Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Shameless or An Idiot?

“Do I look stupid to you?! If I don’t use poison, then I might as well wait for death!” Ling Chuxi snarled, glaring at Qiu Gaohe viciously . ‘They’re allowed to outnumber us, but I can’t use poison? Is he shameless or an idiot?’

Ling Chuxi appeared calm on the outside, but she was silently fuming . Controlling the Qi of True Essence was much more difficult compared to controlling Battle Qi; just one attack had consumed almost half of the Qi of True Essence in her body . Luckily, she had been able to scatter the poisonous powder and take out the other party, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to escape with them swarming her like angry bees .

It truly didn’t hurt to have useful skills .

“Quickly remove the poison!” Chu Fengyun roared angrily at Qiu Gaohe . The few that had been poisoned were some of the strongest experts of Wu Feng Hall, aside from him . Even a single death would be a great loss .

Qiu Gaohe immediately took out pills and gave them to the people to swallow . Those who had been poisoned recovered slightly, but their wounds were so horrifying that nobody wanted to look at them .

“Kill her first!” Chu Fengyun hollered as he exchanged blows with Mo Kongyuan . An expert of the realm of True Essence and a few top experts of Wu Feng Hall were actually unable to take down a little brat who had just entered the realm of True Essence! He really did not know where the cultivation they had been practicing all these years had gone to .

At Chu Fengyun’s order, the crowd of experts from Wu Feng Hall were forced to cautiously approach Ling Chuxi . However, seeing the suffering and agony their comrades had experienced, they felt uneasy .

Even Qiu Gaohe was perturbed . The greater one was at using poison, the more they understood the dangers of it . Seeing others in a situation where they wished they were dead but could not die due to poison, he was now terrified that he might fall to the same ending .

“Ah, you all are truly people of Wu Feng Hall, being unafraid of such a powerful poison . You all don’t have to worry though, I have even more powerful ones . Want to try them all?” Ling Chuxi forced herself to stay calm as she spoke with a wicked smile . Secretly, she was desperately circulating her Qi of True Essence . With the little bit left in her body, she might only be able to handle two or three Great Fulfilment Pinnacle stage experts .

Seeing Ling Chuxi’s confident smile, everyone subconsciously slowed down . Even more powerful poisons? Could it be that the one just now was not even considered powerful?

“Ren Youran, attack!” Seeing them hesitate, Chu Fengyun shouted at Ren Youran furiously .

Although Mo Kongyuan could handle Chu Fengyun’s set of martial arts techniques, he wouldn’t be able to win against him in such a short period of time . If not for Ling Chuxi’s safety, Mo Kongyuan would have escaped a long time ago . If things continued like this, Ling Chuxi might be the one who escaped first!

Chu Fengyun scowled . Qing Fengyun was certainly targeting Mo Kongyuan, but the one he really wanted was Ling Chuxi . Therefore, neither of them should even dream of leaving this place alive .

Ren Youran was forced to concentrate and lead the attack on Ling Chuxi . Although the people behind him also moved at the same time, they were much slower than him, and everyone knew why .

Ling Chuxi waved her hand and the Qi of True Essence collided with Ren Youran’s Battle Qi mid-air, emitting a muffled ring .

“Ah!” Ren Youran let out a miserable wail, not daring to approach Ling Chuxi anymore . He quickly retreated, holding his chest as if he was greatly injured .

Ling Chuxi snorted gleefully when she saw him . His acting skills were pretty good, so how could she not give her own performance?

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