Beauty and the Bodyguard

School Beauty Personal Bodyguard Beauty and the Bodyguard School Beauty's Personal Expert Xiào Huā De Tiē Shēn Gāo Shǒu 校花的贴身高手

Status : Ongoing

Genres : School Life , Romance , Martial Arts , Harem , Comedy , Action

Chapters: 1694

Last update: a year ago

4.5 /5

A peerless master from the mountains and a mysterious jade that can predict the futureOur MC Lin Yi is an ordinary high school student with a mission: to make the schools top beauty fall in love with him. Furthermore, this was assigned by her father.Although Lin Yi doesn't want to deal with the stuck up beauty, it is his elder's order, causing him to transfer into and becoming beauty's attendant. Thus, the story of the overpowered attendant becoming the schools beauty's personal bodyguard was born.

Beauty and the Bodyguard