Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Big Brother is Hurt (2)

After Feng Moran finished speaking, many mercenary groups and families who wanted to befriend them came forward to congratulate them . Although establishing a mercenary group wasn’t a big deal, anyone could see their strength .

“Congratulations!” Ju Ri and Cang Ran deliberately walked up to Leng Ruoxue . They knew that this stunning girl in front of them was the core of the group .

“Thank you . ”

“Everyone, in order to thank you for your kind intentions, I have decided to invite everyone who congratulated us to eat earth python meat,” Leng Ruoxue said . Since others intended to be on good terms with her, she shouldn’t be too distant . Moreover, her meaning was obvious . Only those who had congratulated her earlier would have a share .


“That’s great . ”

“What a treat!” Some of those who came to offer their congratulations didn’t expect something so good, and they were overjoyed . Earth python meat wasn’t something that just anyone had the chance to eat .

“Erm… we still don’t know your names?” Ju Ri and Cang Ran couldn’t help asking after sitting together with Leng Ruoxue’s group of four .

“Feng Moran . ”

“Mu Li . ”

“Ye Chen . She is my wife, Leng Ruoxue,” Ye Chen introduced directly, wanting to strangle his love rivals to death in the bud .

“Leng Ruoxue? Eastern Lagoon’s General Leng’s granddaughter, Leng Ruoxue?” Ju Ri asked in surprise .

Leng Ruoxue nodded .  Has the young master of the Hurricane Mercenary Group heard of my foolish misdeeds before? Hurricane should be in the Southern Dusk Empire!

“Is Leng Ruohan your elder brother?” Ju Ri asked .

“Uh, does Big Brother Ju know my elder brother?” Leng Ruoxue asked with some doubt .

“Your elder brother is injured!” Ju Ri explained .

“What did you say?” Leng Ruoxue asked in disbelief .

“Leng Ruohan is injured, and I heard that his injury is rather serious,” Ju Ri explained .

How did Big Brother get injured? Leng Ruoxue really couldn’t believe it . Her brother should have broken through to Spiritual Sovereign long ago with the spirit fruit she had left behind . How could he be injured?

“Xue’er, calm down . ” Ye Chen hugged Leng Ruoxue tenderly and comforted her . Xue’er was very cold to outsiders, but she greatly valued her loved ones and people she believed in . She panicked a little when she heard that her brother was injured .

“What should we do? What should we do?” Leng Ruoxue looked at Ye Chen helplessly with tears in her beautiful eyes .

“Don’t worry . He’ll be fine . ” Ye Chen comforted her . He had never seen Xue’er so helpless before .

“Xue’er, don’t worry . Ruohan will be fine . ” Feng Moran also comforted her . Xue’er had always been his pillar and strong in his heart, so his heart ached when he saw Xue’er’s weak and helpless appearance .

“I want to go back to Phoenix City to see Big Brother,” Leng Ruoxue said anxiously .

“Okay, we’ll go back now,” Ye Chen said comfortingly .

“Big Brother Feng, I have something to tell you,” Leng Ruoxue said to Feng Moran .

“Okay . ” Feng Moran stood up and walked into Leng Ruoxue’s tent with her .

“Big Brother Feng, take this . ” Leng Ruoxue handed him a jade bottle .

“What is this?” Feng Moran was curious .

“Poison . ”


“I’m afraid some people will have some devious ideas after I leave . Big Brother Feng doesn’t need to be soft-hearted then . ” Leng Ruoxue could leave early but not Big Brother Feng .

“Charm . ”

“Master, I will protect them,” Charm said understandingly . He knew that his master was worried about them, so she wanted him to stay .

“Thank you . ” Leng Ruoxue hugged Charm’s small and cute body tightly, feeling a little reluctant to part . But with Charm here, she would be much more at ease .

“Big Brother Feng, ask Feng Da to come in after you go out . ”

“Okay . ” Charm jumped onto Feng Moran’s shoulder and followed him out of the tent .

“Miss . ” Feng Da walked in and looked at Leng Ruoxue with some concern . He just heard that something had happened to his young lady’s elder brother . His young lady valued them so much, what more her own blood relatives!

“Protect them,” Leng Ruoxue said directly and handed him a bottle of poison .

“While I don’t allow you to bully others with your power, I won’t allow you to be bullied by others either, so don’t embarrass me . If anyone dares to bully you, don’t be soft-hearted, and don’t be afraid of causing me trouble . I might hate trouble, but I’m not afraid of it . You have to know that our Leng family isn’t easy to bully,” Leng Ruoxue reminded him . The Leng family was the most protective of their own . The reason she said this to Feng Da was that she was afraid that Big Brother Feng would have too many concerns and be unable to do it .

“Miss, don’t worry . Feng Da won’t let anyone bully our Leng family,” Feng Da promised . He had long regarded himself as a member of the Leng family . It was their fortune to have such a protective master!

“Stay here with Big Brother Feng . After the king kong great ape breaks through, you can return to Phoenix City with him or stay here to train . ” Leng Ruoxue gave them two choices .

Feng Da nodded . “Don’t worry, Miss . I promise I won’t let anyone lose a strand of hair . ”

“Mu Li, stay and protect them . If necessary, kill anyone without mercy!” Ye Chen also instructed Mu Li with a cold glow flashing through his eyes .

Before leaving, Leng Ruoxue gave Ju Ri a heavenly essence pill and Cang Ran a spirit fruit as repayment for their kindness in reporting the news . Then she left the Illusionary Forest with Ye Chen on Quill’s back .

Seeing the two people he feared the most leave, Elder Xu became a little restless .  Hmph, let’s see who can protect you now .  He was the strongest here now since the two people he couldn’t see through left .

“Now, it’s the time for us to settle the score properly!” Elder Xu said to Feng Da and the others cockily .

“Yo, why isn’t Elder Xu pretending to be dead?” Feng Da said mockingly . This elder wasn’t so lively when his young lady was around .

“Boss, you don’t understand . The higher the status, the more afraid of death . He wasn’t confident that he could defeat our young lady, so of course he could only pretend to be dead,” Lin Yuan said cooperatively .

“Oh, no wonder…” Realization dawned upon Feng Da’s face .

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