Shock! The Spell Is In English! - Chapter 372

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A low-level civilian Horned Frog? Even if Spender’s family couldn’t solve the problem, as the village chief, Lilian should have prepared a good original source beast for Spender, right? After all, the higher Spender’s future salvation was, the higher Lilian’s income as the village chief would be. This was what Shawn couldn’t understand.

“Hehe, I also have a headache about this…” Lilian began to tell Spender’s story with a bitter smile.

Spender was obsessed with source beasts when he was young, so he pestered his father to buy him a source beast as a companion.

However, because of his family’s financial situation, Spender’s father did not have the money to buy a high-quality source beast infant. In order not to disappoint his child, and also in order to buy a source beast that would not harm the child, Spender went to buy a low-priced Horned Frog tadpole infant.

Spender was only about 12 years old at the time, and the innate spiritual spark in his body had not formed yet, so he could not form a contract with the source beast.

Without the protection of a contract, the common source beasts were wild and difficult to tame, and it was very easy to hurt the fragile Spender. Therefore, Spender’s father, who doted on his son very much, decided to buy a baby Horned Frog tadpole for Spender as a companion.

Horned Frogs had already become food for the general public. Most of them were kept in captivity by humans, and there were fewer wild individuals.

Horned Frogs had been kept in captivity by humans for many years, and their wild nature had long been reduced to the greatest extent. Therefore, the baby Horned Frog tadpoles were very docile.

Moreover, Horned Frogs were originally used as common food ingredients. Therefore, a baby Horned Frog tadpole could be bought outside for only 50 silver coins.

It was very suitable for Spender’s father’s purchase standard, so Spender and the Horned Frog grew up together from a small tadpole larva to a Horned Frog adult step by step. The two had been inseparable since they were young.

Spender continued to work hard and finally obtained the right to be a good son. Spender’s father prepared a high-level civilian source beast cub as his initial contract object.

However, Spender directly refused. Spender ignored the objections of others and directly signed a contract with the Horned Frog, who was close to him.

Later, everyone found out that Spender had feelings for the Horned Frog, so they no longer tried to persuade him to break the contract and sign a new source beast.

Moreover, Spender and his partner, the Horned Frog, had worked tirelessly together and gradually became stronger and stronger, proving it to the entire village.

“That’s too inspiring! That’s too hot-blooded! The loyal Spender! I never thought that Spender and the Horned Frog would have such a bond,” Toran shouted excitedly, clenching his fists. It was obvious that he was moved by Spender’s persistence and his story of how he valued friendship and loyalty.

Everyone around, including Eddie, couldn’t help but nod their heads. They were all very positive about Spender’s personality and Beast Master talent.

The camera switched back to the arena. Naturally, Spender didn’t know what the others were discussing about him. He still said to Austin with a cold expression, “You’re too careless. I advise you not to underestimate any of your opponents.”

Austin removed the honest smile on his face, he cupped his fists and thanked Spender sincerely. “Brother Spender, you’re right. I’ve indeed made a huge mistake. I really shouldn’t have underestimated anyone. Thank you for your reminder, Brother Spender. Austin thanks you here!”

Spender clearly saw that Austin did not take his Horned Frog to heart from the start. However, it was understandable. Horned Frogs were not considered outstanding source beasts. Most people would not be able to raise their spirits and treat them seriously when facing such an enemy.

Austin was very clear that he had lost because he had underestimated his opponent. He always wanted to quickly resolve the battle and put himself in a disadvantageous position. Therefore, he did not feel any displeasure at Spender’s kind reminder, instead, he expressed his gratitude with gratitude.

Spender looked at Austin and thanked him. A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as he said, “Well, then let’s continue the match. I’m going to win this match!”

Austin returned to his simple and honest smile and said, “Who will win and who will lose? It’s not certain.”

Although Spender reminded him and made Austin feel grateful, it did not mean that Austin was going to give up the victory. Even though he was at a disadvantage in the first exchange, Austin still felt that he wouldn’t lose.

The Beast Master’s battle continued.

“Horned Frog, Stun Frog Cry!”

After Spender gave the order to the Horned Frog, he covered his ears. The Horned Frog’s bulging belly was no longer hardened, and it immediately opened its mouth to let out a sharp frog cry.

