Second Life Ranker - Chapter 439

Chapter 439 - Clan Establishment (3)

Boom! The explosions that filled the air were so loud that it felt like his ears would fall off . The Martial King was too strong; each step that he took made the ground quake, and each fist made storms gather . In his youth, before he’d gained the nickname “the Martial King”, he had been called “the Walking Disaster” . From the shockwaves each movement he made caused, Yeon-woo could understand why .

And now, he was stronger than he’d been back then . Yeon-woo was fending off his attacks with Vigrid, his Sky Wings spread wide, but that was the most he could do . His Draconic Eyes tracked the Martial King’s movements, but he didn’t have time to predict their path . He couldn’t even think about counterattacking, and the fight ended with him just barely holding on .

On the other hand, the Martial King looked relaxed the entire time . “Try a little harder . ” He was only demonstrating a part of his power . “Your abilities shouldn’t stop there . ”

Yeon-woo had heard this in the past before too . “I thought you were finally growing a little more useful now, but is this all you amount to? You’re still lacking . You have the vessel; why is this all you can do?” Back when he was in danger of being crushed by Allforone, the Demonism said this to him with his nose in the air . He wondered why this was the best Yeon-woo could do despite all that he had .

Technically, the Demonism was right . Yeon-woo had a unique trait that had never been seen in the Tower before—the Demonic Divine Dragon Body—and he had two Soulstones . Vieira Dune had managed to swallow Mother Earth with just one Soulstone . In comparison, Yeon-woo’s achievements were too pitiful . The Demonism had shown him how to use everything he had to fight . At the time, Yeon-woo had been strong enough to stand against Allforone .

Now, with another Soulstone and creation of the Stone of Sin, although his abilities hadn’t necessarily grown in proportion, he had more potential .

The Martial King saw this and wondered why Yeon-woo was so limited . The Martial King sought the most direct path and saw the greatest value in it . “You have the same problem as in the past . ” The Martial King smiled mischievously, but his eyes flashed sharply . “Your mental state doesn’t follow your body . ”

Yeon-woo was silent .

“It seems like you’ve artificially cobbled together the talent I spoke about and forced your different powers and skills to fit your body . However, you still have a long way to go . ”

Just as the Martial King pointed out, Yeon-woo had been trying to find a way to fit his powers and skills together into a complete whole . However, he hadn’t done any self-cultivation after the Five Mountains of Penances on the twentieth floor .

“There’s only one thing you can try . ”

“What is it?”

The Martial King grinned playfully . “You have to force it out . ”

Yeon-woo was dumbfounded . A teacher’s job was to guide an inadequate disciple, and it seemed as though the Martial King was trying to express this . However, Yeon-woo couldn’t help feeling like the Martial King was getting a kick out of making him suffer .

Yeon-woo instinctively tried to turn back . Boom! The Martial King made the ground shake . The sky and the earth trembled as though he were the only being in the world . Eight exact clones of the Martial King appeared as though a snake had shed its skin . They ran around in different directions .

It was Nascent Soul Body, the superior art of the shadow that Waltz had demonstrated in the Dragon Labyrinth, but the Martial King’s bodies looked even more realistic than Waltz’s . Chhhh . The skill Nine Grade Lotus Throne allowed nine different steps to appear at the same time, and the Martial Kings spoke in resonant tones as they surrounded Yeon-woo .

“Even one . ”

“Was hard enough . ”

“But nine feels like death, hm?”

“That’s why I did it . ”

The Martial King’s Nascent Soul Bodies giggled, pressuring Yeon-woo as they released different arts simultaneously, activating the Eight Secret Skills of the Eight Extreme Fists . Rumble!

Yeon-woo twisted to avoid the fists flying towards his face and barely managed to deflect the hand that aimed at his waist . Clang!

Vigrid cried out like it was going to break . Yeon-woo’s hand felt like it was going to fall off . However, as soon as he saw the grinning Martial King’s face, he realized that the Martial King had planned this all along . Behind him, two Martial Kings attacked . Boom .

