Starting With Contract Pets - Chapter 86

Riding on the small scooter, Su Bai arrived at school without delay and walked into the classroom as usual .

Purple Jade strutted beside him, while the Little Tyrant hugged and chewed on its volcanic rock slowly with its head lowered .

With a bang, the Little Tyrant’s head hit the doorframe . It raised its head to reveal an unhappy expression . (* ̄〈 ̄) It was about to bite the door, but when it recalled Su Bai’s instructions, it moved away unhappily, instead .

For some reason, it liked walking in a straight line and hated taking detours . It stepped on everything directly on the road and only reluctantly made detours if it could not walk past something .

Sitting in the first row, a trace of hatred flashed past Shi Lei’s eyes at the sight of Su Bai, but he quickly lowered his head again .

Suddenly, he realized something puzzling . Why did Su Bai have two pets following behind him? Why was that thing naively chewing on a rock?

Gradually, many people realized that something was amiss . Liu Weiwei, who was sitting in the third row, called, “Classmate, why are there two pets following you?”

Su Bai glanced at her . “They’re both my pets . Is there a problem?”

“You contracted a second pet so early? The teacher said that it’s not recommended,” said the girl after some thought . She glanced over and still could not figure out what pet it was .

Many people in the class stood up to look at Su Bai’s second pet, but none of them could guess what type of pet it was . The Little Tyrant’s appearance was still somewhat different from a Purgatory Tyrant baby, so no one thought in that direction .

“Isn’t it too sloppy? Contracting a second pet prematurely not only delays the cultivation of the first pet but also makes you miss out on one with great potential . ” Someone lightly shook his head .

Many of these students already had a second contract page, but they chose not to contract a new pet . Cultivating only one pet before the college entrance examination was the best choice .

Obviously, everyone was not optimistic about Su Bai’s second contract pet and thought that it was an expression of arrogance .

No one said anything, since it was none of their business . Furthermore, if the youth was dragged down by his two pets, they would have more hope for the scholarship .

“Hey, this pet of yours looks very cool; let me touch it!” Yang Zhou, who had known beforehand that his friend was incubating a second pet, immediately reached out to touch it with a smile .

“Roar! (▼ヘ▼#)”

The Little Tyrant bit his cuff, staring at him with its fierce, small eyes .  Don’t touch me, or else I’ll kill you .

“F*ck, it’s so fierce! Su Bai, save me!”

Yang Zhou jumped in fright . This little guy was even fiercer than a Tibetan Mastiff . Seeing its row of sharp teeth, Yang Zhou was afraid that it would bite his hand off .

“Little fellow, let go . He won’t dare to touch you anymore . ”

Su Bai glanced at his second pet and then motioned for Purple Jade to guide it so that nobody would touch it .

The Little Tyrant unhappily relaxed its mouth, then it looked around fiercely before settling on Su Bai’s desk . It then lowered its head and continued chewing on the volcanic rock .

“It’s particularly strong, so don’t touch it, or else I may be unable to control it . ” Su Bai warned and took out a small clock from his backpack to cover the Little Tyrant .

“It’s so fierce but so handsome . ” Jiang Yang poked Yang Zhou . “How did it feel to be bitten?”

“Why don’t you give it a try?” shouted the other angrily, half frightened to death .

“Wow, it’s super fierce; it’ll be even more handsome and domineering if it’s bald . ” Chen Rouxue could not help it . She wanted to touch the handsome, little guy .

The Little Tyrant raised its head and glanced at her .  This human is so boring and ordinary . What did Ah Bai see in her? Unable to understand humans, it lowered its head to continue chewing on the volcanic rock .

“Yes, yes, it’s so handsome . Su Bai, what pet is this? It looks so unique . ” Chen Tingting also nodded .

“It’s a secret . ” He laughed, indicating that he did not want to reveal it in class .

Guo Dong and the others, who were eavesdropping, rolled their eyes . They originally wanted to use the picture book machine to check what pet it was, but the youth just had to place cloth over it, preventing them from doing so . Guo Dong was not as arrogant as Shi Lei, and having studied with Su Bai before, he felt that this pet was definitely extraordinary . Otherwise, an old fox like his classmate would not have contracted it .

That pet must be extraordinary, as his Lava Dog seemed to be afraid of it .

Soon, the class bell rang . Su Bai returned to his seat, and the others resumed their reading, no longer paying attention to him .

Chen Rouxue looked expectantly at him .

Smiling, he said, “Give me your hand . ”

She blinked and reached out a snowy-white hand, which she put in his . He took out a ruby bracelet from his pocket and put it on for her .

“It’s a real ruby which I made myself . It’s not very beautiful, but the Little Tyrant dug up the red ruby . ” Su Bai took the opportunity to touch the girl’s little hand .

