Sweet and Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me, Commander! - Chapter 692

But, as long as she is happy . . . then it doesnt matter if he dies from heartache .
The guest seat was silent, but Bai Qinghao was called the cold-faced Hades behind his back .
Even if Fang Shaohua is Fang Xinxins adopted brother, he dare to say something serious to the king of Yan, not to die?
Bai Qinghao gets married today and is in a good mood . Therefore, a faint smile appeared on the firm thin lips, Dont worry, Xinxin is my life!
Wow! President Bai, who has never been close to women, is so touched and romantic! A female guest cried out with envy, and many guests echoed her .
Next, let the bride and groom exchange rings! The host spoke fiercely .
Today’s wedding scene was broadcast live on several TV stations . Under the attention of the scene, Bai Qinghao knelt on one knee, with a pious and affectionate expression, and put a huge shiny wedding ring on Fang Xinxin’s slender left ring finger .
What a big wedding ring, at least eight carats of diamonds! Another enviable star is flying in the sky .
Fang Xinxin also put a ring on him .
Please kiss the bride and groom! The hosts voice became excited and high-pitched .
Bai Qinghao stood on the stage, bowed his head, and pressed a deep kiss on Fang Xinxins tender lips . Several reporters pressed the shutter to record this classic moment .
The audience in front of the major TV stations watched the national male **** Bai Qinghao kissing the bride . The close-up affectionate eyes and subtle facial expressions all interpret the profound love of Bai Qinghaos partner Xinxin .
Many people were moved to tears .
Sun Jiamu stood in a corner where no one noticed, looking at the happy pair of blue people on the stage, sending sincere blessings in his heart .
Fang Shaohuas performance just a moment ago surprised her, but he didnt expect him to hand Xinxin to Bai Qinghao .
Holding a red wine glass, Bai Jingrou stood in front of a vertical basket of colored roses, watching the scene on the stage . His delicate makeup was pale with anger .
It seems that harder, even the tall red wine glass in his hand can be broken .
Bai Chenxi was already shocked by Fang Xinxins unparalleled beauty .
Once disliked Fang Xinxin so much, even now he has an urge to marry Fang Xinxin, wishing the bridegroom is himself!
A person is sulking here, biting his teeth with hatred . Bai Chenxi walked to Jing Rou and said in a low voice, Why didnt I see you to stop the wedding?
Do you think I dont want to? Bai Jingrou looked around, You know, dont you? The highest point in all directions ambushed a sniper . If anyone dares to make trouble at the wedding, he will be shot directly .
Its okay to find a bird that is in the early stage . Bai Chenxi snorted coldly, I dont believe in dead people . The wedding can continue .
Really, Bai Jingrou said unwillingly, Look at how many bodyguards with guns are around? There are many of them mixed in with the guests . Even if one person is dead, they will be dragged away immediately, even the traces will not be left . Bai Qing Hao has released the news that even if the person is dead, the wedding will be held as usual .
This shows that Bai Qinghao loves Fang Xinxin to an inextricable degree . Bai Chenxi narrowed his eyes, Controlling Fang Xinxin is equivalent to controlling Bai Qinghao .
Not bad . A calculation flashed in Bai Jingrous eyes, It is almost impossible to control Bai Qinghao . However, after the wedding, I have the ability to pull Fang Xinxin from Madam Bais position!
Cheers! Bai Chenxi and Bai Jingrou whispered, seeing someone approaching, they hurriedly bumped into the cups, pretending to be chatting .