Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empres - Chapter 313

“You…” That perverted-looking man’s face instantly turned gray, as he looked down at his chest .

The citizens all around them continued to gaze at Black Cat pervertedly . They gulped lustfully unaware of any danger .

The smiling Black Cat turned her head and looked over at the surrounding citizens . A trace of red flashed beneath her black eyes .

Soon enough, the citizens outside the city gates were all mesmerized by Black Cat’s charm technique and wore infatuated looks on their faces .

Black Cat slowly pulled out her nails from the fat man’s heart .

The fat man with the gray face collapsed onto the ground .

Black Cat smiled, then stuck her tongue out to lick her nails clean of blood .

“Go fetch a bucket of water each,” she ordered the mesmerized citizens .

The only thing on the mesmerized citizens’ minds were Black Cat’s orders, then walked into the city mindlessly .

Black Cat noticed a rather good-looking man in the crowd and clutched onto the clothes on the young man’s chest . She grabbed the man’s big hand and put it on her breasts .

“Rub it for me,” she said with a flirtatious smile .

The man stared at Black Cat’s face and started to rub and pinch Black Cat’s breasts with his big hands .

Black Cat purred in comfort .

After no more than half an hour later, a large group of citizens walked out of the city with buckets of water .

Black Cat pushed the man in front of him with her slender hands and turned to lead the demon cats and the humans carrying water towards the desert .

Just then, the floor of the abandoned graveyard outside of Qingyuan City suddenly started to loosen up .

Then, giant poisonous spiders crawled out one after the other . After hundreds of poisonous spiders had burrowed out, the Blue Spider King leaped out and landed on the ground .

“Fortunately, my spinneret wasn’t ruined by the humans, so I’m only available to resurrect now,”  said the Blue Spider King with an ominous voice .

He then turned around and looked over at his spiders . There were barely half of them left .

“It’s all that wretched human man’s fault! I’ll definitely eat that human!” He said with a ferocious look on his face .

Blue Spider King hastily led his spiders southward with a murderous look on his face .

After two to three hours, Black Cat led the humans back to their meeting place .

The sky was already completely dark by then and covered in stars, which made the desert not seem very dark at all .

Mountain Sheep King walked up to them and asked in his croaky, aged voice, “Black Cat, you’re finally back . ”

Black Cat smirked, then turned to face the humans behind her . “Pour the water on the ground,” she said in a shrill voice .

In the blink of an eye, over ten thousand buckets of water poured onto the ground and drenched the dry sand . Masses of vines quickly grew from the earth .

“Haha! I’m finally revived!” Exclaimed the Vine King’s dreary and hoarse voice from beneath the ground .

The vines on the ground quickly spread out in every direction .

All of a sudden, a giant cave broke open from the center of the vines, and an extremely elderly man gradually rose from inside . He was a phenomenally large and muscular demon—the Vine King .

The Vine King was significantly taller than the demonic beasts on the ground . Only the top half of their body was exposed above the ground . He had a two to three-foot-wide green chest, three to four-foot-long arms, and his head looked terrifying . He looked like an old man of eighty or ninety years old but his skin was brown like aged wood . He wore a tall, weaved hat made of vines .

“Vine King, congratulations on your resurrection!” congratulated the Black Cat, as she walked up to him .

The Vine King reached his giant hand and held Black Cat up to eye-level .

“Black Cat Queen, it’s all thanks to you! Otherwise, who knows just how long I was going to have to stay in that damn place?” He chuckled in his raspy voice .