Chen Rouxue rolled her eyes at her boyfriend before retracting her hand and taking a closer look at the bracelet . Finally, she nodded in satisfaction . “I like it very much . As a reward, I’ll tell you a secret . ”

“A secret?” asked the youth curiously .

She mysteriously leaned in and whispered, “I’ve decided to provide for you . From now on, you’ll live the life of a toy boy . ”

“Did you win the lottery?” asked Su Bai in surprise . “Actually, the doctor said before that I have a weak stomach . ”

“No, Xiao Bai broke through to the warlord level!” Chen Rouxue lifted her fair chin up .

“Hehe!” Xiao Bai suddenly got out of the drawer and showed a devilish face . It then ran over to the Little Tyrant and Purple Jade .

“It’s really a warlord pet now . ” Su Bai received a little shock upon getting a closer look . Big Demon had completed another evolution to be a high-level servant . After moving monarch monsters in the alternate world for two days at An Lan Villa, it was only a matter of time for it to break through, but he did not expect it to reach the warlord level so fast .

“Amazing, then I’ll be freeloading off you in the future . ” He quickly accepted his girlfriend’s offer . If they were not in school, he really wanted to touch her fair, small chin .

“Don’t worry; I’ll let you freeload off me . ” She patted his arm .

“Have you told the others about this?” he asked .

Chen Rouxue stared at him . “No, I wanted you to be the first to know . ”

Su Bai was speechless for a moment . She was too coquettish, and he could only express his desire to be provided for .

Early self-study was not invigilated by a teacher, so the class ended quickly .

There were still two days to the five towns’ spring festival celebration . Since all five members of Carp Town’s team were from their school, they gathered to have a serious discussion .

It was Friday two days later, so everyone was free to head down .

“Are you that confident? I heard that the other towns have warlord pets,” asked Su Bai’s classmates, curious .

“Of course, he is . He made a pack, saying that he can deal with the warlord pets . He even asked the town for an extra 100,000-yuan worth of allowance . As a result, he obtained a new pet . I feel that he’s extremely confident, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he deals with the opponents’ warlord pets . ”

Before Su Bai had a chance to speak, Shi Lei laughed and spoke first . The boy seemed to be complimenting him on the surface but was in fact pushing him to the edge of a cliff, leaving no way out for him .

“Didn’t you also take that 100,000 yuan?” Chen Rouxue could not help but retort in disgust . Why was this person so revolting? He did not say anything when he took the money yet was stabbing her boyfriend’s back with a knife now .

“I did take the money, but I’m afraid that you guys took more as the captain and deputy captain . Back then, we were sent away, so who knows what happened?”

Shi Lei laughed mockingly . “Don’t deny it; I saw Su Bai come out of the town hall with a glazed fire crystal worth hundreds of thousands!”

“Really? Then it seems that our captain really has a trump card . Can you reveal it in advance?”

Upon hearing this, everyone in the class also reckoned that Su Bai and Chen Rouxue had taken a large allowance . They looked over and stared at them, feeling displeased at their act of taking a bigger share than the rest . However, at the thought of how he had promised to deal with the warlord pets, they had little to say .

Su Bai cast an annoyed glance on Shi Lei . Even dogs knew how to be grateful when fed; he took 100,000 yuan yet was still dared to bite him .

He really could not fathom this . Was he targeted because his studies were better and he had taken the position of student committee? It seemed like, other than those, they did not have many connections .

“Sorry, it’s a secret, so I can’t disclose it . ” He lightly said and then opened his book to read .

Seeing his indifference, the others also lost their interest .

“That guy is too disgusting . Shall we surround him after school?” whispered Yang Zhou .

“He deserves a lesson from us . This kind of person is too disgusting; he’s too petty! It seems that he wants everyone to follow him and be worse than him . ” Jiang Yang also agreed with that assessment .

“I approve . ” Chen Tingting nodded .

She also turned to her boyfriend . “I regret giving him the position of class monitor the most . ”

Su Bai lightly shook his head . “No need . Fighting is the lowest level of revenge . I’ve got a better idea . ”

“What?” Yang Zhou and the others looked puzzled .

“Just wait and see . ” He shook his head and took out his phone to send a message .

Seeing Su Bai deflating after being beaten hard by him, Shi Lei secretly felt refreshed .

Hmph . It was all about schemes in war . He could make him feel so deflated even without wasting so much effort; was the boy not just too weak to fight with him?

Soon, the first lesson started . The teacher, Wang Wenyi, came in and glanced at the students before saying, “The first class will be conducted here today . The training room is occupied .

“Oh, and Chen Rouxue will be the class monitor from now on, while the disciplinary committee head will be Liu Weiwei . Any objections?”

Upon hearing this, everyone raised their heads in surprise . Why had Shi Lei been stripped off his two official positions? However, they all tacitly agreed to this arrangement and remained silent .

