Chapter 38: 38
There were more than twenty new pairs of shoes in a drawer . There were high heels, leather shoes, casual shoes…… Everything was here .

Each pair of shoes was exceptionally beautiful .
“The Commander bought all these clothes and shoes for you . ” Jealousy flashed in the maid Ji Qing’s eyes .
How was this ugly woman worthy of so much high-end clothes?!
Fang Xinxin noticed the jealousy in Ji Qing’s eyes . She coldly sneered . “What? Are you jealous?”
“I don’t dare . ” She was just a servant and didn’t dare to overtly oppose her master too much .
“It’s normal even if you are jealous . ” As long as this maid didn’t do anything excessive, Fang Xinxin was too lazy to pay her any attention . She casually picked up some clothes and looked at their tags . They were all big international name brands and worth tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of yuan .

The cheapest article of clothing cost more than 10,000 yuan……
The shoes were also in the range of thousands and tens of thousands of yuan per pair .
Bai Qinghao was really rich!
In contrast, Fang Xinxin only had 58 yuan and eight cents in her pocket . So poor……
A warm current surged in Fang Xinxin’s heart .
It wasn’t because Bai Qinghao bought her such expensive clothes and shoes . It was because he was attentive and noticed that she didn’t have a lot of changes of clothes .

But at the same time, she was embarrassed . She was dressed so shabbily in front of her beloved man .
Although she knew he wouldn’t make fun of her, her heart was still tart . She had to make money as soon as possible .
“The Commander said this room will be for you to put clothes and shoes in,” Ji Qing said without any emotion .
Fang Xinxin slightly nodded . She picked up a set of grass green casual clothes and shoes . She went to the bathroom in the master bedroom, quickly washed up, and changed .
She walked down from the third floor . The dining room table was filled with food . Bai Qinghao was sitting at the table . He hadn’t started to eat yet because he was waiting for her .
The guard Liu Li stood respectfully behind his chair .

A maid pulled out the chair opposite Bai Qinghao . “Please have a seat, Ms . Fang . ”
Fang Xinxin slightly nodded . After she sat down opposite Bai Qinghao, she said, somewhat distressed, “Commander, don’t buy so much new clothes and shoes for me . It’s so expensive……”
“It’s nothing . Don’t worry about it . ” His cold eyes looked at her . “You look very good . ”
Liu Li’s mouth twitched . A dark and fat woman like Fang Xinxin looked ugly no matter what she wore, okay? He didn’t know how the Commander could praise her .
He had thought before that the Commander’s eyes were high in the air, but now…… He looked at how tragically ugly and fat Fang Xinxin was .
He seriously suspected whether there was something wrong with the Commander’s eyes .

“En . Thank you . ” Fang Xinxin blushed from Bai Qinghao’s compliment . Unfortunately, she had stayed out in the sun every day before to run away from him . Her skin was dark, so no one could see that she was blushing .
Bai Qinghao’s gaze was subconsciously gentle . “You don’t have to be so polite with me . ”
Fang Xinxin was in a difficult spot as she said, “I want to lose weight . I won’t fit those clothes and shoes soon . It’s such a waste……”
“It doesn’t matter . ” There wasn’t much expression on his handsome face . “When you lose weight, I’ll buy you new ones . ”
“No……” She quickly shook her head .
“I said I’m doing it!” His eyes turned cold .
She was already his, but she still refused to accept his gifts . Did she think otherwise?