first related to resources, and the second related to governance . But neither applied to Yang Qi . He had immense resources, and the sage monarch magistrates to manage everything .

Furthermore, as his destiny increased, so did the sage monarch magistrates . Not too long ago, he had possessed a hundred million of them . But now he had a hundred and thirty million . Unfortunately, he still couldn’t get them all to the level of peak Paramount Gods . If he could, it would be vastly easier to manage his empire .

That breakthrough would be very difficult; essentially, he had to have the complete Mahātmā Jade before it could happen .

The Lord of the Sword Dao was now in a completely hopeless state . During the month that had passed, the increases Yang Qi had experienced had pushed his psychic scale to the level of ninety billion . The Lord of the Sword Dao couldn’t even utter anything disrespectful, only foster rebellious thoughts in his heart . However, such thoughts couldn’t last long before they were detected and he was wracked with pain . In the end, all he could do was put on a cheerful front and comply with any orders that were given to him .

Yang Qi had already begun the process of turning him into an out-of-body incarnation . The two of them would essentially fuse, then he could turn him into a weapon to use against the top experts of the other dynasties .

Yang Qi was causing a stir in the god world the likes of which hadn’t been seen in billions of years . A new age was beginning .

The time of the Sovereign Lord could be considered the primeval age .

The time of the three dynasties was like the middle ages .

But now that Yang Qi had founded his fourth empire, the future had come . A true future . And it was going to bring him incredible destiny .