“Why? I didn’t violate any rules and have been managing the class well . Why am I being removed from my class positions for no reason?” Shi Lei stood up, puzzled and confused . This matter had come out of the blue .

“You’re unsuitable, and that’s it . If nobody else in the class objects, then it’s settled,” said Wang Wenyi to settle the matter .

The boy glanced around, his eyes cold . Everyone was pretending to read, and no one spoke up for him .

No, someone must have lodged a complaint against him .

He turned to look at a certain male classmate .

Seeing Shi Lei looking at him, Su Bai grinned and turned away . He really did not want to target others, but he had a temper, either . The thing he could not stand the most was such nonsense .

He had not done much, besides sending Hou Jie a message about the specific situation, and things had automatically developed in this way .

In fact, under normal circumstances, he was unwilling to pay attention to the class’s trivialities, but this person just had to keep provoking him .

Shi Lei was so furious that he wanted to punch Su Bai . He had worked so hard and planned for so long to become the class monitor and disciplinary committee member, but it was all gone now . D*mn it .

The worst thing was that he was powerless to change it .


“Great job!”

Yang Zhou and Jiang Yang excitedly patted their friend’s arm . Although they did not know how he had done it, it was extremely cool of him .

The rest of the class almost cheered as well . Shi Lei acted like an arrogant officer all day long, and nobody really liked him .

“Did you send a message to Teacher Hou?” asked Chen Rouxue curiously .

“Yeah, so how does it feel to be the class monitor again?” asked Su Bai with a smile .

“Not good; it’s so troublesome . I always have to help the teacher . ” She shook her head .

After chatting for a while, they quieted and started reading again . Wang Wenyi sat at the podium conducting the lesson, while his super powerful monster, Sapphire Eye, hovered quietly in the air .

Soon, it was the second class . Under Wang Wenyi’s supervision, they directed their pets and practiced hard .

“Classmate, how about we practice against each other?” Shi Lei walked over and asked with a smile .

“Sure . ” Su Bai nodded .  This guy is still pretending? Who doesn’t know what he’s thinking?

“Little fellow, go practice with Little Rock and use your melee skills . Don’t use your other skills; just treat your opponent as a deadly enemy,” Su Bai said .


The Little Tyrant shook off the cloth and madly rushed forward as its owner sat on the ground to play with its sister, The pet’s thick skin and tough meat were ideal for brawls . With the training method for honing its close combat skills getting beaten, it naturally had a knack for fighting .

“Little Rock, go up and hit it like a mortal enemy . ” Shi Lei also said as he sat down . In his opinion, it was a very simple thing to defeat this mid-level servant with his high-level servant .

His pet, which had a humanoid form, was the original evolution of the Moving Mountain Stone monster . Being very strong in melee fights, it rushed to punch the Little Tyrant’s face and smashed it five to six meters upside down .

It then charged forward again, jumping up and hitting the Little Tyrant with its Iron Fist skill . However, even after being punched and kicked by the former, the latter did not retaliate .

Although Shi Lei was very annoying, he still did a good job at training his pet .

“Roar! (▼皿▼#)”

Suddenly, the Little Tyrant hugged the Little Rock’s fist and bit down on it . With a snap, its fist was bitten off . Su Bai’s pet chewed it into pieces before swallowing .

Bang bang! It then sent the monster flying with two Crush Claws . Its eyes were fierce as it exuded a raging momentum .

The Little Rock monster, of which the arm had been bitten off, broke forth with its earth attribute, and another arm soon grew out . As long as the crystal nucleus was not hurt, earth attribute pets could recover their limbs and would not feel pain .

However, Shi Lei’s pet was quite furious now, and it pounced angrily on the Little Tyrant .

The two guys fought back and forth . Although the Little Tyrant kept being beaten, it slowly adapted and started making things difficult for its opponent by occasionally biting it with Ferocious Bite .

“Little Rock, come back! Stop fighting . ” Seeing that something was wrong, Shi Lei called it back . He would not help Su Bai train his pet .

“Your pet is too weak; I’ll look for someone else to practice with,” he said, leaving in annoyance .

“Roar! ψ(`∇ ́)ψ”

The Little Tyrant growled unhappily .  Running away after hitting me? If you have the ability, don’t run and hit me again!

“Here . Eat this and recover . ” Su Bai took out some recovery medicinal cakes .

“Roar! 0^)”

The Little Tyrant immediately put the fight behind it and excitedly picked up the medicinal cakes .

The cub looked over and sent bursts of spiritual energy to restore its sibling .

Su Bai looked at his second pet, of which the skin was thick and tough . Even after the fight with the Little Rock monster, it looked unaffected . Was this the formidable strength of an undead pet?

It accepted the cub’s recovery skills, the big bruises on its face slowly disappearing under the nourishment .