Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life - Chapter 319

Chapter 319 – “Thank you for the reminder, big Huohuo~~” (2)
Huo Sishen squinted his black eyes .
She at least had something to say when it came to her adoptive parents; when it came to the Gu’s, she just briefly mentioned them .
Was it because she never really had any contact with them and never felt that they had cared for her?
“Mmm . ”
He nodded .
“I get it . No invitations to them . ”
He gave her the perfect answer .
“If they visit the island on their own, I will have security stop them and not let them get close to the resort . ”
Gu Shishi busted out laughing . “I don’t think we have to go that far . Maldives is a tourist area and they are free to go where they want . We just won’t be hosting them is all . ”
“Okay . ”
Huo Sishen nodded .
He even reached out and pressed his hand on her head quickly .
“Now go to bed .
“Old Mrs . Chen had confirmed that she will be there . And the Li’s as well . ”
Gu Shishi acknowledged him . There was still a smile on her .
He was the one who sent out the invitations but Uncle Li who punished Li Yiru and Old Mrs . Chen, her loyal fan, were the two whom she had personally requested for them to be invited .
She quite liked these two elderlies .
“Okay . I am turning in then, big Huohuo . ”
Siyi stretched out his neck, wanted to see the look on the two of them while they interacted . Unfortunately, Huo Sishen’s back blocked it all .
Gu Shishi, too, could not see him . Assuming that there was nobody in the room, she continued with her intimate nickname .
“By the way, we will head out to Maldives on the day off and will be staying there for a week .
“I will have Aunty Li help you pack as well . ”
Huo Sishen added .
“You let her know if you need anything . ”
Gu Shishi acknowledged that .
It was the day of the wedding when she noticed that the entire island seemed to have been reserved .
No strangers could be found on this hot tourist spot other than workers for the wedding and local works on the days of!
She also quickly came to the realization that the numbers of guests attending the wedding were a lot more than she had anticipated!
There was Zhou Mi, the girl whom she had helped with her body art, and her other girlfriends…
Li Yiru and her parents . Chen Kexin and her grandmother . And they even brought along with them a Chen’s nephew…
Old Mrs . Chen also brought along with her two close friends . They were said to be Old Mrs . Gu’s girlfriends, the two grandmothers from the Zhang’s and the Jia’s .
Surprisingly, Luo Zheng was there as well, along with a few of his bum friends .
Then there was Ling Xiaomei whom she had invited along with… maids, butler, Mr . Chef and his two apprentices, Siyi and Sier from the mansion .
That was right . This was the first time she met Sier .
As though doing it on purpose, the two of them wore identical, custom-made black suit and white shirt with sunglasses . Anyway one looked at them, they looked like securities on site .
“Miss Gu . ”
“Miss Gu . ”
The two said to her at the same time . Even the angle of their nod was almost identical .
Their height, the width of their shoulders, were almost identical .
Gu Shishi, “… … Good morning . Hmm, did you intend for me to figure out which one of you is Siyi?”
Siyi and Sier exchanged a look visibly .
“No, only if that’s what Miss Gu wish to do . ”
“No, only if that’s what Miss Gu wish to do . ”
Gu Shishi, “… …”
The tacit understanding between these two siblings was amazing!
While they were talking, Huo Sishen and Butler Lin were already walking toward her .
“Hi, Miss Gu, would you like a hint?”
Even Butler Lin, who has always had a straight face, was smiling today .
Huo Sishen, on the other hand, looked dumbfounded, surprised by the two identical faces .
Clearly, she couldn’t tell them apart either .
“You can just randomly make a guess, Miss Gu . It’s alright if you are wrong . Truth is, I get the two of them mixed up all the as well . ”
Butler Lin wanted to make the bride feel better .
“Young Master doesn’t allow them to dress identically normally . ”
Siyi and Sier cracked their mouths and smiled at the same time .
The two of them handled different work .
If people couldn’t tell them apart, mistakes could be made when relaying work to them and that could lead to mistakes and a decrease in efficiency .
Huo ChuChu shook her head as well . “I agree with my brother . ”