Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 575

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Chapter 575 – Bai Xiuxiu’s Craftmanship

After getting off the spacecraft, they understood what it meant to be primitive. The forest in front of them gave people the same feeling as when they were on the Elven Planet, and it was even more dense.

There were still roads in some parts of the forest on the planet, but this place was primitive and there were no roads at all.

A metal sword appeared in Deng Bo’s hand and he led the way, cutting through the thorns that blocked his way.

Lan Xuanyu and the rest didn’t know what kind of soul master this team leader was, but seeing that he wasn’t using any soul skills, they got even more curious.

Deng Bo seemed to know what they were thinking. He turned around and grinned. “It’s best to hide as much as possible here. Unless you guys are strong enough to intimidate others, don’t expose yourselves too early.”

“Yes,” Lan Xuanyu quickly replied. This was all experience! It was what they needed to learn the most.

Lan Xuanyu waved his hand gently and his teammates immediately separated, maintaining their usual battle formation.

Lan Xuanyu followed behind Deng Bo with Liu Feng and Tang Yuge on both sides. Yuanen Huihui and Lan Mengqin followed behind Lan Xuanyu. Qian Lei and Bai Xiuxiu were at the back, and everyone maintained a good formation.

Deng Bo merely glanced at them and smiled, not saying anything about their vigilance.

As they were only using blades to cut through the thorns, their speed was not fast. Along the way, they would encounter animals and wild beasts. It was different from what they had seen before. It could only be described as something similar to the animals on the Mother Planet.

After walking for a few hours, they did not encounter anyone else. Deng Bo found a relatively flat area and stopped. “Everyone, rest here. Eat something. We will be on our way again in an hour.”

As he spoke, he took out an energy bar and held it in his mouth as he looked around.

Lan Xuanyu said, “Team leader, no, captain. Can we increase our speed a little?” In the past few hours, they had been moving quite slowly.

Deng Bo said, “Don’t be anxious, we’re not at the acceleration zone yet. No energy fluctuations are allowed in the warship parking area, including soul power. Heaven Planet is tight on the outside and loose on the inside. We’ll be fine once we’re in the city.”

Bai Xiuxiu suddenly asked, “Commander, can we eat the wild beasts here ?”

Deng Bo was taken aback. He wouldn’t have found it strange if it was a boy asking this question, but he didn’t expect it from Bai Xiuxiu, this quiet and pretty girl.

“They are edible, but you can’t use soul power to hunt them. I haven’t tried it before. I heard that there are people who specialize in capturing these wild beasts and selling them in the city.”

Lan Xuanyu then asked, “Will there be danger in the forest such as soul beasts?”

Deng Bo shook his head and said, “At the very least, there isn’t in the warship docking area. I heard that there are some large wild beasts that are similar to soul beasts, but there is still a huge gap between them and soul beasts. So, there is also a Spirit Pagoda branch on Heaven Planet that relies on man-made Spirit Souls to improve.”

“There’s a Spirit Pagoda branch here too? The Federation allowed it?” Lan Xuanyu asked in surprise.

Deng Bo said, “What can we do if we don’t allow it? Those powerful space pirates have countless ways to infiltrate the Federation and buy Spirit Souls from the Spirit Pagoda. As for why the Spirit Pagoda is allowed to enter, I’m not sure. In any case, cats have their cat path and dogs have their dog path. We have our own ways.”

Right at this moment, Bai Xiuxiu suddenly charged into the forest. She was very fast and didn’t use her soul power, only relying on her own speed.

Not long later, she returned with a tree branch in her hand and two little beasts that looked like pheasants.

Lan Xuanyu was surprised. “Xiuxiu, what are you doing?”

Bai Xiuxiu smiled at him. “Improving my food diet ! I can’t take that energy bar anymore. We can light a fire here, right captain.”

Deng Bo was stunned. “I think so.”

They stopped next to a small stream that was very clear. In fact, Deng Bo had brought them along this stream previously and they had already drunk from it.

