Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 599

Chapter 599: Skilled at Acting

“Shameless!” The members of Wu Feng Hall knew Ren Youran was just putting on an act, and silently cursed him .

However, their expressions changed when they saw Ren Youran’s face turning green as he rolled on the ground, wailing as he clawed at his own face . Everything else could be faked, but his face that was greener than something colored with oil paint could definitely not be faked .

It was clear that Ren Youran had also been poisoned .

Even those who had been standing just a bit closer were all poisoned by the explosion of Battle Qi, and were also rolling on the ground and scratching at their faces .

On the mountain peak, agonized cries rang out once again .

With this, no one dared to approach Ling Chuxi anymore . Even Qiu Gaohe felt guilty and secretly thanked his lucky stars . If not for those few people from Wu Feng Hall getting poisoned first, he might have been unable to defend himself against Ling Chuxi’s invisible poison .

“Should I risk using my all to kill her or should I just wait first?” Qiu Gaohe also hesitated . Reputation was important, but his life was even more important .

“You’re all worthless! If you don’t kill her today, I will cut all of you into pieces!” Seeing his fearful subordinates, Chu Fengyun became so angry that his entire body started to shake .

“How could I, a subordinate of Wu Feng Hall, be afraid of death? I’ll fight you!” Seeing Chu Fengyun’s rage, the others could only launch another attack .

Ling Chuxi concentrated and waited, then scattered an invisible poisonous powder once again .

However, what happened next left even Ling Chuxi stunned . Before they could even exchange blows, the person leading the attack grabbed his chest and let out a groan, quickly retreating with a pitiful wail . He threw back his head and cried out, “A True Essence expert is indeed deserving of their reputation!” The person coughed and dry-heaved, panting and gasping .

Ling Chuxi blinked, perplexed . ‘I haven’t even used True Qi and you’re gasping this much . Your acting skills are even better than the one before you!’

‘So skilled!’ The others looked at the person with seemingly worshipful gazes and also started attacking in the same manner, learning from him .

This time, as long as Ling Chuxi waved her hand, they would immediately clench their chests and cry out before hastily retreating . In order to not affect their companions, they did not even dare to use Battle Qi .

It was truly a strange scene: A number of experts of the realm of Great Fulfilment surrounded a young maiden, jumping up and down as they wailed pitifully . They even pretended to gasp for air .

Ling Chuxi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and couldn’t even be bothered to scatter the poisonous powder anymore . All she had to do was wave her hand and people would fly backwards, gasping and panting non-stop .

This was probably Ling Chuxi’s most relaxed fight ever, even though her opponents were all experts . Ling Chuxi stared at them, a complicated feeling rising in her heart . Should she be proud or should she laugh?

In the beginning, Chu Fengyun was quite satisfied hearing those fearless roars . However, the more he heard them, the more he felt like something was wrong . No matter how strong Ling Chuxi’s cultivation was, she could not battle so many top experts alone . There were even a few experts of the Qiu family there too .

When he turned to look at what was happening, Chu Fengyun became so angry that his nose almost turned crooked . How was this a battle between life and death?! Even children playing house was more serious than this!

What infuriated him the most though was not the people of Wu Feng Hall, but that old toad Qiu Gaohe! At such a critical moment, he was still putting on an act as he squatted down and pretended to tend to the wounded, looking as if he was entirely focused on the task at hand .

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