Chapter 37: 37
That had made him scared for a while .

Bai Qinghao’s emotions could be as unmovable as a mountain in any situation . Only any hint of Fang Xinxin not liking him would drive him crazy!
Fang Manxue was furious that her scheme didn’t work . She was also very jealous that she almost sprayed out a mouthful of blood . “Don’t be mad, Commander . I’m leaving right now . ”
She turned around on her high heels and left the master bedroom .
Fang Xinxin felt very refreshed to see Fang Manxue leave with a stomach full of anger .
With Fang Manxue’s temper, she wouldn’t dare to vent her anger here . She would go back and raise the roof in the Fang house instead .
Bai Qinghao looked disgusted at the carpet that Fang Manxue had stepped on . He ordered coldly, “Change the carpet . From now on, Fang Manxue isn’t allowed in the master bedroom!”

“Yes . ” A maid outside the door answered respectfully .
Fang Manxue, who had just descended the stairs, trembled in anger .
He had to change the carpet that she had stepped on . Bai Qinghao was humiliating her!
She wanted to obtain such an arrogant and superior man even more!
She then thought that Bai Qinghao didn’t say that he was changing the carpet because she stepped on it . Maybe he was changing it because the carpet was too dirty?
This thought made Fang Manxue’s heart feel more comfortable .
In Yuting’s master bedroom, the maids quickly replaced the old with a new high-end carpet .

Bai Qinghao stepped on the new carpet and felt a lot better . He placed his palm on Fang Xinxin’s forehead to take her temperature . “You don’t have a fever . ”
He looked a little concerned at her . “Are you feeling unwell anywhere?”
“No . ” Fang Xinxin shook her head . Her heart felt very warm when she felt the warmth from his palm .
“You slept for a long time after you came back from the hospital . A whole day and night . ” He said .
“I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time, so I slept a little longer . ” Near the end of her previous life, she had insomnia every night . Now that she was alive again and could live in Yuting, she would cherish the opportunity that the heavens gave her to be happy again .
“That’s good . ” He looked gently at her . “Then let’s go eat dinner in the dining room . ”

“En . ” She nodded . “You go first . I’ll go tidy up . ”
Bai Qinghao left the room .
Fang Xinxin saw a suitcase in the corner of the master bedroom .
It was hers . She had packed it up at the Fang house before she “eloped” with Bai Chenxi . It contained almost all of her worldly possessions .
The dress she was wearing now was what Bai Qinghao had told Liu Li to buy for her . It was a little small and didn’t fit well . She wanted to change .
She opened the suitcase . There was only one dress that was almost white from all the washes and two sets of old clothes . They were clearly bought from street stalls .
There was nothing that she could wear . Even her clothes had lint on them . It would be shameful even if she wore them casually .

They were her worthless worldly possessions .
The Fang family had never bought her new clothes before . But Fang Manxue wore name brands and had an endless amount of new clothes . Her pocket money was in the hundreds of thousands .
They were both daughters of the Fang family . But this differential treatment……
She really didn’t know what her mother was thinking .
“Ms . Fang, the Commander told me to bring you to your new clothes next door . ” The maid Ji Qing came over and made a “please” gesture respectfully .
“I don’t have any clothes here……” Fang Xinxin said .
“Just come with me . ”
Fang Xinxin followed the maid Ji Qing to the room next door . It was a luxuriously decorated room too . The most eye-catching thing was the walk-in closet filled with women’s clothes . She walked over to it . Every item and every set of clothes was particularly exquisite and good-looking and hanging neatly and orderly in the closet .