One used Blast combined with Arhat Eighteen Palms, and the other used Winds with Tiger Quake . Eighteen shadow hands covered Yeon-woo’s head, and a sharp tiger’s claw flew towards his waist . He used the Wave of Fire to prevent the Martial King from holding onto him and quickly spun around, shooting Fire Lightning .

[Heaven Bracket -Flame Wheel]

[Wave of Fire]


The sky split, and lightning instantly ripped the shadow hands apart . Yeon-woo folded his wings and dashed forward among the bolts .

[Wind Path - Gale]

[Heaven Bracket - Shinmokryeong]

[Palgwae Swords - Secret Skill Shooting]

He used Wind Path to blast out gales that amplified his attack and focused the strength of Heaven Bracket onto Vigrid before brandishing it . Different skills, arts, and Mugongs gathered as one to stop the Martial King’s hand .

Clang . Although the Martial King wasn’t using a weapon the sound of steel against steel rang out . The Martial King who was using Tiger Quake didn’t stop and pressed forward, making three consecutive punches with Orbit mixed with Seasonal Abyss, a special art of the Martial King that was created by the addition of a secret skill and a Mugong . Each punch could easily crush Yeon-woo and bent space with their force, creating jet streams and sonic booms in their wake .

Boom! Yeon-woo managed to block the first attack with Vigrid, but the impact left his hand broken, his bones tearing through his skin . Crack . He realized that his shoulder had been dislocated . ‘How can a single strike be so powerful?’

It was impossible for him to be injured, considering how tough the Demonic Divine Draconic Body was . Vigrid was bent as though it would snap at any moment . If they clashed a few more times, Yeon-woo was sure his body would shatter into pieces . The Martial King was someone who could made the impossible happen with total ease .

Boom . There were still two attacks left: one heading towards Yeon-woo’s chest and the other to his right shoulder . Yeon-woo quickly flapped his wings in retreat, but the attack that exploded on his chest tossed Vigrid up to the sky . Even the activation of the 666 powers of death couldn’t stop the Martial King .

[Nergal is shocked that his powers have been destroyed so easily . ]

[Aesma-daeva watches the situation with close attention . ]

[Hel bites his nails with an anxious expression . ]

[All gods of death shake their heads . ]

[All demons of death look at your opponent with expressions of annoyance and fury . ]

[Vimalacitra watches your battle in amusement . ]

[Cernunnos narrows his eyes . ]

As Vigrid spun in the air, the final attack landed on Yeon-woo’s shoulder, pulling his arm down as blood spurted out . Yeon-woo’s right arm was torn right out of its socket . The attack was so intense that it could hardly be described as sparring . Yeon-woo’s eyelids quivered .

“They say a sword isn’t a part of your body and that it’s just a tool . Bullshit . If it’s in your hand, that makes it an extension of your hand . What else would it be? However, you have to be ready to throw it aside when the situation asks for it . ”

Yeon-woo gritted his teeth as the Martial King continued, “If your arm is cut off, will you offer your neck, too? Of course not . You have to fight well . Track everything with your eyes . ” The Martial King’s sharp gaze seemed to burn into Yeon-woo’s heart . “You shouldn’t treat a tool as your body, but use your body like a tool . ”

Like a tool . The words echoed in Yeon-woo’s head in a nagging way, but he couldn’t grasp them exactly . His thoughts were on a similar path: his skills, powers, and Mugong were just weapons to him . He hadn’t been precious with them and didn’t hesitate in merging them for various combat methods . People who were picky about martial arts were repulsed by this, but he didn’t blink an eye . He knew he was correct .

However, the Martial King was telling him that it wasn’t enough and to use his body as a weapon as well to achieve his goals . What was his goal? Wasn’t it simple? There was only one goal in a fight: ‘To take the life of your enemy . ’

Swish . He immediately turned to chase after the Martial King . Like a tool . Repeating the words in his head, he shot his left arm out to blast Lightning Strike . His Dragon Heart and the Philosopher’s Stone squeezed out magic power . Urrrrng . Whoosh . His body expanded and reddish-black scales appeared on his skin .

[5th-Step Dragon Body Awakening]

[All powers have been released . ]

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