Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empres - Chapter 142

Chapter 142

Chapter 142: The Tyrant Beat His Mother

“Long live the emperor! Long live the Empress!”

The voices came rushing in like waves and enveloped everything .

Their voices rang clearly!

Liu Rushuang furrowed her brows . How could she leave this place?

Han Moze turned his head and looked over at Liu Rushuang . “Her majesty, do you believe that I’ll kiss you right here and now if you continue to sulk?” He said with a wicked smile .

Liu Rushuang clearly heard what he just said and cried on the inside .

She took a deep breath and pulled a smile .

Want me to smile? I’ll smile!


One of these days, you will fall by my hand . Then, I will torture you like hell!

“Honourable noble families, please rise!” Yelled Han Moze with a sullen voice .

“Thank you, your highness!”

All the state officials got up to see Han Moze and Liu Rushuang’s smiling faces .

It looked like the Emperor and Empress were truly in love!

After a series of ceremonies, Han Moze and Liu Rushuang headed back to their respective chambers to get ready for the evening banquet .

When Liu Rushuang returned to her chambers she leapt, sprawled upon her lounge chair in despair . .

She cried loudly in anguish .


The Empress Dowager led Le Yin into the Dark Moon Palace and entered the doors, loudly in protest . “Your majesty, I won’t allow you to marry a woman such as her and crown an Empress whose innocence has been sullied . ”

In his red groom’s outfit, Han Moze’s handsome good looks were unrivalled .

“Are you done?” He said with a cold tone of voice, as he stared viciously at the Empress Dowager .

“Your majesty, I order you to immediately execute that filthy woman!” Exclaimed the Empress Dowager righteously .

Shackled, Le Yin trembled in fear with a terribly pale complexion .

Han Moze glared chillingly at Le Yin . “I order you to tell her the truth to avoid her recklessly spreading rumours everywhere . ”

Le Yin Took one glance at them, then averted his gaze in fear . “I… I’ve for-forgotten everything . ”

Without hesitation, he thrusted a palm at Le Yin .

“Ah…” Yelled Le Yin and vomited blood . He hung his head, and visibly took his last breath .

“Y-your majesty, h- how could you do something so stupid? He was the most important witness!” The Empress Dowager glared at Han Moze .

” you probably still don’t understand what kind of person the empress is . If you said that any one of the consorts in my harem had their innocence sullied, then perhaps I would believe you, but he said it was the Empress and I don’t believe that not one bit,” scoffed Han Moze coldly .

“Y-you… trust that wench that much?!” Roared the Empress Dowager in fury .

Han Moze’s patience ran completely dry, then waved his right hand .

“Ah… huk huk…” Hit by his inner breath, The Empress Dowager was injured . Large trickled from the corner of his mouth and she bent over, coughing up blood .

That tyrant, how dare he hit her?

Were there any such thing as morals and ethics anymore?!


“Man, send the heavily injured Empress Dowager back to her chambers . Do not allow her to attend the imperial banquet . ” He cordered in a chilling voice to the man outside .

“Yes, your highness,” replied the two imperial bodyguards .

Then, they walked up to the Empress Dowager . “Your majesty Empress Dowager, I Shall escort you back . ”

“Y-your majesty, you dare treat me like this . You will receive your karma!” Cursed The Empress Dowager who’s chest feel both hurt and dejected .

Quickly send her back now!” He cried coldly at the imperial bodyguards .

The two bodyguards could no longer care more for courtesy, then immediately grabbed the Empress Dowager’s arms and led her out .

“Y-your majesty, you will receive karma for how you treat me!” Roared The Empress Dowager as she was escorted out .

Han Moze had a cruel, murderous glow in his eyes . “Empress Dowager, you truly resent your long life span! I will find the chance to send you away early,” he said with the bone-piercingly cold voice .

He changed into a black robe with golden embroidery .

His ink-black hair was tied up and his sharp, blade-like brows fell behind several locks of hair by his temples .

His black pupils were deeply charming and his eyes please send with the chilling light, emphasizing his cold personality .

His tall nose bridge and prominent jaw line strongly added to his devilish charm .

His handsome side profile and perfect facial features made him look flawless .

After he finished getting dressed, he made his way to the Fallen Phoenix Palace with his mighty and aggressive demeanor .