Chapter 279

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" Thousands of explosions exploded in the sky as two bright lights clashed with each other . The fight made the surroundings tremble tremendously . The annihilated plains right now became a more desolated place which no one would be interested in staying at .  

"You sure are strong even without an owner controlling you . That's amazing . " Trueblack Ancient's eyes flashed with greed and grinned, "After killing Bu, you will be mine . No, whether you like it or not, I will be your owner!" 

"Keep dreaming . " The sword snorted in disdain . After which, it attacked once again and and clashed with Trueblack Ancient .  

"Boom! Bang! Boom!" The fight in the sky continued for a few minutes . After which, the sword backed off and positioned itself beside Owner Bu .  

"Oi, Human . Your qi is drained now . I couldn't fight anymore if this continues . " The sword knew that this scenario was coming, but it didn't expect that it would come sooner than it calculated .  

The World-Destroying Sword was deeply tied with Owner Bu . So the former knew what was happening with the latter . Now, the last reserve of qi of Owner Bu was instantly drained by the stalemate fight against Trueblack Ancient . To make the matters worse, the sword itself had no more reserved, too, leaving them in this despairing situation .  

"I will cut your connections with me and you go to Youngmaster Jin . He will surely make you escape here . It's better that way . " Owner Bu seriously said . He was not willing that the sword would be in his enemies' hands . The sword was a prized memento of his friend . If he let it happen, he wouldn't have the guts to face Dreamland Emperor in the afterlife .  

"That's right!" Suddenly, the sword was struck with an idea and said, "His Highness is with us so why don't you ask him for help? I'm sure that he's just around watching us . " 

"No . " Owner Bu shook his head, "Youngmaster Jin has already done so many things for me . I couldn't trouble him any further . " 

Truth be told, he already thought of this .

However, he brushed off this notion as he didn't want to abuse Jin Rou's power . But it was for sure that if Jin Rou were to take action, this constellation called Black Star was done for .  

"This idiot…" The sword didn't expect that this old man was stubborn more than he looked like . It wanted to give him another smacking if not for the fact that Owner Bu's situation was getting worse . Now, it really didn't know what to say .  

"So go . " Owner Bu urged the sword to go seek Jin Rou, "It's better if I'm alone here . " 

After which, Owner Bu cut off his connection with the sword . Meant that the sword was no longer his, and he was no longer the owner .  

"…" The sword was speechless . This old man had really cut it off and let go . It couldn't help but admire the tenacity and determination Owner Bu was showing .  

For the first time, the sword had felt something deep within .  

"Alright, time to end this . " Trueblack Ancient had already grown tired of this and wanted to end the battle immediately, "Bu, accept your death . " 

The two idle Destinies suddenly moved . They equipped their treasures, dual swords of their choice, and rushed towards where Owner Bu was .

"!" Owner Bu couldn't react in time as the two Destinies had already reached his vicinity in just a matter of split second .  

The two Destinies didn't hesitate to swung their swords and aimed to chop off Owner Bu's head .  

"Die!" The two Destinies' hatred exploded as the intensity of the attack increased by several levels . They were determined to kill Owner Bu right here and right now! 

Owner Bu sighed and closed his eyes, accepting his incoming death . He was already satisfied that he came this far . That he killed even a Destiny before he died . He felt like he already exacted revenge for Dreamland Emperor . Too bad, though, since he couldn't annihilate the entire constellation . But he knew that it was impossible even from the start . He already had a good life and that was enough for him . Thus, he could die peacefully .  

"Buzz!" However, just when the swords were about to hit Owner Bu's neck, a hand that came from a spatial dimension suddenly touched the swords .  

"Crack! Crack!" After which, the swords that were touched created a cracking sounds, and soon, a web of cracks appeared .  

The two Destinies were terrified to their core as they felt a very powerful pressure coming from the spatial dimension . Their bodies shuddered in fear the moment the unknown figure came out of it .  

Even Trueblack Ancient was affected by the pressure that this figure was emanating! 

"Isn't it unfair to gang up against an old man?" Jin Rou, the one who came out of the dimension, smiled and said .  

His smile was cold that it would give anyone a shiver that would run down their spines .

The aura that Jin Rou was releasing wasn't something they felt before .  

"Whoosh!" The two Destinies let go of their swords and backed off the moment they sensed this extreme danger .  

"Stab! Stab!" However, Jin Rou didn't let them as he released two huge swords above them and stabbed them with a speed they wouldn't be able to follow .  

"Ahh!!" The two Destinies screamed in pain after being stabbed and spat mouthfuls of blood . With just a single attack, they looked like they were already dying .  

"!" Trueblack Ancient wanted to move and save the Destinies . After all, they couldn't let anything happen to them! They already lost

Bluepeacock, they wouldn't be able to take this loss if the two other Destinies were to die also . However, his feet couldn't move as if there's a huge and heavy boulder on his feet, immobilizing him .  

The two Destinies screamed and screamed on the top of their lungs for a few minutes before coming into a stop . The two swords that stabbed them had also disappeared out of the void .  

The ground was painted blood red and invaded the air, making the smell foul and bloody .