Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 34

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“You can’t do this to me . I’m the most favored second young lady of the Xu family!” Xu Lin’er yelled . But her voice became weaker and weaker until nothing could be heard anymore .


After they got rid of Xu Lin’er and her third uncle, their eyes turned to the dozen or so mercenaries .

“Captain, what should we do?” a mercenary stammered .

“Wait for death!” the captain said sadly . They would not be able to run away . Even if they escaped by chance, returning to their mercenary group would be a dead end . The Xu family would not let them go, and it was impossible for the group to become enemies with the Xu family for them . Moreover, for mercenaries who had dead employers but returned alive, no one would dare to hire them again since they would be labeled as greedy for life and fearful of death .

“Wait!” The silver wolf king heard Leng Ruoxue’s voice just as he was about to give an order . He turned his head in confusion and looked at her .

“Concorde, they’re just mercenaries . If they didn’t take part in injuring Little Fengfeng, let them go!” Leng Ruoxue suddenly said . She had been observing for a while now . Although the dozen or so mercenaries were scared, none of them begged for mercy . They were true men .

The silver wolf king looked at the mercenaries, then at Leng Ruoxue, and nodded . He motioned the silver wolves to make way and let them go .

T-these silver wolves don’t intend to kill us anymore .  The mercenaries had lingering fears as they looked at each other in disbelief, and some couldn’t believe that it was true .

Seeing them still standing there stupidly, Leng Ruoxue reminded them, “Quickly leave . ”

The captain looked at the stunning beauty, struggling in his heart, and then knelt down on one knee . “I, Feng Da, would like to acknowledge Miss as my master . I will always be loyal to you and never betray you . ”

“Why?” Leng Ruoxue asked . She didn’t want to find trouble for herself .

“If the employers of mercenaries die, even if they return to their mercenary group, they will be regarded as people who are fearful of death . Our employer is the Xu family, and they will not let us go . Even if we don’t die in the mouths of the silver wolves now, we won’t be able to survive for long after returning to the group . I don’t want to die . I’m willing to do anything for Miss to repay you for this great favor,” the man named Feng Da said sincerely . He knew that if he only said something along the lines of repaying her with gratitude, this young lady would definitely not agree . Therefore, he would rather tell the truth, hoping that this young lady would consider him sincere enough and take in him and his brothers .

After hearing what their captain said, the other mercenaries also reacted the same way, saying they wanted to acknowledge her as their master and would always be loyal to her .

“Xue’er, you are so amazing . You are about to undermine the second-largest mercenary group, the Anaconda Mercenary Group!” Ye Chen said with a chuckle after looking at the emblem on their chests .

“Do you want to harm me? If I really take you in, wouldn’t I become enemies with the Anaconda Mercenary Group?” Leng Ruoxue pretended to be displeased .

Mercenary groups were divided into six ranks: A, B, C, D, E, and F . A-rank was the highest, and F-rank was the lowest . The Anaconda Mercenary Group was the highest rank and also one of the three major mercenary groups on the Ling Feng Continent .

“Don’t worry, Miss . We will never implicate you . Although the Anaconda Mercenary Group is the second-largest mercenary group, they would not dare to offend the Xu family . If they know that our employer is dead, they will definitely abandon us . We can follow Miss forever,” Feng Da explained .

“But if the Xu family, one of the Five Great Families, knows that you are following me, I’m afraid they will get rid of me together with you, right?” Leng Ruoxue said worriedly .


Hearing what she said, the mercenaries headed by Feng Da were stunned because they knew that she was right . They would indeed become a burden and implicate this young lady .

“Miss is right . I did not think it through,” Feng Da said, somewhat embarrassed . He originally thought that she had to be a member of one of the top families on par with the Xu family since she could become friends with these silver wolves, and her appearance and temperament were so outstanding . Their lives could be saved this way, but he didn’t expect… Sigh, I was thinking too simply .

Leng Ruoxue looked at this man named Feng Da . He was about thirty years old, tall, had good features, and was at intermediate Spiritual Monarch . Just now, when he said that he wanted to acknowledge her as his master, he only mentioned himself and not his subordinates because he had made the decision relatively hastily and had not discussed it with them . Then he explained the reason he wanted to acknowledge her as his master very sincerely . It was not just for her but also to remind his subordinates . Now, after listening to her, he was also aware of the mistakes in his thinking .  Yes, this is a smart, loyal, and responsible man . She was very satisfied .

“I can take you all in,” Leng Ruoxue said . They had passed her test .

Feng Da and the others were stunned again .  Did we hear it right?

“But the Xu family…”

“I don’t care about the Xu family,” Leng Ruoxue said coldly . She would be enemies with the Xu family sooner or later, so it was better to prepare early .


Feng Da and the others looked at each other happily and then knelt on one knee very neatly . “May I ask your name, Miss?” Feng Da asked .

“Leng Ruoxue . ”

“I, Feng Da, Lin Yuan… would like to acknowledge Leng Ruoxue as our master . We will always be loyal and will never betray you!” More than a dozen people swore in unison after they said their names one by one . The contract array descended on everything, and the contract was established .


“Get up . Don’t kneel so casually in the future . ” Leng Ruoxue looked at the fifteen people . She had not thought of asking them to swear allegiance, but she would not refuse . Moreover, the contract just now was just a contract of loyalty and not as overbearing as the follower contract . As long as they did not betray her, it would have any effect on them .

“Xue’er, since we’ve accepted them, why don’t we set up a mercenary group for fun too?!” Ye Chen said from the side, obviously bored .

Feng Da and the others heard the words of the man who was as beautiful as a heavenly being and were dumbfounded .  Set up a mercenary group for fun?

“Okay . ” Leng Ruoxue nodded . She was also thinking this .

“What should we name it?”

“How about the Blazing Flame Mercenary Group?!” Leng Ruoxue said after thinking .

In this way, the Blazing Flame Mercenary Group, known as the Forever F-Rank that caused a huge stir and inspired awe across the Ling Feng Continent in the future, was quietly established .


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