Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 322

Chapter 322: Li Qingcang’s Caring (3)

She was fire .

He was a glacier .

Ye Tianxin, who was trembling, could only bury her head in Li Qingcang’s embrace .

Li Qincang reached out and gently brushed away the hair on Ye Tianxin’s face . He held her tightly in his arms, and his eyes were filled with worry .

‘Qie Yiyan, you f*cking idiot! It was all your fault,’ Li Qingcang thought . ‘Little Tianxin wouldn’t be having nightmares if it weren’t for you taking her to a deserted island!’

Ye Tianxin’s cotton nightgown was drenched in sweat . It stuck to her skin, revealing her curvy figure .

However, at this moment, Li Qingcang was only focused on making sure that Ye Tianxin was okay . She looked terrified .

“Tianxin, calm down . Don’t be afraid . I’m here . I won’t leave you,” Li Qingcang promised .

“Sleep well, my dear Tianxin . I’ll be here with you . ”

Li Qingcang’s voice was gentle and soothing . Ye Tianxin calmed down .

Li Qingcang heaved a sigh of relief and touched Ye Tianxin’s face . Her face was leaning against his chest, and her slender arms were tightly wrapped around his waist . She didn’t say a word .

“Have a nice dream . ”

A few minutes passed when Li Qingcang saw Ye Tianxin sleeping peacefully . Her face looked angelic, as if she didn’t have a nightmare earlier .

Only then did he realize that he and Ye Tianxin was too intimate .

His gaze landed on Ye Tianxin’s face uneasily . A cold liquid flowed down from the tip of his nose and dripped onto Ye Tianxint’s neck .


Li Qingcang panicked and quickly wiped the blood from his nose .

His nose usually bled when the weather was humid . He must have been too busy recently to notice that the weather changed .

However, Li Qingcang did not expect that the more he wiped, the more his nose bled .

He could only gently laid Ye Tianxin down . Then, he covered his nose, which was still bleeding, and went to the bathroom . After cleaning up his nose, he went up to the attic and wiped Ye Tianxin’s face and neck with a wet towel .

When he was done, he quietly stood up when Ye Tianxin hugged his arm tightly and refused to let go .

Li Qincang decided it would be best to sleep beside Ye Tianxin .

Ye Tianxin was sleeping at ease, while Li Qincang could not fall asleep at all . He was thinking of Ye Tianxin’s delicate face and her fair skin .

Li Qingcang took a deep breath and started to recite the regulations and rules in his mind . He thought it would help him fall asleep .

Every term of these regulations and rules was so boring, yet he memorized it word for word .

At some point, Li Qincang finally fell asleep .

Then Li Qincang had a dream .

In his dream, he was on a mission, arriving in a tropical rain forest .

He lost his way in the rainforest .

Unconsciously, he arrived in front of a lake . The scenery by the lake was extremely beautiful . He scooped up a handful of water, washed his face, and then sat on the rocks by the lake to rest .

Suddenly, a fairy-like beauty emerged from the lake and stood with her back to him . Her long hair reached her waist . Her fair skin glowed like jade under the sunlight .

His heart skipped a beat in surprise . The beautiful figure seemed quite familiar, but he couldn’t call to mind where he had seen her before .

The woman was like some mysterious fairy . She dived into the lake and disappeared without a trace . Li Qingcang wondered where she went .