Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life - Chapter 320

Chapter 320 – “Thank you for the reminder, big Huohuo~~” (3)
After Gu Shishi had recollected herself from the initial shock, she had already circled the two brothers once with strong interest .
“Telling the two of you apart isn’t difficult . But what do we get if we are right?”
Both Siyi and Sier were taken aback a little by her question .
Behind them, nevertheless, came a deep voice .
“Whoever get it right can have one-month off . ”
Everybody turned around at the same time and was surprised to find out that owner of the voice was Huo Sishen, the man who never cared to mingle with anyone .
He offered to participate in a game?
Even Huo ChuChu was stunned speechless .
Quickly, she had a big, bright, and silly smile on her . She was so exciting that her speech was slurred . “Then can I, I join in too? I, I want to guess too!”
She was so excited that her cheeks were flushed .
How many years had it been since she had last chatted with her brother, let alone interacting with him!
Gu Shishi gave Huo ChuChu a pitiful look before she looked over at the boss who obviously didn’t think things through before he opened his mouth .
“A time-off reward is specific to your employees . Chuchu and I don’t work for you . It’s not like you pay us… …”
“I can pay . ”
Huo Sishen’s black eyes focused straight at her as he spoke .
Gu Shishi tightened her lips . She was very tempted!
Teaching classes every day could be quite tiring .
She was a creative person . With classes lined up year-round, her free time to create would be drastically reduced if she didn’t have the system .
“I will need the consent of the manager to take time off… …”
Huo Sishen glanced over in the direction of Siyi and Sier .
The two said simultaneously, “We’ll take care of that . ”
Gu Shishi was very pleased when she heard that . “Okay . Chuchu, you guess with me!”
Poor Little Sister Huo, she was so happy that she was at a loss .
“Okay, then, sister-in-law . You guess the one on the left is Siyi and I will take the one on the right . ”
Huo ChuChu nodded forcefully and said in a low voice .
“One of us might be right . ”
She was very smart .
She might have whispered to Gu Shishi but everybody there had good hearing .
They’ve all heard everything that she had said .
Siyi and Sier quickly swapped their position .
Huo ChuChu cried out loud . “You can’t do that . ”
“It’s fine . ”
Gu Shishi patted her calmly .
“Don’t worry . You just need to accept the vacation from your brother . ”
Having said that, Gu Shishi reached out and patted on the one standing closer to her . “This one, is Siyi!”
The two identical men shuddered at the same time .
“How did you do that, Miss Gu?”
“How did you do that, Miss Gu?”
“… …” Gu Shishi cleared her throat and gave them a casual smile . “I’m an artist . ”
Huo ChuChu’s eyes widened . “Sister-in-law is so awesome!”
Even Butler Lin was very impressed .
“Alright . I am going back to my room now . ”
Gu Shishi turned around right away and jogged over to the little beach nearby .
When she jogged past a certain someone, she slowed down a little .
Standing on her tip toes, her mouth cracked open .
“Thanks for the tip, Big Huohuo~~”
Huo Sishen pushed his lips out a little .
“Mmhmm . ”
The night before the wedding, the two bridesmaids were in charge of chitchatting .
The reason behind it was stress relief .
Gu Shishi had, in multiple occasions, expressed that she was not nervous .
She had already died once . So what was so troubling about marrying a quality boss?
If the Qin’s sisters were not there yakking nonstop, she would have been sound asleep by now .
Finally, even single girl Huo ChuChu joined in .
“Uh… what are you…?”
When Gu Shishi opened up the room door and saw Huo ChuChu with her long, black hair and looking very feminine, she was taken aback a little .
Had Huo ChuChu didn’t start talking or that she had a little mole next to her lips, everybody there would have thought that Huo Sishen had another sister .
A feminine sister – Huo ChuChu .
Her transformation had startled the Qin’s sisters and Gu Shishi .