Supreme Crazy Wife - Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Unlucky Fire Rhinoceros

“As long as Xue’er believes Big Brother,” Leng Ruohan said with relief .

“Big Brother, aren’t you going to tell Xue’er what happened?” Leng Ruoxue asked .

“Xue’er, let the matter pass since things have developed to this point . It’s enough as long as Xue’er believes me . ” Although he wanted to tell the truth, he didn’t want to make things difficult for his master, nor did he want to damage his academy’s reputation because of a few black sheep .

“I’ll listen to Big Brother,” Leng Ruoxue coaxed . She knew that her brother had concerns and would rather suffer himself . But she didn’t have any .  Hmph, let the matter pass? It’s not going to be that easy . How can I let anyone who bullies the Leng Family off so easily? Do they really think that the Leng family are pushovers?

“Big Brother, it’s getting late . You should rest early . Xue’er will visit you tomorrow . ”

“Okay . Big Brother will sleep now and wait for Xue’er to come tomorrow . ” Leng Ruohan didn’t want Xue’er to worry .

Leng Ruoxue watched her brother fall asleep on the bed with her own eyes before leaving with Ye Chen .

“Xue’er, do you really intend to let this matter pass?” Ye Chen asked curiously .

“What do you think?” Leng Ruoxue asked rhetorically .

“No matter what you want to do, don’t leave me behind . You have to count me in . ” Ye Chen didn’t believe that this protective little woman would let those fellows who made her elder brother the scapegoat go unscathed!

“Okay, no problem,” Leng Ruoxue said generously .  Why should I decline if someone is willing to be a free goon?

“Come up,” Leng Ruoxue said to Ye Chen as she sat on Quill’s back .

“Where are we going?” Ye Chen was curious .

“Misty Woods,” Leng Ruoxue’s pink lips softly murmured .

The Misty Woods was one of the many medium-sized forests in the Eastern Lagoon Empire . It was incomparable to the Illusionary Forest, regardless of size and the population, types, and levels of spirit beasts . The Misty Woods was much safer than the Illusionary Forest, and it was very close to Phoenix City . As a result, the Heavenly Phoenix Academy often regarded the Misty Woods as a training ground for new students . She had learned from Ming An that her brother met with the accident in the Misty Woods .

“Are we going hunting in the Misty Woods at this late hour?” Ye Chen teased .

“Yes, hunting,” Leng Ruoxue said lightly .

After flying for less than half an hour, Quill brought them to the entrance of the Misty Woods .

“Quill, find a spirit beast and ask where the fire rhinoceroses’ territory is,” Leng Ruoxue said directly .

“Yes, Master . ” Quill’s sharp eagle eyes searched around and found an owl hiding in a tree .

Quill flew directly to the front of the owl and asked, “Where is the territory of the fire rhinoceroses?”

“This in-insignificant beast will bring you there,” the one-meter tall owl said while trembling in fear .

“Th-this is it,” the timid owl said .

“Thank you . This is your reward . ” Leng Ruoxue threw a spirit fruit to the timid owl .

The owl opened its mouth to catch the fruit, nodded in gratitude, and quickly flew away .

“Quill, go and capture a fire rhinoceros for me,” Leng Ruoxue ordered . The fire rhinoceroses should be asleep, so she had to lure them out .

“Yes . ” Quill flew around in the sky and then swooped down . A chubby fiery red rhinoceros appeared in his sharp claws when he flew up again .

Fire rhinoceroses were fire-attribute rhinoceroses . They were mostly intermediate spirit beasts, but a small number of them were advanced spirit beasts of level seven and above . The fire rhinoceros caught by Quill was a level seven spirit beast .

“W-who are you people?” the fire rhinoceros stammered .

“Don’t be scared . We just want to have a chat with you,” Leng Ruoxue said with a smile .

“I-I have nothing to talk about with humans,” the fire rhinoceros said fearfully . How could it not be afraid? There was a holy beast eyeing it covetously next to it .  Boohoo…

“Xue’er, I’m hungry . Let’s roast it and eat it . It seems to have a lot of meat, so it should taste good . ” Ye Chen looked at the fire rhinoceros lying on the ground .

“Yes, I heard that fire rhinoceros meat is very delicious . I haven’t eaten it before!” Leng Ruoxue said cooperatively .

“It’s more than that . The hide of fire rhinoceroses is also very valuable . So are their horns . They are all good raw materials for making equipment,” Ye Chen commented critically about fire rhinoceroses .

“One probably isn’t enough to eat, right? Why don’t we catch a few more? We can bring them back for Grandpa and the others to try,” Leng Ruoxue said .

“Master, I’m going to catch more . ” Quill flew up again .

In less than half an hour, Quill caught more than a dozen fire rhinoceroses, each of them a level seven spirit beast .

“Quill, well done,” Leng Ruoxue praised . Her beast was so smart and knew to capture advanced beasts . Spirit beasts with intelligence were more interesting .

“Xue’er, which one should we grill?” Ye Chen asked expectantly .

“I’ll leave it to you to decide . ” Leng Ruoxue started a fire .

“This one… this one… they’re all quite fat . Which one should I choose?” Ye Chen murmured to himself as he circled the fire rhinoceroses .

The captured fire rhinoceroses all lowered their heads, afraid that they would be chosen by this nasty man .

“Since they’re all good, just pick any one,” Leng Ruoxue suggested .

“Then this one . It’s the fattest one . ” Ye Chen pointed at a 200-kilogram fire rhinoceros and kicked it out .

After being kicked, the fat fire rhinoceros rolled to Leng Ruoxue’s feet like a ball .

“Let’s let out some blood first . ” Leng Ruoxue held a sharp dagger in her hand and gestured at the fat fire rhinoceros .

“Boohoo… Don’t eat me . My flesh stinks and isn’t delicious . ” The fat fire rhinoceros whimpered and sobbed .

“Where should I start? This is it . ” Leng Ruoxue thought for a long time before finally deciding on the spot to insert her knife . It was the fat fire rhinoceros’s butt . She raised her dagger and stabbed it fiercely .

“Aaahhhh!” A shrill scream echoed through the entire forest .

“Who’s bullying my fire rhinoceros tribe!” A loud roar resounded from the distance .

“You’re finally out . It would have been better if you had cooperated earlier,” Leng Ruoxue said with satisfaction after seeing that she had achieved her goal . They had caught so many fire rhinoceroses, but the fire rhinoceros king had actually pretended to be dead .

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