Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 574

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The increase in his spiritual power had allowed him to improve in all aspects. Lan Xuanyu could vaguely feel that if his spiritual power could rise to the Spirit Abyss realm, it would be another leap for his entire body. At that time, he should be able to try out a fusion skill of three or even four elements. Of course, the prerequisite was that he had to have four rings.

Lan Xuanyu’s current soul power had reached rank 38, and his goal was to break through to the four-ring realm next semester.

With the help of the Emperor Fruit, his Dragon God bloodline had increased substantially, and he was no longer anxious about increasing his soul power. The most important thing was to accumulate sufficient strength. It was more beneficial for him to break through one barrier after another. Hence, most of the first years had already broken through to four-ring, and there were even a few who had broken through to five-ring. He was still the one with the lowest soul power cultivation in the entire class.

The last trip to the Elven Planet was a huge improvement for all the first years. The benefits that a true 10,000-year Spirit Soul could bring them were long term. At the very least, they would benefit greatly before having their seventh ring.

Lan Xuanyu quietly sensed the distorted elemental fluctuations around him, especially the existence of the space element. He gradually entered a meditative state.

He was most curious about the spatial element at the moment. He was envious of Nana’s ability to teleport over from a distance. Also, the Thorn Dragon told him that if he wanted to teleport the Vajra Baboon to his side, he had to control the spatial element. That was a 90,000-year Vajra Baboon, and it was extremely powerful!

But even so, with Vajra Strength, his strength had increased substantially.

After an unknown period of time, as the space around their bodies distorted and disappeared, everyone woke up from their meditation.

When they opened their eyes, the distorted light outside the window had completely disappeared and was replaced by a strange scene.

A gigantic planet filled their field of vision. It was completely different from what they had imagined; this planet was made up of green and blue.

They had seen a completely green planet like the Elven Planet before, but from what they could see, this planet was indeed much bigger than it. There was also a large patch of blue between the large patches of green. There was a very beautiful blue sky, as though there were huge pieces of sapphire embedded on this planet.

So beautiful!

This was the most beautiful planet they had ever seen, and it was even more beautiful than looking down at the Mother Planet from space.

Was this Sin City ? It simply looked like paradise!

“Just as you think, the people living here call this place Heaven Planet. Only our Federation calls it Sin City.” Deng Bo’s voice resounded.

Lan Xuanyu squinted his eyes and thought to himself, ‘Seems like there are two sides to everything. Isn’t this the case for the planet right in front of us?’

If they hadn’t come here, who would have thought that the legendary Sin City could be so beautiful? The greenery covered such a large area.

“In fact, I can tell all of you the current consensus. All the planets with higher life levels have extremely abundant life energy, which is beneficial to the survival of all species. Heaven Planet is far less developed than our Mother Planet, so it is the moment when its life energy is at its peak. Our Mother Planet has gone through evolution to reach god-rank, and this place is already at god-rank. It is a true treasure in the universe. Also, since we have arrived here, from now on, all of you can only call it Heaven Planet. It is taboo to call it Sin City here.”

The warship slowly moved in the direction of Heaven Planet. As the planet got closer, the excitement in Lan Xuanyu and the others’ hearts began to increase. They could already feel that the air in the warship was filled with life energy. This was undoubtedly the life energy from Heaven Planet. This was truly a beautiful place!

Deng Bo sighed softly and said, “The Federation is actually always thinking of occupying this place. So, all of you must be careful and not expose your identities. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move in Heaven Planet. All of you must remember that from now on, we are a small space pirate group. The name of the pirate group is Meteorite. The Meteorite pirate group. I am the commander, Lan Xuanyu is the vice commander, and the rest are members. If anyone doubts your age, you don’t have to bother. This is a strange world, but of course, it is also a free world. There is no order here, and strength is order.”

The warship trembled slightly and it was time to pass through the atmosphere. As the exterior gradually turned red, the planet before them became clearer.

All of a sudden, the warship shook and everything became stable. They had already passed through the atmosphere and entered Heaven Planet.

The warship’s air circulation system was activated and brought in the air from the outside world. Immediately, a familiar and rich life aura spread throughout the entire warship cabin, making one feel carefree and relaxed.

‘So comfortable! This feeling of being filled with life energy is the best.’ This was what everyone thought.

As they got closer to the ground, what surprised Lan Xuanyu and the rest was that there warship was actually flying towards a dense forest.

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Deng Bo said, “All space pirates’ spaceships have to stop at the Green Sea. They are not allowed to enter the city, and after stopping, they have to go to the city by themselves. Also, there are no means of transportation. This is also a rule of Heaven Planet.”

Lan Xuanyu: “How do we stop in the forest?”

Deng Bo said, “You’ll know once you get closer. The meaning of this rule is that whoever becomes wanted on Planet Heaven will need time to escape on a warship. Other than taking off and landing, warships on Heaven Planet are absolutely prohibited from flying. No spacecraft is allowed to be used. Only spacecrafts specially approved by the seven city lords can do so. This is the only restriction on this free planet and also the foundation of the seven city lords’ rule over the planet. Otherwise, it would be too easy for chaos to occur with pirates all over. There is no order, but there are restrictions.”

Everyone then realized that this place was indeed different from the rest!

As expected, when the warship got closer to the surface of the planet, they realized that in the dense forest, there were large lawns that resembled a football field. There were already warships parked on some of the lawns. Their warship slowly descended under the guidance of the navigation system and finally landed on a lawn, stopping steadily.

To Lan Xuanyu and his team, the duration of this trip wasn’t considered long, it could even be said to be a little short. It was only five days, but the five days on the warship was equivalent to giving them a new lesson. At least until now, they felt that this trip wasn’t wasted.

The warship stopped and the outside world was completely silent. There were no buildings either.

The moment the cabin door opened, Lan Xuanyu immediately felt the same feeling he had when he first arrived on the Mother Planet. The dense life energy immediately rushed over and mixed with the fragrance of the plants, causing all the pores on his body to open up. It was an indescribable comfort.

The others felt the same way.

Deng Bo said, “Everyone, bring your rations. It will take us about three days to reach the nearest city. Be careful on the way and don’t get close when you encounter other space pirates. Follow me closely.” With that said, he was the first to get off the warship.

The others followed behind him with military biscuits and a portable compressed energy bar.

However, Lan Xuanyu and his team were tired of eating these things. The only thing on the warship that was inferior to a civilian spacecraft was probably food. There were only the simplest liquid energy bars and compressed biscuits. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t have any taste at all. It was just to replenish the nutrients needed for the human body.

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