Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empres - Chapter 140

Chapter 140

Chapter 140: That’s Reasonable

Liu Rushuang sat in front of the dressing table with a face full of tears, as two to three palace maids beside her helped to apply her makeup .

She was clearly being forced into marriage!


Foundation, blusher, eyebrow brush, face sticker, mole sticker, highlighter, and lipstick…

Liu Rushuang’s complexion looked even more so like she was painted by a masterful artist . Her fair skin had a faint layer of blusher which made her look even more radiant, as they resembled flowers in bloom . Those small, red, glossy lips were plump and shimmered…

Then, a palace maid combed Liu Rushuang’s hair into a tall topknot and put on a headdress with gold and rubies inlain . There were three golden tassels on either side which would sway every now and then, making her complexion look even more in high spirits .

“The Emperor has arrived!” Suddenly exclaimed Eunuch Chen from outside .

Han Moze strode in with big strides .

All of a sudden, everything went dark .

The palace maids suddenly had red hearts in their eyes and formed heart gestures with their hands .

That tall and upright stature!

That handsome face which made people drool with lust!

Truly the most beautiful man in history!

He wore a red groom’s ensemble with matching designs to the Empress’ dress, which made him look even more dignified and handsome .

Most of his ink-black hair was combined behind a golden crown with two locks of hair on either side of his wide forehead, flowed down to his waist .

Incredibly charming!

Incredibly sexy!

The person who was going to marry that kind of person must be lucky as hell!

An unknown palace maid couldn’t help but sigh in admiration . “Ahhh!”

Simply unnaturally handsome! They felt nosebleeds coming along!

Those deep, long and narrow eyes; that tall nose bridge, and those amazingly charming thin lips…

Liu Rushuang grunted coldly, then averted her gaze and completely ignored Han Moze .

Just looking at that tyrant pissed her off! (* ̄︿ ̄)

With an emotionless look on his face, Han Moze ordered the palace maids, “All of you may leave now . ”

“Yes, your majesty . ” The palace maids relunctantly walked out .

Deep down inside, they were going insane, as they hadn’t finished looking!

Han Moze walked over and to Liu Rushuang and wringed her little head .

Liu Rushuang glared at Han Moze in fury .

Han Moze looked at Liu Rushuang’s radiant and stunning complexion . “Shuang’Er, I like you,” he said with a smile .

“But I don’t like you!” Cried Liu Rushuang coldly through gritted teeth .

“What right do you have to not like me?” Asked Han Moze, as he gently touched Liu Rushuang’s face and furrowed his brows .

“Why should I like you?” Asked Liu Rushuang angrily in return .

“Answer my question first,” said Han Moze in determination .

Liu Rushuang grunted coldly, then stared at Han Moze . “How could I fall for a cruel, despicable tyrant like yourself? Don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten how you choked me, gave me a laughing poison, caged me in an ice wall, gave me a paralyzer, and ban on eating and going outside?!” She said with justification .

Han Moze looked at Liu Rushuang with evil intentions and fought back . “What about you? You try to attack me every chance you get, and when I’m not here, you curse me all the time . Don’t tell me you didn’t know it would anger me!”

“Then, what about this time? Why did you ban me from eating and going outside all of a sudden?” Replied Liu Rushuang with a vicious gaze .

“You left me suffering from no appetite . Don’t tell me that didn’t deserve punishment?” He exclaimed coldly with a slight glimmer in his eyes, whilst sincerely looking at Liu Rushuang’s beautiful eyes .

“How did I ruin your appetite?” Liu Rushuang glared back at him with even more ferocity .

Han Moze lowered his gaze to Liu Rushuang’s 36D breasts and smiled wickedly . “You’ve already been crowned as Empress, but you didn’t let me touch you . As a husband, do you know how hard that it for me? Have you ever considered that? I punished you by banning you from eating and going outside so you can think about how I feel . ”

Liu Rushuang immediately hugged her breasts .  That tyrant was too perverted!

How annoying!

*Furrow brows*