Chapter 36: 36
In her previous life, the sisterly affection between her and Fang Manxue had long disappeared because of the latter’s schemes .

Fang Manxue was waiting for Bai Qinghao to get mad, but she couldn’t tell what he was thinking in the slightest as she looked at his ice-cold face .
Fang Xinxin cheated on him, so shouldn’t he be angry enough to kill Fang Xinxin?
Why was he so calm?
Fang Manxue looked at Fang Xinxin’s fat figure and face full of acne . She was so ugly . If she was a man, she wouldn’t like such an ugly woman .
Could it be that the Commander didn’t like Fang Xinxin at all? That was why he didn’t care even if she cheated on him?

“Commander, you don’t have to help Fang Xinxin hide this . ” Fang Manxue said tentatively, “I know you can’t afford to let the news that your fiancée cheated on you spread, but since Fang Xinxin dared to do this, she has to bear the consequences . You don’t have to take into account the Fang family’s reputation . As her second sister, I don’t have such a shameless sister!”
“Enough!” Bai Qinghao snapped . His gaze at Fang Manxue was as cold and sharp as an arrow . “What qualifications do you think your Fang family has to make me pay attention to your reputation? The man who took Fang Xinxin’s innocence is me!”
“Wh…… What……” Fang Manxue couldn’t react .
“The bedsheets in your hands are indeed from Fang Xinxin . But the man who took her innocence is not Bai Chenxi . It’s me . Do you understand?” Bai Qinghao gnashed his teeth and made things clear .
“Impossible…… How can that be?!” Fang Manxue was shocked and pale . She was completely unable to accept the blow . “How could you touch her……?”

Bai Qinghao’s voice sunk . “Fang Xinxin is my fiancée . Why is it impossible that I touch my woman?!”
His firm and decisive words shocked Fang Manxue speechless .
She had expended a lot of effort to steal the bedsheets from the hospital room . She had thought that she could topple Fang Xinxin . But she didn’t expect that she would shoot herself in the foot!
She never would have expected that the weak and inferior Fang Xinxin actually climbed onto Bai Qinghao’s bed!
She was about to be angered to death . Bai Qinghao was hers, Fang Manxue’s! That ugly Fang Xinxin wasn’t even qualified to carry Bai Qinghao’s shoes!

Crazy jealousy surged in Fang Manxue’s heart . She suppressed her jealousy and angrily accused Fang Xinxin . “Since you climbed onto the Commander’s bed…… I mean, since the man you had relations with is the Commander, why didn’t you say it earlier?”
And to think, she, Fang Manxue was such a smart person . She had never been so embarrassed in her whole life . It was all this fat idiot’s fault!
“Haha……” Fang Xinxin blatantly laughed . “Fang Manxue, since you like being shameless, why would I stop you? I really like looking at how you acted so smart . ”
“You……” Fang Manxue was so angry that she trembled . “Look . Fang Xinxin doesn’t act like a younger sister at all . She…… actually laughed at me!”
She was actually laughed at by the stupid and fat woman whom she had always looked down on . It was simply unbearable!

“You really are a joke . ” Bai Qinghao scoffed and smiled .
Fang Manxue saw his smile . Even if it was tinted with ridicule, he was still so handsome and attractive .
Such a man was really outstanding .
A flower-like fake smile appeared on her face . She didn’t dare to disagree with Bai Qinghao . “Commander, I made a mistake . We’re a family, so don’t be bothered by it . ”
“Scram! If it’s not because of your third sister, I wouldn’t let you off so easily for spreading gossip!” And here Bai Qinghao had thought that Fang Manxue had some ironclad evidence regarding Xinxin and Bai Chenxi .