Spending the Villain’s Money to Extend My Life - Chapter 323

Chapter 323 – “She was the woman who conquered the boss after all . ” (3)
“Are you not feeling well?”
Huo Sishen noticed her troubled look from afar, as though she had run into some difficulties .
He asked her softly .
Gu Shishi clenched her fist, placed it next to her lips, and cleared her throst .
“It’s nothing .
“I had some drinks last night . Probably just didn’t sleep very well . ”
Huo Sishen frowned a little .
“Just a little bit . I wasn’t even drunk . ”
Sharing a bottle between everyone, it wasn’t easy to get drunk .
Gu Shishi gestured it with her little finger .
Huo Sishen took and a look and nodded reluctantly .
But when the host came over to rehearse, he declined it out right .
“That won’t be necessary .
“We will just go for it tonight . ”
The host, who had prepared all sorts of interactive sections between the bride, the groom, and the guests, “? ? ?”
“Go get some sleep . ”
Huo Sishen took Gu Shishi away with him .
The host was frantic .
The twins next to him patted and comforted him . “You will get used to it . ”
Host, “… …”
What was he supposed to do?!
The ceremony was tonight and nobody want to rehearse for it!
That was unheard of!
“Then let’s have the bride’s father come walk down the axile . I’ll walk him through what he needs to be aware of . ”
“There is no bride’s father . ”
“… …? What about the groom’s parents?”
“There’s no groom’s parents . ”
“… …? !”
That night, when all the guests were seated .
Gu Shishi, who got her nap in the afternoon finally walked out being much anticipated by all .
As the wedding march began to play, she got nervous all of a sudden .
Looking at Huo Sishen, who was already waiting for her in the middle of the stage, her mind went blank .
How was she going to walk over there again?
She seemed to recall the host mentioning that she couldn’t just walk up there herself; she needed someone to take her there .
What else did he say?
She slept in the afternoon and, as soon as she got up, it was makeup… she was able to sneak in a bowl of bird nest soup that Huo ChuChu had brought her in between everything .
But, now, how was she going to get up onto the stage?
Looking at the host that was standing afar from her on the stage, she was about to start crying .
Sudden, a firm and steady hand reached over .
It was none other than Li Chengzheng, father of Li Yiru .
“Walk with me, Niece Gu .
“Young Master Huo had asked me to take on the role . ”
Her dad didn’t care for her .
But there were others who cared .
Huo Sishen turned around and saw Gu Shishi walking down the axile toward him in her all-white gown with her hand in Li Chengzheng’s arm .
While the host was saying, “Please give the bride to the groom,” Huo Sishen had already taken up Gu Shishi’s hand .
Li Chengjing smiled bitterly and the host was trying hard to hold himself together .
Loud applause had, however, started from below the stage .
“The groom is now invited… to speak . ”
The host had already given up .
He hasn’t even give the signal yet and the two had already walked over to the kiosk on their own .
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Huo Sishen didn’t even bother looking over at him .
He looked at the microphone that the host was handing over with resentment and raised his brows .
Gu Shishi knew that he was germophobic and was going to help him with it .
But Huo Sishen reached over and took it before she could .
All of a sudden, the venue quieted down .
Almost everyone there was aware of history behind Huo Sishen .
Many never expected that Huo Sishen, the one with the cursed fate, would be marrying a beauty one day .
Qin Ruhai, who had done everything within his power, and was finally able to arrive with his suitcase behind him at this moment, finally arrived at the resort and the scene in front of him made his eyes welled up .
“Hot dang… I’ve waited all these years and have yet to find myself a wife… How did a dead-fish face like him able to score himself such a delicate little wife! And dang, I had to work my @$$ off at work… Life is too unfair! This is nonsense! I haven’t even seen a pretty nurse in days… . FML!”