Chapter 975

Chapter 975: Class Reunion, Introducing Someone To Wei Wei

“I have a decent candidate for you,” said Du Sisi as she put the coffee mug down . She raised her gaze leisurely and added with a mocking smile, “It’s a colleague from our office . Although he’s just an assistant, he should be able to get a better job in the future . He may be a little chubby, but he’s earnest and works diligently . I think he’s a great match for Wei Wei . After the reunion is over, I’ll introduce him to Wei Wei . Wait a minute, my phone is ringing . Oh, it’s Handsome Xiao . Hello? You’ve arrived at the Emperor Hotel? We’ll go there now too . ” Du Sisi’s voice was soft and gentle when she spoke on the phone . She even had a little grin, nodding meekly as she kept her belongings into her bags . She hung up after exchanging greetings with him, and said to her classmates in the cafe,”The private rooms at the hotel have already been booked, Handsome Xiao’s waiting for us there now . Let’s go, hurry up, pack up your belongings . ”

Even though they were not in school anymore, a few female classmates had butterflies in their stomachs when they heard Handsome Xiao’s name being mentioned, as they were reminded of their youthful adoration .

Li Meng certainly did not forget her main objective during the class reunion – to humiliate Helian Wei Wei completely in front of that man .

Now that everyone is here, the show is about to begin…

Li Meng turned her head to face Du Sisi and exchanged glances with one another, both of them were crystal clear with their wicked plans .

One of the female classmates became very excited and exclaimed, “Handsome Xiao has never joined us for a class reunion before, why did he come this time?”

, he purposely came back from overseas . It’s pretty hard to meet Young Master Xiao in person . ” Du Sisi had a wide grin on her face as she waltzed out, without forgetting to let something slip from her tongue,”Luckily, we’re living in the same area in the military district . So, we can at least meet each other once yearly during Chinese New Year…”

Everyone around was fervently discussing the appearance of Handsome Xiao . Little Qingchen hugged his demon plush toy and walked unsteadily as he asked his imperial mother softly, “Pretty Wei Wei, why didn’t you tell them that Chairman Jue you’ve never even heard of, is in fact, my dad?”

“Little Qingchen, I believe that you saw that before I could say anything, they had already decided to move to another location . ” Helian Wei Wei held him up with a beautiful smile and added, “Furthermore, aren’t you curious what happened between Miss Du and His Highness?”

Qingchen was speechless… Obviously, you’re the one that is curious . Pretty Wei Wei, do you know that your eyes seem vindictive when you’re saying that?

Qingchen seemed very adorable when he was carried out of the cafe by his mother, as his steps were still unstable .

Li Meng stopped and spoke to Helian Wei Wei, “Wei Wei, you don’t have a car, right? Do you want to go there with me? Even though it’s a 10 minutes’ drive by car, it will be quite far to walk there . We can let Qingchen and Cheng Cheng talk on the car too . ”

The little chubby child gave Helian Qingchen a vicious glance .

When the other male classmates heard that Helian Wei Wei did not own a car, they stopped for a moment to look at her .

As Helian Wei Wei stared at Li Meng’s smirk, she knew exactly what her intention was . However, Helian Wei Wei was not concerned with this type of insipid contest, so she casually moved Qingchen up a little in her arms and replied, “It’s okay, I came here with my motorcycle . I’ll be there in a jiffy . ”

“You rode a motorcycle here?” Du Sisi turned around, as if she had not heard of it before .

Li Meng interjected, “Wei Wei has a motorcycle . Alright then, we’ll meet at the Emperor Hotel . ”

“Motorcycle?” Some of the classmates’ expressions kept shifting as they looked at Helian Wei Wei .

Helian Wei Wei raised her eyebrows and smiled, “What’s wrong? Is riding a motorcycle something weird?”

“No, nothing is weird about it . ” We just didn’t expect that you would be this pathetic . Some of the female classmates chuckled awkwardly, and the other male classmates understood the meaning behind their giggles too . Obviously, they had been brainwashed by Du Sisi and Li Meng’s words, thinking that Helian Wei Wei’s motorcycle would be similar to a delivery man’s motorcycle . However, they did not know that Helian Wei Wei was riding the limited edition BMW Tomahawk that every man dreamt of .

As the parking spaces were in different areas, they kept holding that misconception about Helian Wei Wei, even when they reached the Emperor Hotel .

However, they thought that Helian Wei Wei would be late as she traveled there on her motorcycle .

Unexpectedly, she was already waiting in the lobby when they walked in . She was standing in the middle of the lobby with her maroon, curly hair that reached her waistline, fluttering and flowing like the gentle sea waves . As she stood gracefully in the center of the building, her striking presence caught everyone’s undivided attention .

All her classmates had to admit that no matter how poor she was, her ethereal beauty had infused into every part of her with the passing of time . Their heart could not help but race when they saw her again .

Many of her classmates were ushered in by Xiao Zifeng . Du Sisi and Li Meng were cloyingly bending their heads and muttering something to him .

That man was undoubtedly handsome, his tuxedo was tailored perfectly to bring out the elegance in him . His voice was also deep and magnetic, so it was hard to miss his charm and charisma .

Although he was not talking directly to Li Meng, Li Meng’s face had already begun to flush a faint shade of red .

Suddenly, Xiao Zifeng stopped his footsteps and fixed his attractive eyes on a spot in the lobby . There was a noticeable shimmer of affection in his eyes .

Although the others could not witness it, Li Meng who was standing next to him saw everything clearly . The initial shyness in her heart immediately transformed into intense resentment, injecting her eyes with extreme jealousy .

Without waiting for Xiao Zifeng to greet her, Li Meng and Du Sisi walked to Helian Wei Wei and said, “Wei Wei, we didn’t know you would reach earlier than us . ”

“Motorcycles are faster . ” Helian Wei Wei spoke indifferently with a calm tone . However, she was right . BMW Tomahawk’s speed could definitely be faster than many luxurious cars .

Li Meng did not care about her motorcycle’s speed . It’s just a worn-down, second-hand motorcycle .

But why can’t Xiao Zifeng forget about this second-hand woman? Just who does she think she is?

When she thought about it, Li Meng smirked and said to Xiao Zifeng, “Zifeng, you haven’t seen Wei Wei for quite a while, right? I finally managed to invite her here after all the trouble . She’s raising a child by herself, so it’s not easy for her . Just now Sisi and I were talking about introducing someone to her . You should recommend some people to us if you know anyone decent . ”

“Anyone decent?” Helian Wei Wei smiled but his eyes were expressionless, “Let me think about it . ” Huh, she already has a child? Xiao Zifeng could not imagine that anyone would be willing to abandon Helian Wei Wei after being with her .

Am I too late?

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