Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empres - Chapter 304

Chapter 304: Gold Silk

Han Moze had a towering figure, sharp facial features which looked chiseled, dark and icy eyes like wild dogs, and was demonically seductive . All in all, he emitted a king of majestic air which could rule the world .

The Blue Spider King sensed the imposing tension Han Moze’s body released and didn’t dare move forward .

This was the first time he had seen such a powerful human . To his surprise, this human was able to resist his attacks .

Han Moze furrowed his sharp brows . This poisonous spider was certainly difficult to defeat . He was sure that he could swat that spider to death, but the spider was faster than he was and had rather agile reflexes .

Lian Jiuhua saw the Blue Spider King take a step back and teased, “That poisonous spider’s actually afraid! How embarrassing! And he calls himself the king?!”

Qin Ao grinned mockingly .

“That poisonous spider must be thinking up some kind of plan,” said Lin Ye flatly .

“Second clan master, you’re overthinking it . How can that poisonous spider hatch a plan? He’s most probably just afraid of the emperor!” said Mei Ye, as he edged closer .

Liu Rushuang overheard what they said behind her and blinked softly . It’s best to just wait and see .

Han Moze squinted, then pulled out gold silk from his pockets . It was a long, thin golden thread of silk that was flexible beyond compare .

All of a sudden, he swung his right hand .

Whilst the poisonous spider was still hesitant, a thin golden silk thread that was barely visible to the naked eye, flew towards the poisonous spider .

The poisonous spider’s eyesight was really good . It was able to instantly dodge the attack by leaping high up .

Han Moze fiercely twitched the corner of his mouth . Just as expected of a demonic creature! He was even able to dodge that?!

Liu Rushuang couldn’t help but slightly frown .

Everyone’s heart, including that of the poisonous spiders, fluttered .

Who actually won?

The Blue Spider king sensed danger, then shifted several steps back .

“Human, I see potential in you . Would you like to be my subordinate? If you help me seize the world, I can give you anything you want and even make you the deputy lord commander without a problem!” He said with a heavy tone in his voice .

The Blue Spider King didn’t sound like he was lying . He really wanted to lure Han Moze in, which goes to say that he recognized Han Moze’s strength .

As soon as the Blue Spider King said this, everyone’s eyes shot wide open .  So that was the Blue Spider King’s plan!

“That’s the plan that the poisonous spider spent so long thinking up?” mocked Lian Jiuhua once again .

“That’s what I’m saying… That poisonous spider’s nothing!” With that, Mei Ye grinned rudely . It was also hard work to antagonize the enemy .

Liu Rushuang couldn’t help but grin when she overheard the conversation behind her . However, this poisonous spider really was sly to dare want to entice Ze .

Han Moze looked over at the Blue Spider King who stood dozens of steps away, then tightened his grip on his gold silk . “I’ll never agree to work with you!” He coldly rejected .

Then, he flashed a mockingly cold smile . “You cowardly spider . You still dare compete with me?”

The Blue Spider King was agitated by Han Moze’s insulting smile and words . In an instant, he swiftly pounced onto Han Moze .

Han Moze flashed a sinister smirk then shifted aside and waved his right hand . The gold silk effortlessly wrapped around one of the poisonous spider’s hind legs .

Everyone’s eyes shot wide open .  What a truly sensational move!

After missing, the Blue Spider King fell to the ground and felt his leg bound by the gold silk, so he quickly turned around to pounce at Han Moze again .

Han Moze grunted coldly, then thrust his left hand and struck the Blue Spider King hard .