Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empres - Chapter 318

Liu Rushuang noticed that Han Moze was a little hurt and felt really uncomfortable, so she tried her hardest to shake her head to wake up!

Black Cat saw that Liu Rushuang was fighting her charm technique and subtly furrowed her brows . The most important component to her charm technique was a person’s lust . After being struck by her charm technique, the person can only completely break out if they tried their hardest to fight their own lust .

Black Cat thought about it for a moment, then spoke with a dainty voice . “Milady, don’t kick this gentleman off the carriage . Hurry up and massage my shoulders . I’m so sleepy . I can’t take it anymore . ”

Liu Rushuang heard Black Cat’s sweet voice and stopped questioning why she was so vicious against Han Moze . She glared furiously at Han Moze, then turned around and rubbed Black Cat’s shoulders .

From the very start, Black Cat wore an extremely pretty smile . Liu Rushuang looked at Black Cat’s face and pursed her lips . Beauty was really beautiful!

Han Moze’s face looked even more frosty, as he tightly clenched his hands and resisted the urge to slap Beauty to death .

The people outside of the carriage slowly snapped back to their senses and started to go back to their work .

After about fifteen minutes, the team set off again . Many people couldn’t take their eyes off of the luxurious carriage .

In the carriage, Liu Rushuang had both hands on Black Cat’s shoulder, as she looked at Black Cat in adoration and massaged her .

Black Cat subtly furrowed her brows . That emperor was really difficult to conquer! To her surprise, he didn’t have the least bit of lust over her? How should she get this powerful man who had killed Blue Spider King to fall for her?

Black Cat thought about it for a moment, and accidentally brushed her small hands gently across her chest . All of a sudden, a big portion of her two full and round breasts were exposed . Black Cat looked down at her own breasts and shrieked . “Ah! When did my clothes tear?”

Han Moze’s sharp brows furrowed tightly in an instant, then averted his gaze . That freak actually knew martial arts!

Black Cat noticed Han Moze’s reaction and subtly furrowed her brows . That emperor really was difficult to defeat! Judging by his expression, he definitely knew that her clothes had torn .

This emperor loved this stunned-looking woman in front of him . Black Cat glanced over at Liu Rushuang’s figure and thought it was alright, but not better than hers! Black Cat was really confident in her own body . She grabbed Liu Rushuang’s little hand and placed it on her own breasts, then ordered a red-faced Liu Rushuang, “Milady, rub them for me . ”

The incredibly tense look on Liu Rushuang’s face worsened . She already felt embarrassed for looking at Black Cat’s suddenly enormous, spilled breasts, but now she had to rub those two incredibly soft breasts?

Han Moze gritted her teeth and figured he couldn’t care less about anything else anymore . He immediately pulled Liu Rushuang into his arms and spoke coldly at Black Cat . “If you dare order Shuang’er to do anything again, I’ll definitely kill you!”

Liu Rushuang laid his head on Han Moze’s chest . She inhaled a familiar scent and felt her heart significantly calm down and her mind cleared up a lot more . Then, she looked up at Han Moze . “Ze, I don’t like how you speak to Beauty . Also, you absolutely can’t hurt Beauty . Promise me, alright?”

Han Moze looked at Liu Rushuang with confusion written all over his face, then flatly sighed . “What’s wrong with you?”

Liu Rushuang softly shook her head and said, “Nothing . I just really like Beauty . ”

Han Moze tightly embraced Liu Rushuang in silence . His eyes wandered outside the carriage windows .  Something must be wrong here .

Black Cat subtly furrowed her brows, as she reached her hand out to caress her own soft skin and smile graciously whilst she thought of a plan . This emperor was absolutely the man with the most self-control who she had ever met .