Chapter 767: 767

Chapter 767: Equally Matched

The second weekend in April .

The morning silence in North America was disrupted by a newspaper headline .

A striking newspaper headline on the Washington Post shocked everyone .

[Major breakthrough in the Ares program! Life support system has landed successfully! A new era of space exploration is coming!]

The Washington Post was the largest and most authoritative newspaper in America, ahead of The New York Times . They played an important role in the Watergate scandal . They were also far more reliable than other media outlets .

White-collar workers were usually uninterested in newspapers, but after they saw this eye-catching headline, they couldn’t help but fork out a dollar and stuff the newspaper into their briefcases .

The freshly-printed newspapers were all sold out!

The Washington Post had to urge their printing factory to print millions of newspapers and quickly send them to major newsstands and sales outlets .

South of the San Francisco bay area, near Silicon Valley .

A couple of hungover office workers were eating breakfast at a diner, and some retired old men sat around them . They were clearly here to kill time .

A white man sitting on the counter muttered quietly to himself while reading a newspaper . He reached out, grabbed his old friend, and spoke in disbelief .

“Hey, did you hear? Space-X’s BFR rocket delivered the life support system to Mars!”

“Jesus… That’s crazy!”

“I know! But that’s not all, I heard that the new BFS spacecraft has been equipped with BFR rockets . Space-X has already submitted its launch plan to NASA . Elon Musk is going to put a man on Mars!”

“That sounds interesting . Maybe we’re on the verge of a revolution . We should pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate . ”

“Oh, please not, it’s too early to get drunk . ”

“Haha, who cares? For America!”

Soon after, the diner waitress brought over some beers .

A hungover man was woken up by a loud television near the bar counter . He opened his eyes . When he heard the conversation next to him, he held up his wine glass and spoke .

“For America… Cheers!”

On the other hand, the host of the morning news broadcast was reporting on the football game last night when he was handed a manuscript . Immediately, he had a joyful expression on his face .

“Breaking news… According to NASA, the BFR rocket launched last month has successfully reached Mars and delivered the life support system .

“This is all so sudden, allow me to take a deep breath…” The host took several deep breaths, looked at the camera, and said, “I can’t believe it! We did it!”

The Americans weren’t the only ones who were shocked by the BFR rocket .

After NASA made the official announcement on its website, the news that the life support system successfully landed on Mars spread across the world .

Space-X immediately held a press conference, which was hosted by famous engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk . He spoke to the public on Space-X’s role in the Ares program and how the legendary Space-X BFR super rocket was able to send a 25-ton payload to Mars .

Musk was wearing a black suit and a grey shirt . According to legend, he only had one outfit in his closet .

Musk spoke passionately .

“… The life support system is just the first step of Ares . We will eventually send people to Mars, and humans will become a multi-planetary species .

“One day, people of all gender, nationality, and age will have the chance to travel and live on Mars…

“The future is here…

“Thank you, everyone!”

The moment he finished speaking, the conference venue erupted in applause .

After the press conference .

After the news that Space-X successfully landed its rocket on Mars, the Space-X stock price shot up like a rocket .

Not just that, but Blue Origin, which was involved in the design of the life support system and other high-tech Silicon Valley aerospace companies, soared in value .

The space race seemed to be at an inflexion point .

With China’s lunar strategies on the rise, the United States once again demonstrated its unstoppable strength in the field of aerospace .

Even Lu Zhou had to admit that a 25-ton Mars delivery was indeed impressive .

After other international media outlets reported on the success of the BFR rocket, the BBC finally released its report .

After reporting on China’s Lunar Gateway space station, these British folks spoke objectively on the first phase of the Ares program .

“… Elon Musk’s Space-X has the potential to become the Maersk of the universe . If the Falcon 9 rocket is a small wooden ship, then the BFR is a metal steamship .

“Space-X’s never-ending exploration of technology clearly demonstrates their determination to be brave and courageous . We should look forward to their future endeavors in the field of technology and aerospace…

“It’s still too early to talk about these things, but if they keep up the momentum, Space-X could totally dominate the global aerospace transport industry .

“What’s interesting is that we noticed Professor Lu from China said in an interview that he would, ‘turn Star Sky Technology into a future interplanetary railway company’ .

“It seems like Star Sky Technology, which dominates more than 80% of China’s space launch missions, might be Space-X’s biggest competitor .

“The space race between China and America is gradually becoming more and more intense .

“The first phase of this fight seemed to end in a draw .

“Whether it’s China or America, both sides seem to have done well on their projects . They both seem to have tricks hidden up their sleeves .

“One is a world-renowned mathematician, the other is a world-class engineer and technology entrepreneur… Who is going to win this competition?”

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