Bai Xiuxiu took the pheasant and walked to the riverside. No one saw how she did it and it was cleaned up in a few moves. Then, she skillfully started a fire and stuck the pheasant in a tree branch to roast.

Yuanen Huihui walked over and handed over bottles and jars from his storage bracelet. They were obviously seasonings.

“You guys have prepared everything!” It was Deng Bo’s turn to be surprised.

“Ahem, everyone likes to eat,” Lan Xuanyu said awkwardly. They indeed had a common interest. The weekly gatherings were not canceled because of their busy cultivation training. The shops in Shrek City’s Gourmet Street already knew them very well and many of the shops had discounts for them.

It didn’t take long before the fragrance of the meat wafted over. The fragrance turned from faint to rich and very quickly, it made one have the urge to drool.

After eating energy bars and compressed biscuits for five days, almost everyone was unable to resist this kind of real meat.

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Lan Xuanyu leaned over and watched as Bai Xiuxiu flipped the branch in her hand naturally and let the wild chicken spin. He couldn’t help but ask, “You can cook? Why didn’t I know about this ?”

Bai Xiuxiu glanced at him and smiled. “There is a lot you don’t know.”

“It smells so good.” Lan Xuanyu’s eyes lit up as the others gathered around.

Deng Bo also came over and looked at these children who were only in their teens. He thought to himself, ‘I didn’t expect their survival skills to be so good!’

The chicken meat was easier to roast and before long, the skin was charred yellow. Bai Xiuxiu pulled out a chicken leg and stuffed it into Lan Xuanyu’s hands while she pulled out a chicken wing.

The size of these pheasants wasn’t small, similar to the turkeys on the Mother Planet. Although there were quite a number of them, two was enough.

Lan Xuanyu took a bite of the chicken leg and was shocked. The golden chicken skin was crispy and the meat juices were overflowing. A rich fragrance filled his mouth. The chicken meat was fresh and tender and the heat was just right.

“Wow, Xiuxiu, you roasted it really well!” He praised sincerely.

“En,” Bai Xiuxiu replied. “Eat more if you like it.” With that, she removed another chicken leg and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Xiuxiu, this isn’t fair! There are only four chicken legs and you gave boss two of them,” Qian Lei laughed.

Bai Xiuxiu said in annoyance, “I roasted it, I’m willing. If you continue to talk nonsense, you’ll only have the chicken butt to eat.”

“Big sis, I was wrong.” Qian Lei had always been faster at admitting his mistake than flipping through a book.

Deng Bo watched as the seven people split the roasted chicken quickly and couldn’t help but move closer. Lan Xuanyu was about to hand over the chicken leg that he hadn’t eaten yet when he was pulled back by Bai Xiuxiu. She looked at him threateningly with her beautiful eyes, as though saying, “This is for you, you’re not allowed to give it to anyone else.”

Lan Xuanyu had no choice but to smile at Deng Bo. “Team leader, you can go ahead and serve yourself.”

Deng Bo did not stand on ceremony. He went over and tore a piece of chicken breast meat and gorged himself. Who would be willing to eat an energy bar instead of roasted meat…

Lan Xuanyu was a little full after eating two large chicken legs. He washed his hands in the stream and suddenly raised his head to look in a direction.

Deng Bo did the same. Not far from the other side of the river, a group of people walked out and looked in their direction.

It was a team of soldiers in black uniforms with soul guns in their hands. Furthermore, unlike ordinary people, they clearly had metal parts on their bodies. Some had metal legs while others had arms.

Before entering the wormhole and seeing the metal part on the bald pirate’s head, Lan Xuanyu had asked Deng Bo about it. He knew that this was a product of modern technology. Some people would implant soul devices into their bodies in order to increase their strength, allowing them to become a part of their body and achieve the goal of strengthening themselves. These people were known as cyborgs and the soul devices on their body were also known as implants.

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