Chapter 131
5 months later, deep in the forest .

"System, how long till the end of this forest?" A young voice was to hear in the lonely forest .

[You already walked more than two thirds of the forest . Be patience, you already asked me 1458 times . ]

This young man was Haytam, he was still in the forest he entered five months ago . In this five months, Haytam experienced a lot of things in this forest alone . He had to fight with all types of dangerous beasts or flee from dangerous beasts when they exceed his level .

This forest was the one that separated the peninsula and the main continent and was impossible to cross . Or that was what the people believed . Because this forest was one of the biggest forest in the continent, the people could not find a way to cross it . Even after running everyday for five months, Haytam was only able to cross two thirds of the forest .

But thanks to the system, he had a map like that guided him through this forest safely . But safely meant only that he would not go in the wrong way, this forest was still very dangerous, even with the cultivation of a 6th level QI Devourer . But Haytam relied on the system when he could not handle a situation, and everything was ok .

"I hope I will not meet with a leopard, please not!" Haytam heard a noise from a near tree . He hated the leopards from this forests and he did not know a leopard was doing in a forest . But they were the most horrible beasts that a person could meet here .

Soon after saying this, a black leopard popped out and jumped to Haytam .

"Of course, it is a leopard . Which other beasts would hide in a tree? It is an also a 6th level beast . I have work today . " Haytam sighed and took his sword out . Then he attacked back the leopard .

The leopard saw the attack of the human and dodged it before he took out his claws and tried to scratch the human .

Haytam saw the claws and dodged them by jumping to the right . He could not afford it be scratched by those claws, because they were poisonous . The claws were deadly for human under the 7th level and Haytam was in that ranking, so he had to avoid it by any price . He hated the leopards in this forest because of their deadly claws, then he already had the honor to taste the pain from the poison .

"I will not fall again because of that poison, wait only, I will peel your skin out . " Shout Haytam and with a swing from his sword . A fire blade was shoot out and the leopard was decapitated instantly .

"Haha, I think you lost something . " Haytam took the decapitated head with his hand and said . The body was lying on the ground and a moment later began to shake crazily because of the blood coming out .

Haytam jumped away and let the leopard there and continued his journey . Since he left the village, this was his daily routine . As deeper he run into the forest as more beasts and stronger beasts he would meet .

Haytam personally could only handle till 8th level beasts, it was already two levels higher than him, but he could handle it without problems . If he met with any beast stronger than that, which is normal when you are in the centrum of the forest, then he run away with the help of the system, because it was impossible for him to escape alone . He did not want that the beasts played with his indestructible body which was not secured against poison .

Haytam could still remember as he got poisoned: "System, why am I so weak against poison? I thought I had an indestructible body . "

[Sorry, I upgraded your indestructible body but not your immunity against poison . I will do it now . ]

Haytam could not believe at that moment that the system made a mistake, but he quickly forgives it .


Haytam had still a long way before him and he enjoyed this trip into the forest, because even if it was a little lonely, it made him fell alive . He also practiced his weapons skill and mastered almost all the weapons that the system could offer, which were all the weapons that exists .

Haytam choose after a lot of consideration, two weapons as his main weapons . The first one was the sword, he loved to practice with his unique sword, which was also the strongest sword that exists . Of course, the sword was limited because of his level, but when he reaches the 15th level, then he could cut the dimension in two with it .

The second weapon was a fire gun, he loved them from his previous life . But his fire gun was unique, because it used QI as munition, and he needed only one form to use it as a normal gun or as a sniper . So, he had the gun every time on him if he needed it . This gun also saved him a lot .