Chapter 974

Chapter 974: Class Reunion (Part 10: Mocking Wei Wei?)

Baili Jia Jue’s footsteps did not show any signs of stopping, it was as if he was unfazed by all the ruckus going on around him . He calmly made his way through the path paved by his bodyguards, toward the elevator . Aside from Green Dragon, Fire Qilin was trailing behind him, decked in a dashing tuxedo .

Since the reporters were not spared the opportunity to interview him, Green Dragon stayed back to take care of them .

Before he made his way out of the building, Baili Jia Jue dialed Baili Shangxie’s number for the second time .

The troublemaker Baili Shangxie was still in the demon realm scheming to find his imperial father’s weaknesses . When he heard his phone ring, he raised his brow and wore a cool expression as he said, “Hello?”

“If you wish to return to the human realm now, call your mom immediately and tell her that you want to meet her . ” Baili Jia Jue would never sugarcoat his intentions when speaking to his son .

Baili Shangxie squinted his blood-red eyes and said, “Your imperial mother is still at her class reunion now, I would simply distract her if I meet her now . Dad, just admit it . It’s clear that you’re the one who wants to visit mom and take the opportunity to check for any potential love rivals . ”

“Little Baili Shangxie, have I ever told you that sometimes, being too smart may not be a good thing?” Baili Shangxie’s tone was very light, but uniquely threatening when he continued, “I don’t want to hear any more of your guesses . You will make the call now if you wish to leave the demon realm . ”

Baili Shangxie’s puffed his small cheeks in annoyance and replied, “If you want to see mom, why don’t you call her yourself?”

“If I make the call myself, then what are you here for?” At this, Baili Jia Jue added, “If you perform well this time, you may stay in the human realm after one month, and I will not threaten to throw you back into the demon realm for some time . How does that sound?”

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes gleamed, “Deal!” As long as his father stopped threatening to take him back to the demon realm, he could grab his mother and his brother to run away from home! Yes, that’s a plan!

It’s just that father is so shameless, even stooping down to the point of using me!

Baili Jia Jue was absolutely unapologetic about it and said to Fire Qilin, “Have you found the location of her class reunion?”

Fire Qilin nodded and thought to himself . Of course, I can . Ever since he knew that the Princess Consort was going to join her class reunion, they had been investigating her whereabouts to catch a full grasp of the situation .

“The Princess Consort is having a cup of coffee now . In half an hour, they will depart to the Emperor Hotel to have a meal . The Emperor Hotel is another one of our Jue Wei’s properties, and Shadow is managing the place . ”

“Very well…” Baili Jia Jue smirked evilly and constricted his black pupils into a menacingly cold glare .

On the other hand, Helian Wei Wei had no idea that His Highness was planning to make his way to her . After all, they had already planned that he would fetch her after his work had ended .

So, Helian Wei Wei was still sitting with Little Qing Chen at the coffee shop and analyzing the text messages .

Helian Wei Wei thought that His Highness would never lie to her about this . However, she wondered when he founded the Jue Wei Group, making her the direct successor and the wife of the chairman . Helian Wei Wei asked Little Qingchen to check online how much would Jue Wei Group sell for .

Clearly, this pair of mother and son were avaricious misers down to their bones .

Unaware of what was happening, Du Sisi stared at Helian Wei Wei’s face from the side and said with a faint smile, “Look, all of you have ignored Wei Wei while discussing about me . ”

Hearing that, a few of her female classmates looked at each other and laughed again, saying, “Wei Wei, look at how confused you are . You don’t know who Chairman Jue is, right . What a pity, you won’t know about these things as you’re servicing cars all day . Jue Wei Group has subsidiaries in all sorts of businesses globally . Now that is a true business tycoon . If Sisi becomes close to him, she’ll be too busy and important to meet us anymore . ”

“What’re you guys talking about? Do I, Du Sisi, seem like such a superficial person?” Du Sisi sipped her coffee and continued, “It’s not unusual for Wei Wei to not know Chairman Jue since she’s only a mechanic . But Wei Wei, when you have the chance, you can come and visit me . Who knows, you might even get to meet Chairman Jue . ”

Helian Wei Wei kept her silence and merely gazed at Du Sisi lazily . Her eyes seemed to gleam with amusement, almost as if she was mocking or being sarcastic . The bizarre look on her face made Du Sisi feel very uncomfortable .

What’s wrong with this woman, it feels like she could see through anyone .

Du Sisi had always despised how Helian Wei Wei was showered with attention . In school, everyone would grovel to her and wanted to befriend her .

However, the apathetic look on the current Helian Wei Wei’s face irked her greatly, even though she did not utter a word .

When they were in school, Du Sisi had tried to make the other girls ostracize Helian Wei Wei, to great success .

After all, they were jealous and found it detestable that Helian Wei Wei had many male friends .

However, Helian Wei Wei simply regarded them as a foolish prank by some clowns and remained unbothered . Even when she was ostracized in the dormitories, Helian Wei Wei did not seem to care .

At first, Du Sisi thought she was just ignorant or cold-blooded . However, Helian Wei Wei would look at her with mockery in class, as though she could clearly read her intentions .

The look that she had back then, was exactly the same as her expression now .

Du Sisi thought to herself while grasping at the coffee cup in her hands . What a joke . What rights does Helian Wei Wei have to mock me like that now? She’s just a lowly mechanic, and raising a kid that no one knows who the father is . How dare she look at me all high and mighty like that?

Du Sisi gave it a bit more thought and said, “Speaking of dating, Wei Wei, it must have been hard raising a child on your own . Have you ever thought about finding someone to take care of you? Don’t blame me for being too blunt, we’re all old friends here anyway and I simply want the best for you . You were the most talented girl in law school and can steal everyone’s heart with a smile . We’re not young anymore now, and you even have a son with you too . Any decent man should do, so don’t be too picky . If you take your time, you would be too old by then . You’ll definitely regret it . How do you plan to live your life in the future? Simply working as a mechanic is honestly unsustainable . ”

“Sisi’s right . ” Li Meng glanced at Sisi’s eyes and uttered with a grin, “Wei Wei, whatever you have done is in the past now . We know a bunch of decent people here . If you really need it, there are the boys from our school that you can be with too . With your looks, you could probably get an average salaryman . It’s just that you would have to lower your expectations, since you have a child with you . It’s for the child’s sake after all…”

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