Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 125

Chapter 125: The Unlucky Huo Family (3)

“Old Leng, don’t go! Let’s keep chatting!” Elder Qiu shouted from behind, but no one responded.

The next day was the seventh day of the individual finals.

“Xue’er, there seem to be more people watching the competition today than the previous few days,” Feng Moran said as he looked at the sea of people in the audience while sitting on the side and waiting for the matches to start.

“Yes, the competition ends in three days. If you don’t watch it now, you’ll have to wait three years,” Leng Ruoxue said understandingly. The matches these three days should be the most intense, and accidents might happen at any time.

After six rounds of the finals, Leng Ruoxue was temporarily ranked first in the individual competition with a flawless record. Ye Chen and Huo Qing were tied in second place, while Mu Li and Feng Moran were in third and fourth. Theoretically, the five of them were the most powerful contenders for the championship.

Leng Ruoxue’s remaining opponents were Huo Qing, Ye Xiao, and Pang Sen. And her opponent today was Ye Xiao.

Leng Ruoxue was the last to go on stage today. In the first four matches, Ye Chen, Huo Qing, Mu Li, and Feng Moran won.

The last match was Leng Ruoxue versus Ye Xiao.

After hearing the referee’s words, Leng Ruoxue slowly walked onto the stage, and Ye Xiao came up from the other side.

“You are a woman, so I’ll let you begin first,” Ye Xiao said very gracefully, even though a few of his teeth had been knocked out, making him speak weirdly. But he was still an elegant gentleman when he wasn’t speaking.

“Then I won’t hold back.” Leng Ruoxue directly launched an attack after speaking. She wanted to end the battle quickly so that she could go back to sleep.

An enormous mass of fire-attribute spiritual power rushed toward Ye Xiao. The pitiful genius young master of the Ye family was blasted off the stage before he could even defend himself.

Leng Ruoxue won!

“Uh! I didn’t do it on purpose.” Leng Ruoxue’s face was full of innocence as she looked at Ye Xiao, whom she knocked off the stage with one move. I really didn’t expect him to be so weak!

“Miss, didn’t you still throw him off the stage even if you didn’t do it on purpose?”

“Alas! This young master of the Ye family is really pitiful. He keeps encountering monsters.”

The audience all looked at Ye Xiao with sympathetic eyes. How pitiful! He was being carried away again.

“Xue’er, you’ve already won seven matches in a row. That’s great.” Freak hurried to Leng Ruoxue’s side as she walked down from the stage.

“Freak, let’s go back! I want to sleep,” Leng Ruoxue said sleepily.

“You’re sleeping so early?” Freak was a little surprised. What time is it now? Boohoo… I still wanted to go out with Xue’er!

“Yes, I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Then let’s go back!”

Back at the Elegance Lagoon Pavilion, Leng Ruoxue went straight to her room to sleep. The next day, Leng Ruoxue emerged from her room refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

There was no suspense on the eighth day of the finals. Leng Ruoxue and the others each defeated their opponents.

The ninth day of the finals was also the last day of the individual competition.

After today’s matches, the champion of the Academy Competition would be born. Leng Ruoxue, Ye Chen, and Huo Qing were the strongest contenders for the championship.

Leng Ruoxue’s last opponent was Huo Qing, and Ye Chen’s last opponent was Pang Sen. But everyone present knew that Ye Chen’s victory against Pang Sen was set in stone if nothing unexpected happened.

The match between Leng Ruoxue and Huo Qing was the biggest highlight of the day, so everyone was looking forward to seeing an exciting battle.

In the VIP seats…

“Brother Huo, are you alright?” a middle-aged man sitting beside Huo Yi asked with concern.

“Do you think that I’m not?” Huo Yi’s face darkened with displeasure. Is Feng Miao planning to laugh at me? Outrageous!

“It’s good that you’re fine. I was really afraid that you would become like what the rumors say!” Feng Miao said with a chuckle.

“Brother Huo, your Huo family suffered a big loss this time, right?” Shui Zhen, the acting patriarch of the Shui family, asked with concern. Although the Five Great Families appeared to be harmonious on the surface, they all secretly hoped that the others would suffer misfortune.

“That small loss is just a drop in the bucket to our Huo family. It’s not worth mentioning,” Huo Yi said indifferently. He knew that these people definitely wouldn’t let him go since he came to watch the competition. It was such a rare opportunity to ridicule him. Hmph! I wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t the last day.

“Brother Huo, money is just worldly possessions. Your body is the most important,” the black-robed man said with pursed lips.

“That’s right. I wonder how Ye Xiao is doing? His injuries aren’t light!” Huo Yi retaliated. Not everyone could laugh at him.

“Xiao’er’s health is very good. Thank you for your concern, Brother Huo.”

While the patriarchs of the Five Great Families were fighting openly and covertly in the VIP seats, the competition began.

“Dear guests and spectators, today is the last day of the Academy Competition. Therefore, to show fairness, today’s matches will be held simultaneously, and admitting defeat is not allowed. The competition officially begins.” The host announced the rules of today’s matches.

After that, the referee gave the order for the five groups to go on stage at the same time.

The last matches of the finals started on five arenas at the same time. However, not long after, the winners of the other four arenas were determined. But Leng Ruoxue and Huo Qing had yet to really start fighting.

On the stage…

Leng Ruoxue was puzzled as to why Huo Qing wasn’t in a hurry to attack.

“Can we begin?” Leng Ruoxue asked lightly. She didn’t want to waste time.

“Are you in a hurry?” Huo Qing looked at Leng Ruoxue calmly.

“Yes, let’s begin quickly! Stop wasting time.” Leng Ruoxue frowned impatiently. Nonsense. How can I not be in a hurry?

“Alright, let’s begin!” Huo Qing could see Leng Ruoxue’s impatience, but he really didn’t know how he had offended her and why she hated him so much. Thinking of this, he felt a little depressed.