Starting With Contract Pets - Chapter 84

Upon seeing the food, the little fellow’s eyes gradually became less fierce . It then looked at Su Bai as if to ask, “Is this really for me?”

“Let go, and this will be yours . Nobody will snatch it from you,” he said gloomily . Had he hatched a hungry wolf?


The Little Tyrant let go of its owner and roared, urging him to feed it quickly .

“If you listen well to me, do you know how much you can eat in the future? I’m your partner, not your enemy . Don’t bite me, okay?”

He looked at it strictly .

“Roar! ( ̄へ ̄)”

It glanced disdainfully at him .  Bring the food over quickly!

Su Bai glanced at it and put down the bowl in front of it . The little guy’s eyes lit up immediately . It consumed the energy medicinal cake in one bite and even chewed up the bowl .

“What the… That’s your bowl, not your food!” The boy felt a terrible headache . Forget about gnawing on the incubator, it was even trying to eat a bowl now?

“Roar! (*⊙~⊙)”

The Little Tyrant choked suddenly and looked blankly at him . It looked around and quickly ran to the table to drink the incubation liquid in the beaker . It even gnawed twice on the beaker before throwing it away in disgust .

It was tasteless and not as delicious as the bowl .

The corners of Su Bai’s mouth twitched, but he finally decided to give up .

After seeing it finish eating, he introduced himself again . “Okay, I’ll give you a formal introduction now . My name is Su Bai and I’m your Pet Tamer as well as your partner . You can call me Ah Bai .

“Follow me, and I promise that you’ll have an endless supply of food which is more delicious than what you just ate .

“This little cutie here is called Purple Jade . She’ll also be your partner in the future and your senior sister . If you have anything you don’t understand, you can ask her for help . I hope that you two can get along well with each other . ”

“Howl~ ╰(* ́)`*)╯”

The cub howled affectionately, raising its paws and greeting its sibling pet amiably .


The Little Tyrant ignored the both of them . It gnawed on the leg of the table first before punching a hole through the wall . It pulled out a brick then took a bite and spat it out in disgust .

Su Bai suddenly laughed and turned to the cub with a particularly kind smile . “Tie it up for me and take it to the backyard . Give it a good lesson and stop when it’s well-behaved . ”

Since this pet was disobedient, it would have to be disciplined .

The cub had already found the arrogant fellow unpleasant to the eye . After receiving his order, it immediately summoned a bunch of vine whips without saying anything else and tied the little guy up . Today, it would let this younger sibling know who called the shots here .


As soon as it was tied up, terrifying power erupted from the Little Tyrant as it tried to bite off and tear the vines with its mouth and claws .

However, this was all in vain, and it quickly realized that these vines had extraordinary tenacity .

With a bang, the Little Tyrant was directly thrown into the backyard .

The cub looked up at it disdainfully . Did it really think that it could defy them?

“You think you’re very impressive? Then show me your full strength . ” Su Bai knew that, sometimes, using force was a better solution .


The Little Tyrant let out a ferocious roar and suddenly burst forth with a scorching aura . In the three-meter area around it, the ground started heating up and then flames appeared in the air .

It directly unleashed its Lava Purgatory skill, opening its mouth to spit basket-size lava fireballs .

“Purple Jade, show it your Thorns Domain . ”


An area with a ten-meter radius of thorns suddenly emerged from the ground, then large and thick vines rose like snakes and quickly occupied everything .

The Little Tyrant’s Lava Purgatory was directly covered by the cub’s domain . Although fire was able to conquer wood, in front of the extremely powerful vine whips, its domain was directly extinguished . Several fireballs hit the thick thorns, but the vines immediately grew back after being burned .

Thorns were plants with extremely vigorous vitality and could take roots and survive on stone walls and even in the desert .

The domain formed represented an endless cycle and would grow again even if it was destroyed for a while . It was like an endless wildfire .

This was the real power of Thorns Domain .

The Little Tyrant stared at the powerful domain in a daze . Was this sister of it not a high-level servant? Why was its domain this terrifying and powerful?


The next moment, it was directly bound by the vines . The little fellow struggled desperately, but it was to no avail .

Bang bang bang!

The thorny vines lashed out, making it realize fully that the cute, elder sister was actually terrifying and powerful .

Three hours later, Su Bai appeared with a bowl of fiery red fragrant energy medicinal cake . Hanging in the air for a long time, the Little Tyrant could not help but sniff in hunger . Desire lurked in its eyes .

