The Anarchic Consort - Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: 1149

Chapter 1149: Ajiu Saw Baili Shangxie

Little Baldy was extremely curious . His round eyes looked left and right, and the white cat on his head also followed the movement of his eyeballs .

When she was on the mountain, she had never seen these things .

There were so many people, and there were so many cars under the bridge .

And there were tall buildings everywhere .

It was really tall!

Little Baldy raised his head and his little face to look at the big house .

“Let’s go, I will show you what a modern metropolis is!” Master Li stretched out his hand and pulled Little Baldy’s neck over .

Bai Zhun glanced at him .

He immediately withdrew his hand . “Can’t I take care pf him? Alright, you will take care of him!” He and Bai Zhun had grown up together, and this was the first time he realized that this Bai Zhun had such a strong desire to protect his younger brother .

Bai Zhun ignored this unreliable little friend . He knew that there weren’t many things in the temple, so he explained to Little Baldy one by one what she was seeing .

Little Baldy did indeed look like a person from ancient times, but even so, she had been holding Bai Zhun’s hand all the way .

The big screen in the shopping mall started to show an advertisement for children’s clothing .

Little Baldy suddenly stopped . He didn’t even hold Bai Zhun’s hand . He ran to the opposite side of the screen with his little hand on the railing and looked at the star that appeared on the screen .

The other party looked less than ten years old, but he was wearing the hottest black skeleton T-shirt of the year . His skin was very white . Even if he didn’t apply foundation, he already looked like a vampire .

Little Baldy suddenly stood at the back and did not move .

The other children also stopped .

Master Li followed his line of sight and glanced in that direction . He then scoffed disapprovingly, “So it’s him, he looks like a gigolo . I really don’t understand . Why do all the girls in the class like this guy called Shangxie? Is he very handsome?”

“Yes he is . ” Little Baldy had never been so hostile to anyone . His eyes turned cold as he said, “Don’t you dare talk about him . If I hear you talk about him again in the future, I’ll hit you!”

Master Li was dumbfounded

What was going on?

Could it be that Ajiu was also a fan?

Bai Zhun also frowned . He thought for a moment and reached out to bring the child to his side . “Ajiu, you can’t just beat people up . ”

“I understand,” Little Baldy said in a muffled voice .

Bai Zhun still didn’t want to scold the child too much . “Be good, and I will bring you to buy clothes . ”

“Okay . ” Although the Little Baldy agreed, he kept turning his head to take a look until the advertisement was gone . He seemed to be in a particularly good mood .

Bai Zhun also noticed the change in the child . He thought that he was happy because he wanted to buy new clothes .

In reality, Bai Zhun did not know the real reason .

Little Baldy was happy because he saw his brother here .

His real brother was… Baili Shangxie .

When he was on the mountain, Little Baldy would always receive all kinds of things . They were all sent to him by his second brother .

There were photos of his father and mother . There were also photos of his two brothers .

He saw photos of four people too, which deliberately left him out .

Little Baldy was very clear that his brothers were all waiting for him to return .

Because he could not see his brother, he was very happy when he saw Baili Shangxie on the screen . This was the best thing for him .

He was really happy . Buddha must have heard his wish .

Of course, he also had to thank Bai Zhun for bringing him out . Otherwise, he would not be able to see Baili Shangxie .

It was just that Master Li was a little hateful . However, he had already forgiven him . After all, his brother was so handsome . So it was understandable if Little Baldy would definitely be envied by others .

Thinking of this, Little Baldy acted on his own accord and tapped his big head .

Bai Zhun looked at him from the side and raised his eyebrows in puzzlement . “What?”

“Nothing, it’s just that I am very happy today,” Little Baldy said seriously . “I will be even happier than eating ten bowls of white rice!”

Bai Zhun replied, “Alright, let’s have white rice as today’s lunch . ”

A group of half-grown children shopping in the mall would always attract the attention of others . In addition, these children usually looked very good . The most eye-catching thing was that there was a small monk among them .

Many people looked at Little Baldy and wanted to take photos of him . After all, he looked too cute in his monk costume .

Bai Zhun was protecting the children at the side . When they arrived at the mall, they went to the place that sold sunglasses and chose a pair of sunglasses for Little Baldy to block the sunlight .

Master Li also tried the sunglasses at the side .

However, the four boys’ biggest interest was to dress up Little Baldy .

After choosing the sunglasses, they continued choosing the small schoolbags and watches for Little Baldy .

The four boys were having a great time .

Looking at the things hanging on Little Baldy’s body, there was inevitably a sense of accomplishment .

In fact, Bai Zhun did not really go out without anyone . It was just that the Bai Family had always kept a low profile . Two commandos in casual clothes were following the children at a leisurely pace . Outsiders could not detect the commandos at all .

After buying all these bits and pieces, Bai Zhun brought the children directly to the third floor . The items were specially bought for children, and the brands were very famous .

Bai Zhun felt that the most important thing was to buy two pajamas and a few pairs of underpants for the child first .

He couldn’t always let Ajiu sleep in a monk’s robe .

The quality of the clothes on the third floor was generally very good, and the material felt soft .

Bai Zhun took a liking to one of the yellow kitten pajamas at first glance .

Such pajamas would definitely look good on Ajiu . He looked especially cute with a pair of furry little ears .

Although the color was a little feminine, Ajiu was only four years old . It should not be a problem for him to wear any color .

With this thought in mind, Young Master Bai wanted the salesperson to take down the pajamas .

This was the first time that the salesperson had seen a few children buying clothes alone . She tiptoed and looked behind them . Then, she said indifferently, “Only parents can try it on . ”

Bai Zhun heard this and opened Lixiao Bawang’s backpack . He took out a card and handed it to the shop assistant . His voice was very calm and did not have any other meaning . “Take the clothes down . We want to try them on . ”

Only then did the shop assistant realize that even if the the customer was a child, in a place like Beijing, there were many rich kids who would come to shop by themselves .

Now that she saw the card in Bai Zhun’s hand, she immediately changed her attitude . She took the cat’s pajamas and handed it over . “Young master, you really have good taste . This pajamas was quite popular in our shop . Who do you want to you buy it for? What’s the size?”

“My younger brother is wearing it . ” As Bai Zhun spoke, he pulled Little Baldy over and let the salesperson see for herself .

After the salesperson saw the little boy’s height, she immediately brought him a nightgown of the smallest size and wanted to follow Little Baldy into the fitting room .

“Give me the clothes, I’ll help my little brother wear it…”

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