Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empres - Chapter 308

Han Moze and Liu Rushuang attended the banquet held in the grand hall of the mayor’s manor .

Meanwhile, Yellow Wolf King, Mountain Sheep King, and Black Cat Queen led their own followers to the Sahara desert .

In additon to the wisps of clouds in the bright blue sky, all they could see were the undulating waves of yellow sand and dessicated trees and leaves .

The Mountain Sheep King arched his back and heaved a few times . “Such a vast desert, how are we meant to know where the Vine King is buried?”

The Yellow Wolf King stuck his tongue out and heaved with his mouth wide open . His gaze looked vicious but he didn’t answer .

Black Cat’s round eyes glimmered whilst she scanned the hilly sand dunes . “Vine King must be buried somewhere without grass . Wherever that big head is, how could there be any signs of life?” she said in a shrill voice .

“Obviously! How could that big head allow for other greenery to exist around him? Let’s split up and search . ” After Mountain Sheep King said this with his croaky old voice, he turned around and left in one direction .

Black Cat Queen swayed her tail and led over a thousand cat demons with different coloured tails and left as well .

An annoyed Yellow Wolf King stuck his tongue out and walked forward with fierce eyes . How troublesome! He really wanted to be like the poisonous spiders and exterminate the human race!

Behind him, hundreds of grey wolves managed to catch up .

In the Qingyuan Mayor’s manor, the banquet lasted for over two hours before it came to an end .

Just as Han Moze and Liu Rushuang was about to leave, Qin Ao stopped them . “Your Majesties, why don’t you stay in Qingyuan for a while to get a taste of the northern scenery and culture . I can prepare everything for you,” he said with a bow .

Han Moze squinted slightly . “Thank you Mayor Qin for your kind gesture, but there’s business I need to attend to back in the palace, which is why we planned to leave later in the afternoon,” said Han Moze with a deep voice .

Qin Ao furrowed his brows in disappointment . “I see . Then, I shall not insist upon prolonging Your Majesty’s visit . ”

Han Moze smiled and led Liu Rushuang out .

In the afternoon, Han Moze and Liu Rushuang sat in the horse carriage and left Qingyuan City through an arched cyan door .

As usual, Liu Rushuang laid in Han Moze’s arms . “Ze, I’ve read the heavenly book and it states that there are dozens of demonic creatures . Each of them possess unique special abilities . For example, the poisonous spiders could use their stingers to kill and previously, the Blood Feast assassins had their spiritual energy absorbed . These incidents are enough to prove that these demonic powers are not to be underestimated . So, when these demonic beasts all show themselves, there will definitely be a lot of human casualties . I’m thinking… What can we do to reduce the human casualties?” She questioned with furrowed brows .

Han Moze’s eyes were filled with affection as he looked down at Liu Rushuang in his arms and smiled . “Shuang’Er, I’ve already sent many people out to find the demonic beasts’ whereabouts . Once they’re found, we’ll defeat them right away . Do you think that’ll do?”

Liu Rushuang smiled and nodded . “Mm, that’s good . ”

Captivated by her sweet smile, Han Moze couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss her petite mouth .

Liu Rushuang broke out in cold sweat . As expected, no matter what they talked about, Ze would end up kissing her .

Le Zhengyu heard the sound of heavy breathing from the roof of the carriage, then rolled his eyes and continued to sleep . For the past few days, this Ghostie has been exhausted to death from saving so many poisoned citizens and soldiers .

Lian Jiuhua noticed the pale look on Mei Ye’s face and teased him . “Aren’t you almighty? And you’re the fourth clan master of Blood Feast no less, so how did you get yourself injured?