“Do you want to eat?”


The Little Tyrant nodded quickly . In the end, it had realized that its Pet Tamer was good . He did not hurt it and would make such delicious food for it, too . Furthermore, the elder sister he had cultivated also seemed very strong .

“Do you remember everything I told you earlier? Don’t randomly gnaw on things, don’t hit walls, and don’t use your psychic skills without my permission . Do you understand?

“Don’t worry . Just follow me and you’ll not only be able to eat delicious and spicy food but also become super strong . ”

Su Bai caressed his new pet’s head, which felt smooth and nice like a dolphin’s .


The Little Tyrant nodded quickly . Having already received a sound beating, it finally understood right and wrong .

“Buddy, put it down now . You two must live in harmony from now on . ”

The youth knew that they definitely could not live in harmony in this situation . The Little Tyrant would likely want to retrieve its pride by getting stronger every day, while the cub would also strive to keep suppressing its brother as an elder sister .

However, this was a good thing for him . Only when there was competition would there be progress . As long as both experienced a few more battles together, their relationship would become better .

“Howl~ (๑oั╰╯oั๑)”

Nodding, the cub walked over and gave a little pendant to its brother . It then patted the little fellow gently, indicating that it would live in harmony with the latter from here onward .

That pendant was a nameplate that Su Bai had given it before .


Looking at the small pendant happily, the Little Tyrant put it on its neck and then picked up its bowl to devour the contents ravenously .

“Roar (*⊙~⊙)”

It looked down at the bowl it had accidentally gnawed off and then glanced sheepishly at its owner . It had just promised not to gnaw things off randomly .

Su Bai patted its back and shook his head . “Forget about it; just don’t chew other things at home . ”


The Little Tyrant nodded quickly and ate the whole bowl without wasting anything .

“I’ll name you Little Tyrant then as that name suits you . ” Su Bai thought for a while and decided on this .


Little Tyrant patted its chest, looking all proud .

The boy sighed and watched it walk next to the cub . This little fellow was really difficult to deal with, but at least he had finally managed to tame it .

There was no other way . Although the contract had been signed, it still was not a pet he had hatched from a soul stone, so he needed to tame it .

What truly pained him, though, was spending at least 30,000 yuan on energy medicinal cakes to train his new pet .

Furthermore, it was such a glutton . Su Bai calculated based on his observations and found that it would cost him at least 10,000 yuan a day to feed the little guy with energy medicinal cakes and potions .

Even as a high-level servant and almost reaching the warlord level, the cub only spent 20,000 yuan a day .

Was the little guy now eating too much because of having three attributes?

Su Bai felt even more painful inside upon seeing that he only had a balance of slightly more than 300,000 yuan .

Despite spending money like water, the Little Tyrant’s situation was still satisfactory to him .

“This is the Little Tyrant? It’s so handsome!”

At night, his father looked at the Little Tyrant gnawing on a volcanic rock and nodded in satisfaction . It was the seed of a monarch pet indeed; its aura and sharp teeth looked terrifying .

“Yes, this little guy is quite fierce, so don’t touch it, but it won’t object if you feed it . ” He nodded .

“Brother, your new pet is so handsome . Can you let me take a picture with it?” asked Su Yue, amazed by its fierce eyes and stone-biting teeth .

“Don’t move, little guy; I’ll give you something to eat later,” cajoled Su Bai .


The Little Tyrant nodded and flicked its tail . It would do anything for food .

His younger brother hurried forward and leaned over to take a few photos next to the Little Tyrant .

“Thank you, big bro,” he said happily .

“Just obtain a pharmacist certificate soon,” said Su Bai . He had also shown his younger brother the starry sky pictures in order to stimulate him .

“Don’t worry, big bro . I’ll definitely pass the pharmaceutical aptitude test in December . ” Su Yue guaranteed .

“By the way, how much did this little guy cost?” asked Mother Su .

“About 10,000 yuan . ” Su Bai shrugged .

“How expensive… but it’s so strong, after all . Do you want us to fund you?” His mother pressed on .

“No need . Purple Jade has grown up, and I can earn money myself . ” He shook his head .

“Okay, then . We’ll cook a big meal to celebrate in the evening . Hubby, go out and buy two roast ducks . ”

Mother Su instructed her husband .

“Okay!” The man nodded with a smile and walked away .

He was delighted to see that, ever since Su Bai became a Pet Tamer, their family had been getting better and better .