The high-frequency croak spread in all directions. The first to be affected was the injured Savage Fang Hound. The Savage Fang Hound closed its eyes in pain, its muscles twitching involuntarily, the Horned Frog’s intimidating croak was constantly tormenting the Savage Fang Hound’s muscles and nerves, making it feel weak all over.

If the Savage Fang Hound was like this, then Austin, who was a human, wouldn’t be able to do it. Austin covered his ears tightly with both hands. He felt as if the bones in his body were trembling, and he was a little dizzy from the giant frog’s croak.

‘Damn it, he wants to use the Horned Frog’s cry to further weaken the injured Savage Fang Hound. At the same time, it can also affect my judgment as a Beast Master,’ Austin thought to himself as he covered his ears tightly. At the same time, cold sweat unconsciously dripped down from his forehead, he tried his best to calm himself down and think of a countermeasure.

The Horned Frog’s intimidating frog cry continued for a short period of time before it stopped. The Savage Fang Hound’s body on the field swayed, clearly confused by the Horned Frog’s frog cry. The muscles in its body were also affected by the Horned Frog’s cry to the point that it couldn’t exert any strength.

The Savage Fang Hound could not even dodge the attack for a short period of time, let alone fight back. Naturally, Spender would not let go of such an excellent opportunity.

“Horned Frog, Water Bullet!”

The Horned Frog once again condensed the power of the water element. A few water balls quickly formed around its body. The water balls directly attacked the Savage Fang Hound’s body. This time, the water bullet had deliberately aimed at it, so its hit rate was very accurate.

At this moment, it was already difficult for the Savage Fang Hound to make the correct dodge. It was about to be hit by the water bullet. With its previous injuries, the Savage Fang Hound’s body could no longer withstand a few water bullet attacks.

“Xiao Man, immediately use Bloodthirsty Frenzy!” Austin did not use his source energy to give an order. He directly shouted at his Savage Fang Hound.

[Bloodthirsty Frenzy: At the cost of sacrificing most of your rationality, you can obtain powerful strength for a short period of time. You will not be affected by pain or fear, allowing the user to become more valiant and skilled in battle. After a period of time, you will fall into a weakened state.]

Under such circumstances, Austin’s shout was very wise. Although it directly exposed his intentions, it was easier to warn the Savage Fang Hound than using source power. At the same time as giving the command, he would wake up the dazed Savage Fang Hound.

As expected, after hearing its master’s shout, the Savage Fang Hound’s blurred eyes instantly became clear. Following that, its pitch-black pupils were directly replaced by a blood-red color. Its body, which had been in constant pain due to its previous injuries, no longer trembled, the pain was weakened by the bloodthirsty fighting spirit.

In a short moment, the Savage Fang Hound’s body began to be surrounded by a few tiny blood mists. Its fangs and sharp claws also became deep and long, and its body also became stronger and stronger, these changes instantly allowed the Savage Fang Hound to break away from its listless state.

After recovering, the Savage Fang Hound instinctively felt the threat of the water bullets, and without any hesitation, it directly dodged to the side. Although it had avoided most of the water bullets, because it had used bloodlust berserk and missed the best opportunity to dodge, the Savage Fang Hound was still hit by the two water bullets.

Pa! Pa!

The water bullets made a clear sound when they hit the Savage Fang Hound’s body. The water bullets attack was a high-speed water ball. When the water ball hit the opponent’s body, it would explode. The water bullets hit the side of the dog’s body, the parts that were hit began to cave in. The fur on the Savage Fang Hound’s body started to explode and blood started to ooze out.

Although water-type source skills were considered the least offensive among elemental attacks, Horned Frogs were able to deal considerable damage with their highly proficient water bullets, almost injuring the Savage Fang Hound’s bones.

The Savage Fang Hound did not let out a painful howl. Bloodlust had weakened the feeling of pain in its body. Right now, its eyes were filled with endless fury and a terrifying killing intent.

“Roar…” Under the low growl, the Savage Fang Hound opened its mouth and revealed its sharp beast teeth. Its teeth were even filled with sticky saliva. The expression on its face gradually became ferocious and filled with killing intent.

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