Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 157

Chapter 157: 157

Chapter 157: The Fire (3)

This was an act of arson .

The tools used to commit the crime were all here .

The police officers began to investigate the scene when they arrived . They put the candle that had not melted completely as well as the plastic bottle that once contained vegetable oil into transparent bags . They were going to bring these items back to the bureau as evidence .

During the interview, Ye Tianxin gave the police Ye Youran’s name .

She would not stay mum on Ye Youran’s heinous crimes for her .

Since Ye Youran dared to commit arson, then she had to pay the price for her misconduct .

After the interview was done, the crime scene investigation ended .

There was nothing Ye Tianxin could do about the situation after this .

Guan Chenxi accompanied Ye Tianxin to the town’s hospital to deal with her burns .

It was a marketing day .

The people from neighboring villages had all gathered in the town . The fire last night naturally became the topic of conversation .

Ye Tianxin went to the town hall after she left the hospital .

She remembered that there were houses for rent in the town hall .

When Ye Tianxin arrived at the town hall hostels, she saw Di Shanshi about to enter .

He brought Ye Tianxin to talk with Mayor Di after hearing about her situation .

With Mayor Di’s help, Ye Tianxin and Grandmother managed to find a temporary accommodation .

The rented house had two bedrooms .

There was also some basic furniture .

The owner of the house went to the province to further his studies and would return a year later .

Ye Tianxin and Grandmother’s courtyard would be rebuilt by then .

Most of Ye Tianxin’s and Grandmother’s belongings had been burned . They had to buy a lot of new things .

Ye Tianxin gave Guan Chenxi some money and told her to purchase some daily supplies .

Then, Ye Tianxin returned to the courtyard . It had still been a homey place yesterday, but now, it was gone…turned to ashes . Everything was burned and damaged .

Ye Tianxin stood in the remnants of their old house and felt sad .

The computer and mobile phone Li Qingcang had given her had been damaged . A lot of the clothing he had bought for her was also ruined .

When Ye Tianxin went to Grandmother’s room, she saw Grandmother’s bed .

There was treasure under Grandmother’s bed . She had to find time to take those things away .

After taking those things away, she could hire a construction team to deal with the burned stuff and rebuild the courtyard .

Ye Youran had been in class when the police came to arrest her .

It was said that the entire class had been very shocked when Ye Youran had been taken away .

To the young boys and girls of about 18, committing arson was already a terrifying crime .

They couldn’t believe that Ye Youran could do such a thing . They wondered what would happen to her . No one knew if they would see Ye Youran again .

Auntie Zhu found Ye Tianxin and Grandmother at their rented house on the day Ye Youran was taken away . She went down on her knees in front of Grandmother .

“Auntie, please talk to Tianxin . Our Youran is a kind child . She just took things too hard recently . That’s why she…”

Grandmother closed her eyes . She, more than anyone else, hoped that Ye Tianxin and Ye Youran could get along well like sisters . It was a pity that did not happen .

She replied, “I will not help you talk to Tianxin . Please leave . ”

They had only managed to make it out safely . Thanks to Guan Chenxi .

What if Guan Chenxi had not been there?

She would have died .

She was so old that it did not matter if she had died .

But what about Tianxin?

She was in the prime of her life . What a pity it would be if she were to die!

Yes, Ye Youran was her grandniece, but Ye Tianxin was her granddaughter .

She knew clearly who was dearer to her .