“There you go, little girl . This roast duck belongs to you two . ” At the dining table, Father Su handed a roast duck to the cub for it to share with its sibling .


The cub took the roast duck and examined it, wondering how to split the meat . The Little Tyrant, on the side, looked at the golden roast duck and swallowed its saliva . The meat smelled heavenly to it!

Under its sibling’s longing eyes, the cub tore off a duck leg carefully . The Little Tyrant immediately felt slightly unhappy, but it would have to do with one duck leg for now . Anyway, it would become stronger in the future and have more .

“Howl . ”

The cub left a duck leg for itself and pushed the rest of the duck to its baby brother .


The Little Tyrant stared blankly at the food placed in front . This was for it?

“Howl~ ヽ( ̄ω ̄( ̄ω ̄〃)ゝ”

Patting it on the shoulder, the cub nodded .  I already told you . Follow me and you’ll have food to eat .  


The little fellow nodded happily . It picked up the duck and ate wildly, suddenly feeling that Purple Jade was not so annoying .

Su Bai: “…”

He was taken aback to see the two reconciling so early since it was not a good thing for him .

“Wow, Purple Jade, you’re so responsible,” praised Mother Su .

They did not notice Su Bai’s careful thoughts at all .

After dinner, he brought his pets back into his room . Upon seeing that there was only one more volcanic rock left for the Little Tyrant, he decided to let it go to bed now .

However, this guy was more than a hundred catties and made a sunken hole on the soft mattress .

“This is for you; you can hug it to sleep . You can’t eat it, okay? If you wanna eat some more, I’ll bring you to dig more up tomorrow . ” Su Bai put the cleaned volcanic rock into the arms of his newly hatched pet and gave this instruction .


The little guy nodded, its eyes still fierce . However, it had already acknowledged the youth as its Pet Tamer, for he had selflessly given it food .

Now that it was well-settled, Su Bai lay in the middle to play with his phone . With the Little Tyrant on his left and Purple Jade on his right, it actually felt quite comfortable .


The cub padded over with its tablet and asked the Little Tyrant if it wanted to play games . The little fellow watched its sister play for a while and then shook its head, feeling that this was meaningless .

“Howl . ”

The cub looked at its younger brother hugging the volcanic rock while drooling on it and felt quite speechless . It turned around to continue playing games . In fact, it also felt that the game had become boring .

This was a game designed for humans . With its response speed, as long as the game did not lag, it would excel and perform extremely well .

The Little Tyrant fell asleep not long after while hugging the volcanic rock, but even in its sleep, it never forgot to lick the volcanic rock in its arms from time to time .

Su Bai could not help but send a photo of its silly appearance to Chen Rouxue . After a busy day, he had not told her about his newly hatched pet .

Not long after, his girlfriend answered with a video-call . “Wow! It looks so cute in that naïve sleeping posture . Move aside and let me look at it for a while . ”

Su Bai: “…”

He pointed the camera at the Little Tyrant and said gloomily, “It is so fierce and likes things to be straightforward . The moment I turned my head away, it hit the wall directly . You don’t know how busy I’ve been trying to tame it all afternoon . ”

“It’s even cuter if it’s fierce . The little guy is so handsome . ” Chen Rouxue was in love with its naïve sleeping posture .

After watching it for a while, she asked, “Tell me: How did you tame this little handsome guy?”

Su Bai summarized everything to her .

“Wow, the little thing is really fierce and chic . I also wanna raise a fierce pet next; it feels so interesting . ”

After hearing about the Little Tyrant’s deeds, Chen Rouxue found its wickedness endearing .

“You must bring it to school tomorrow; I wanna see it with my two eyes,” said the girl .

“Erm, I’m sorry, but I won’t be going to school tomorrow,” he said .

“Huh? Where are you going?” Chen Rouxue asked anxiously .

“I’m going to prepare medicinal cakes for the little guy and then take it to dig some volcanic rocks,” explained the boy .

“Okay, then . Remember to bring me something delicious, or else I’ll report your false leave . ” She felt a little depressed . Although she was saying it in a joking tone, she really did miss her boyfriend after not seeing him for nearly two weeks . Did he not desire to see her at all?

“I’ll give you a surprise at that time . ” Su Bai smiled mysteriously . In fact, he wanted to return to school as soon as possible . It was so nice to be with his girlfriend, so of course he wanted to see her fast .