Chapter 132
In an instant a few months passed, and Noah reached the other end of the forest . Till now he could remember as the system told how long it will take for him to pass the whole forest . A total of 8 months was spent in this forest and it changed a little his perspective for life .

Being alone for so long, allowed him to think a lot and help him find a new goal to follow, or at least it made his ideas clearer than before . If it was before he wanted only to travel, now he wanted to travel and discover .

It was a minimal change of ideas, but for Haytam was more than that .

"Finally, out!! I thought this forest was endless long . " Haytam shout as soon as he saw the end of the trees in front of him .

He was so excited and run to the exit to see what was there . Then this forest was for a long time like a fee chosen prison, that he loved .

"Oh, it looks the same as the other side . " Said Haytam after seeing the other side . He did not know what he was expecting, but it felt somehow like an idiot .

"The only difference is the QI in the air, but everything else is the same . " Murmured Haytam .

Yes, the Qi in the air was much thicker than in the other side of the forest . He did not know why, but it was like this and he could not change it, or better saying he did not want .

So, after observing for a short time, Haytam walked away in some direction . This time he did not ask the system or somebody, he only followed his instinct, and everything was ok for him .

After three hours of continually walking, Haytam met the first people here . But it was not a friendly meet as he expected, it was more like the reunion of the bandits and their prey . Not friendly at all .

"We are the Blackheads bandits, give us you pertinences or your life . You choose!" Said one of the bandits .

"Come on! I ma new here, why are you doing this?" replied Haytam in bad mood . he always had bad luck meeting people .

"Shut up or I slice your baby ass . You came here without knowing about the Blackheads Bandits? Do not joke with us!" Said another bandit very prideful . He did not like the idea that someone did not know them .

"We are the biggest bandit in this region, and nobody dares to offend us . Do you know who our boss is?" Another one shout too .

"No, I do not know . " Haytam replied calmly .

"You peasant how dare you come here without knowing the name of our boss Blaine Blackhead . He is a 5th level QI devourer, even the mayor of the city and the clans leaders there, have to respect him because his strength . " Said another bandit .

"It looks like I have no interest to know him . Thank you for you explanation and bye . " Haytam said that and continued walking without caring about that group of bandits .

He could see that they relied completely on his boss and without them they are nothing . Therefore, they spoke about him so much and explained who he is .

"hehehe, do you think you can go? Who allow you to go?" A bandit jumped in front of him and did not let Haytam continue his way .

Haytam looked the man in broken clothes and full of dirt in front of him and sighed .

Then in an instant after moving his hand, a sound could be heard .

! Boom!

It was a clear sound, and everybody was shocked, but not eh man in front of Haytam, because he was dead . He had now a hole in his forehead .

"Do you want me to play with you or can I continue my way . Your boss is a joke in front of me, so before doing anything, think about this fallen man . " Said Haytam with a cold voice and releasing his aura .

The bandits instantly began to frighten and run away, then they knew that they had nor chance against a monster like this young man . They were sure that the only one that could fight him was their boss, but they did not know how to report this matter after running away .

They did not even look for the others before they run away, but at they end they met in the same place .

It was the entrance before their main quarters . Here did everyone lived and the bounty the collected from robbing also came here . As they entered the main quarters running, the other bandits laughed and shout to them:

"Did you saw a ghost or what?"

"Did you finally meet god?"

The other bandits continued mocking them, but they were to scare to say something .

Short after that, they arrived at where the boss was .